Sunday, 11 August 2013

Day One: We Made It !

After waking at 2:30 am for a washroom break, I decided why bother going to bed when I had to get up in another hour to leave the house anyway.  I was heading on down the road by 3:00 am to my friend Toni's with an "i" as we were heading out today on a Jet Plane to the East Coast's Nova Scotia ....

Yep Bob turned the camera on him before taking Toni & my photo after dumping us on the curb.  Going thru Airport Security Toni told me I might not pass with an underwire bra, but it was she with her leg brace that got "frisked" by security !  Hahahaha @ Toni .  Lots of time before boarding we had an Airport Breakfast to hold us over.

Surely most of the other passengers thought we were the nuts in the middle of the plane.  Who us?   Bye bye Toronto & hello Halifax.

Toni's sister-in-law, Kathy, and her hubby, Dave, met us at the Halifax Airport just after 12 pm their time (one hour ahead of Ontario).  Back at there place in Lawerencetown Beach, I thought Toni & I were heading out in Kathy's car to see the Ocean and the Beach, when part way down the Highway Toni decided to "spill the beans" that she was actually taking us to Cape Breton ... YIKES !!!  how exciting was this Road Trip going to be that turned out to be at least 6 1/2 hours before we got to our destination.

We stopped in Antigonish at the Tourist information to get a new map and book a room at Pleasant Bay on Cape Breton Island.  Had to take a photo of their Tarton for my Uncle Basil Eby to show him their colours.  Then we were off to Cape Breton !

Beauty ....

Beyond beautiful ....

Thank God there is was a Tim Hortons with coffee ahead at this point ...

More beauty in "awe" ....

.... and we finally made it to our last stop for the evening.

We had been both really really hungry, so of course it was local Lobster for both of us, finished up with Chocolate Cheesecake for "moi", and Cherry Cheesecake for Toni with an "i".

Yes Toni turned the tables on me and got me good with these two shots.

Can I say "fun", "exciting" and TIRED?  of course I can even when I am so very far away from home, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. And sister in law Kathy with a "K" says, "Glad to have you visit our beautiful little province. Have a good night's sleep, have a hardy smile for the Capers (Cape Bretoners) and we'll see you tomorrow in Lawrencetown, where you can go looking for that "beach" that Toni told you she'd take you to!! :-)"

  2. This is going to be great!
    Jane x

  3. Fun!! Looks like you are enjoying your vacation :)

  4. So pleased you've managed to get away! x

  5. Glad to see you are both having a blast Cindy!! Enjoy your break away!! :)

  6. So nice you have the opportunity to get away and see another beautiful part of your country. Have lots of fun.....Bess

  7. Looks like you are living up to your reputation of having fun wherever you go. Loved the pictures. Can't wait until we go. Hope every day is as good as the first. Alice

  8. Welcome to my Island! I hope you really have a ton of fun here. it is a beautiful palce.

  9. Wonderful photos, amazing views:) Greetings

  10. Cape Breton's a gorgeous part of the country. I've been there once, and must go back again.

    A professor of mine who spends summers on the island says the causeway isn't the thing that connects Cape Breton to the rest of Canada. It connects the rest of Canada to Cape Breton. There is a difference!


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