Thursday, 22 August 2013

Colour YOUR Plate

I was more then pleased to wake up this morning feeling more rested then I had the day before.  It sure determines how one goes about their day when this happens, does it not?  

I had to try to get a few things done around here before I was called out somewhere else here or there, instead of being left to concentrate on what needs to get done.

I began the chore of cleaning this morning.  When I removed everything from our Side Board I was dismayed to find the plant, which I thought had no hole in the bottom, had left a water mark.  *Sigh*

I got the jar of Mayo out of the fridge and did two applications of rubbing it in the mark.  It did come out somewhat and looks much better then it had when I had first discovered it.  For some more "tips" on How to Remove Water Stains from Wood Furniture check out this website by *clicking* HERE.

My day was thrown off, again, as planned with Rob showing back up home today.  He had plans on replacing some seats in our Saugeen Shores vehicle.  I had needed to do a couple of errands downtown Wiarton, so I suggested we "try out" the Jeep he had bought me for this Winter.  Off we went.  

Once we were downtown Rob wanted to stop in at Pinkerton's Auto Supply to pickup a couple things.  I stayed in the Jeep as we had Mercedes with us and I wanted to keep the windows down.  Sitting there minding my own business there was a "boom" from the front of the Jeep causing my heart to jump into my mouth (or so it felt it had) with steam coming from under the hood.  Rob and the owner of Pinkertons, Eric, came out to see what the "boom" was all about.  They had thought a Rad hose had blown.  Wrong ....

Once the hood had cooled down enough to open it, they found the side of the rad had blown out.  Both guys had said they had never seen that happen before in their lives, and trust me both Rob and Eric have worked on lots of vehicles over the years.  Best it happened where it had, and that it had not happened to me being stuck out in the boonies somewhere.  We had to call a Cab to get us and Mercedes back home.  Good thing we have a connection with the local Cab Company.

The guys figure since the Jeep had sat for almost a Year that the thermostat had ceased up causing it to overheat while sitting there idling.  $140.00 for a new rad, plus labour to have it installed ... *sigh*, such is my life at times.

Back at home Rob called me out to the deck to see a very large sized plane circling.  It must have been doing so to land at the Wiarton Keppel Airport.  Wiarton does have an airport with International status by the way.  Pretty amazing for a town the size of Wiarton.

Yes indeed it was a very large plane circling over top our house.

Rob, and Bandit, did get going on not only changing seats in the Vans, but also giving it a "deep" clean.  We do strive to keep our vehicles clean and presentable for our Customers.

I had heard, through the grapevine, that the Wiarton Day Away was having an outing down at Bluewater Park today.  I thought Bandit and I would go to make a social visit with the group this afternoon.

One of the first things to "catch my eye" on Colpoy's Bay when arriving at the Park.  We are so fortunate to have so much beauty and so many outdoor activities at our disposal.

The "social" visit with the Day Away group was fantastic.  Bandit was a huge hit with everyone and got lots of petting.

Before leaving the Park Bandit happily came across some more admirers.  He lapped up all the attention he was receiving.

By the time I arrived home from our outing Rob had left back to work.  After doing a wee bit Crabby Cabbie administration work, Lexus and I head out to the garden to pick some fresh produce for our Dinner this evening.  When picking some yellow beans, I soon discovered Lexus was right behind me helping herself to the beans I had already placed in the basket ... our Aussies do love their fresh veggies and fruits.

Rob was home by 6:30 for dinner to grill the Pork Loin Chops.

With all the fresh garden bounty do you "Colour YOUR Plate"?  Beets, Yellow Beans and Beet Greens ... a bit of heavenly food all served up on a plate.

After our Dinner I had nicely sat myself down to do my blog post when I received a text from Rusty's Forever Family.  Rusty is one of Mercedes and Buddy's pups, who is now almost 4 months old.  We were invited down to the Wiarton Dog Park, where we had never been before.  Off we went, Missy Mercedes and I.

Mother & Son had a blast together.  Mercedes was on her lead, as there were other dogs in the park and with this being her first time I wanted to make sure she was comfortable before letting her off the lead.  She did amazing and had such fun.  I would have had lots of photos with her off the lead playing with her pup, but go figure my batteries gave up the Ghost !

Here it is almost 10 pm already.  I am heading off down the hallway to hopefully a fitful night of sleep ahead of me, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Your dinner looks delicious! You are definitely eating your rainbow :)

  2. I had a bad day yesterday,so all plans went out the window.Chris cooked dinner,arranged the plate beautifully and said "Eat your colours"...apparently I say that A LOT!
    Jane x

  3. It would figure Bandit would lap up attention like that!


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