Thursday, 8 August 2013

An EXTREME Non-Productive Day

Thank goodness I have my Aussies or else there would have been not one thing done here all day long, except my bed made of course.

I was up all night long last night and was totally unbelievably exhausted for some odd reason.

Really though I had to print off the Crabby Cabbie payroll, write cheques and go downtown Wiarton to our bank.  Then I came back home to do nothing again.  I actually thought I might have caught a few winks sitting up on the couch.

Late this afternoon I had to go back downtown again, as Rob and I decided our dinner would be easy by barbecuing burgers for our dinner tonight.  Easy peasy as one-two-three.

The other day I received a photo from the Forever Family who got the last One & Only puppy, who they named Ozzie.

This is one happy boy in his brand new set of bunk beds with his best friend, Buddy, and his new puppy, Ozzie.  You have to feel the LOVE in this picture.

Speaking of dogs, and speaking of SMART dogs, such as Australian Shepherds, which we own and breed, here is one SMART Border Collie.  I sure wish I could train my doggies like this !

*Sigh* and I was impressed with our Lexus walking up a ladder at the side of the house.

You could imagine our surprise when Lexus thought she would check out what Rob was doing up there last Fall cleaning windows.

Oops published this by accidentally hitting the Publish Button, instead of the Save Button.  Will be back soon to update after I return from ICE CREAM ... *smile*

We have returned engergized with a bit of ice cream from Northern Confections, downtown Wiarton.

A bit of Family time with Rob, Bandit & myself as we drove down to Bluewater Park to eat our cones and look out over Colpoys Bay.  They were setting up the Band Stand for the 3rd Annual MultiSport Race Event this upcoming weekend.

Rob had Bandit and Lexus out already, so I am going to wrap this post up and head out next with Mercedes, then Buddy, before calling it a night myself, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Hope tomorrow is a bit more productive for you. I am writing about groceries and the price of food tomorrow.


  2. Love the pic of the wee boy and his furry friends.
    We are both feeling out of sorts today,one of our boys is asthmatic..he coughs during the night,I'm wide awake listening.
    Jane x

  3. Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight ! Oh WOW ! Awesome video ! Ice cream YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good week!

  4. Everyone needs some productivity downtime sometimes. Even you!!! ox

  5. Luv the pics of the pups Ozzie and Lexus. Also, had it not been for you blog, I wouldn't realize today'd date is 8-8 !
    Aimee from Craftmates


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