Friday, 19 July 2013

Ontario Tornado Watch

Did you know Ontario had a Tornado Watch website? well yes they do.  You may link up to their site by going HERE, or if you have a Facebook Account you may link in HERE.

Both these links are pretty important to have, especially on a day like we have been having today in Ontario.

My friend, Gillian, called me this afternoon to ask how I was doing as there were Tornado Warnings for the Bruce Peninsula today.  She is a couple hours further South in Ontario from us.  Right after I had hung up with her it the high winds and pelting rain began.  We, fortunately, did not loose hydro.  Good thing, eh Jane? as our brand new generator is still in its box.  At least we have one ... *Smile*.

It arrived in a "blink of an eye" lasting about 20 minutes.

The following photographs had been posted on Facebook this afternoon:

This photo had been shared by Explore the Bruce of  Wiarton at Claude & William Streets, across from the Foodland Store.

This photo had been posted by my girlfriend's daughter, Nikki Plante, of Lake Huron at the mouth of the Saugeen River in Southampton.

Mix 106.5 shared one of their listeners photos she submitted of the Beach at Southampton.

This photo had been posted by the Owen Sound Suntimes in Owen Sound this afternoon after it had gone through Wiarton and headed further South.

This had been the very beginning of it today at our place:

It has been intermittent all day long.  A half an hour ago there were reports from Wiarton of Hail stones pinging off a friend's vehicle.  It will eventually have to end soon, 

Other then sweating bullets most of my day, doing some errands downtown Wiarton this morning, and trying to avoid Tornados the rest of the day, I did manage to make Dinner for Rob and I as well as a fresh Peach Pie this afternoon.

My friend, Abby Miners of Miners' Maple Products has made a new product she was inviting a few people to test it out.  I went down to see her at the Wiarton Farmer's Market this morning to pick a bottle.

With Miners' Maple Products, "Tropical Maple Glaze" I made Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast in the Slow Cooker which I poured the glaze over top while it cooked on LOW for 4 hours.

Rob's "take" on our dinner and the glaze?  He thought it was excellent.  Abby you  have another HIT on your hands in Rob's eyes again, but I still think the BBQ Chipolte Sauce is still his favourite.

Onto the fresh Peach Pie ....

Sugar, flour and Cinnamon blended, peach peeled and sliced, pie crust filled, topped and fluted.  Barely an hour later and I was taking Peach Pie out from the Oven to cool on my counter top.

Rob and I had a piece of this pie when it was still very warm.  Yum ... it was like eating a piece of Heaven I am certain.

Question I have asked myself a few times today ... am I ready for the Grandboys arrival for a week yet?  Answer:  Not even close.  I am pretty certain I will be having myself a very busy day tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I am obsessed with that flipping tornado site.

    That peach pie looks delicious.


  2. I'll take a look at that site...we were under a tornado watch. Thanks Gill for passing on my message...thanks Cindy for reminding to get a generator!
    Jane xx

  3. Yikes, tornadoes are scary! I'm glad you are safe!!

  4. Very scary pictures of those dark cloud lines. We had something very similar here.

  5. At least the storm reduced the humidity down here. Now instead of a humidex of 45, it's a frigid 32.

  6. Those storm shots are crazy!!!!!
    We are fine here, lost our hydro for 24 hours but got through it. The town and base of Petawawa took a serious hit. Roofs off, trees down, most still without power. The community is pulling together to help each other. spectacular sense of community!
    There is a big sink hole in the highway just behind us. Three vehicles hit it, one washed downstream by the torrent that caused the sink hole. There were some injuries but no fatalities, thank goodness.
    The weather has been bizarre........

  7. This time of year, you can get so much off and on stormy weather... very dramatic shots!


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