Saturday, 3 August 2013

Can You Get Any Fresher?

Holy moly, Rob and I are both so very tired today we both feel as heavy as old wet washclothes.  He was out the door off to work by 8 am, while I was headed out the door shortly after him on my way to Owen Sound.

Owen Sound? well that little Scamp of a puppy needed some more Puppy Food, while I needed a new memory card for my camera, and a few other things.

First stop? Staples where I got the memory card, a box of printer paper that we also needed, 2 packages of washable markers for the Grandchildren when they come to visit, as I am thinking their old ones will need replacing soon anyway, and that was it for that stop.

Second stop? Walmart where I picked up the Puppy Food, but first got sidetracked at the front of the store where they had 8 Royal Double Roll toilet paper on sale for $3.97, as I can never have enough toilet paper in supply.  Do you know when you have a household of people come stay they can almost go through as much toilet paper then the amount of food they consume some visits? or only have I noticed this to be true in my household?  or maybe I might be exaggerating a tad? *smile*  I also got treats for the "gang", as well as training nibbles for the Scamp of a puppy.

I was very impressed to find these Holistic All Natural Oven-baked Dog Treats at only $3.98 for a 1 lb. bag.  Also the Training Treats made by Harringtons of the UK for only $2.93 per bag.  Impressed with the cost as well as the contents.  Bandit tested the treats which were to his satisfaction, as were the training treats since the Scamp learned briefly this afternoon to sit & shake a paw.  I was also impressed with him too.

Once I was finished with my little shopping trip I was happy to meet up with my friend, Toni with an "i", at Timmies for a coffee.  I was happy to find out I wasn't the only exhausted tired chickie on the block, as she was pretty tired herself after a long and busy week.  Gee Whizz I hope to heck we both revitalize ourselves before we leave next Friday or we are not going to see any of the sights on our mini trip.

I got back home about 1 pm to all our Aussie's delight.  Our Crabby Cabbie Wiarton driver, John, dropped off the Wiarton vehicle and phone to me while he went back home to have himself an afternoon of rest.

I thought to myself, "no problem" I will get lots done as it was a long weekend and everyone would be busy with their plans.  Wrong ... a trip to Sauble Beach, one into Wiarton and another out to Oxeden.  That pretty much broke up the afternoon for me pretty good.

However I did manage to do a bit of dusting, wash a sink full of dishes and do a bit of vacuuming between the calls and having the Aussies out and about.

I also made a trip into the garden with a puppy that should not have been in there with me.  After that trip we had the mini lesson on sitting and shaking the paw for treats.

John did come back about 5 pm to retrieve the phone from me.  Before he did that I had received a call to go to Meaford to bring someone back to Wiarton.  Rob had just came into Wiarton with another fare, so he set off to do the Meaford run himself.

Well the Crabby Cabbie has did it again with personality and service.  The customer had apparently tried 6 different other cab companies before he got our number.  He had told Rob whoever had answered the phone to take his call (this would have been "moi"), had not even paused a second, only to ask him where he needed picked up and that someone would be on their way to pick him up.  He was beyond thoroughly impressed.  Since he is a local well known Doctor, I am pretty sure it will be mentioned on how favourable he thought our service to be.  Great job my dear Crabby Cabbie Rob, you are very good at what you do my dear, and this makes me very proud.

Really for the number of disgruntled customers we have ever had, the good ones have outnumbered those by the hundreds.  Any business is going to find people who are NEVER happy with anything, and I sometimes think these same people are probably not even happy with their own lives or self.

Oh yes ... yesterday I had parked my Van underneath one of our Maple trees as I usually do as to keep it a bit on the cooler side being in the shade.

Yesterday morning I had came out to see quite the mess had been made on my windshield.  The unique part about this "mess" was that it had been very colourful.  I am pretty certain the bird had been eating quite the assortment of fresh berries lately with the colours being red and blue ... hmmm.

Rob finally did get to return home for Dinner today after 7 pm.

Fresh pulled beets from the garden.  The very first ripened tomato with every bite a burst of flavour.  I had made us a Roast of Peameal in the slowcooker, along with new potatoes, beets, and beet greens.  Oh those beet greens were melt in my mouth.  Something only I eat, as Rob does not care for them, so more for me.

My dear Rob has headed off to bed for a couple of hours shut-eye before going back out later tonight.  I will be heading out soon with each of our Aussies for one last time this day, then calling it a night myself, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. We were in the city today, I'd tell you about it but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    Jane x

  2. Awesome service from Crabby Cabbie! I miss the personalized service from small businesses.
    Aimee from Craftmates

  3. Just reading about your day makes me feel tired.

  4. I am tired just reading all about your day!!


  5. How do you keep going Cindy?! I agree about toilet paper...if I had a spare cupboard, it would be filled with the stuff.

  6. Been eating lots of beets here too.
    I agree with Em Parkinson, no wonder you are tired all the time woman! Hope that vacation gives you a shot of energy.
    We have more company rolling in (bikers!) today for a visit. The house was a disaster (dog hair anyone?) and the darn power was out AGAIN. By the time I got the beds changed and the sweeping done and Mike cooked potatoes on the BBQ for potato salad, we thought we had everything in hand. Thankfully I got the dishwasher going as soon as the power came on again.

  7. I'm going to have to look up "peameal" to see what it is! :-)

  8. Hi Cindy~ Your slow cooker dinner looks so yummy, but I to don't know what "peameal" is:) Beets must like the cool weather we have been having here in Northern WI because they are every where. Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines


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