Monday, 5 August 2013

A Totally Amazing Dinner It Was !

Today I woke up thinking I need to stay home and gets some things done.  I had my mind set.  I never left the property all day, and this was a good thing.

The morning Sun was beautiful as it was waking up among its bed of clouds.  I walked out onto our deck to take in the view of a "fleet" of vehicles.  I can remember the day when I never had one vehicle, never mind nine vehicles in total !  

Aussies, check, coffee, check ... time to get down to business.  I figured today was the day to get myself a wee bit organized more then my normal not organized self with my usual running around like a chicken with its head cut off. 

My purse was one nasty mess when I dumped it all on the table.  It really didn't take me too long to organize it.  Next job was to pack for my Nova Scotia trip I will be leaving for in the early hours next Sunday morning.  WestJet allows one carry-on bag, a laptop and a purse.  Check, check, check... all ready to roll at the end of this week, in this department anyways.

Once that was all done with I got the paperwork ready to fax in for the Crabby Cabbie payroll this week.  That takes a bit of doing, but really not too long as it is only a matter of adding up a bunch of sheets and faxing them off.  That was done in short order.

Rob?  he was in and out most of the day on calls out and about the Wiarton area.

The remainder of my day was a rubber boot day.  The overgrown area beside the garden's composts has been bugging me for sometime, as lots of other stuff does most days that needs doing, however yes Auntie, Rome was not built in a day.  When I was over there with the trimmer and push mower I seen our very first Sugar Pumpkin had sprouted.   Finally after a bit quite a bit of sweating I managed to get most of what I had set out to do accomplished, along with the cutting of the back yard area.

Once I had completed all I had done, I had to come in to have a couple puffs from my Flo-vent as my asthma was getting the best of me.  Then a rest was in order.

This evening's Dinner cost us less then $5.00 for Chicken Kabobs, Prime Rib Steak, Beets and Beet Greens.  I might add my wonderful talented hubby, Rob, is amazing on the BBQ ... you have came a long way Baby !

Rob had 2 Kabobs, I could only eat one and put the other away for tomorrow's lunch, and then we split a Steak between the two of us.  The Kabobs were a FREE Coupon with a $10.00 purchase at Foodland, the Beets and greens were picked fresh from our own garden, and the steak was less then $5.00.  Can't beet beat a meal like that !  The meat was melt in your mouth tender as were the Beets.

We had an update this morning our the One & Only Australian Shepherd puppy who went to his new Forever Home last night.  The "Checkerboard Aussies" were pleased to learn "Ozzie" only cried for maybe 1/2 hour when put into his crate (for the very first time) and went all night until 6 am without even one mess!

Here is Ozzie with his new Aussie Forever Pal, Buddy.  Hmm both have a paw on that toy I have noticed.

There is always things to do in Life, however I felt pretty good on what I had accomplished today.  I do not even have a sink of dishes ahead of me, as I did them all up right after we had finished eating.  The Sun is out in full, Rob just got called out on another call, so I think I will go out to breathe in the freshness of the early evening and have some play time with my own Aussies before I call it another day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. A busy day you had ! Supper looks and sounds YUMMY ! The weather here is almost fall like already ! Strange weather this year for sure . Nice photos ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  2. What a cute picture of the doggies :) I had a mostly stay-at-home day too. I had so much housework to catch up, and I'm yet to see the end of it...

  3. got to love that Foodland coupon!!! Glad you had a great day at home.


  4. Always a good time when you're looking forward to a holiday!

  5. Your day was more than busy, it was jam packed! I think you'll be ready for that holiday :-). Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  6. What a feast! the way, I know you'll be delighted to hear we have a new puppy at last!!!! x


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