Saturday, 6 July 2013

My Baby Boy Is 30 Already With Lots Of Kids Fun !

Thirty years ago today I had my youngest son.  Paul-James Morelli came into this World on a not much different day then today with the heat and the humidity.  The difference 30 years ago was we remained in the hospital a week, not the 24 hours they give you if you are lucky to have that now a days.

Not only do I have Paul-James, I also have the joy of his two boys, Aiden and Connor, in my life as well.  Life in this respect has been good to me.

When I heard Paul was coming up this weekend with his friend, and their children totaling five, I asked, as I have done every year on his birthday, what would he like for his Birthday, a cake or pie.  He choose Cheesecake.  He has always loved my no-bake Cherry Cheesecake, but only the Cheesecake part, never the cherries.  He has always loved Pumpkin Pie, so what else would I choose to make him this Birthday time around other then a Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie.

Regardless of how hot it has been I set out to get the task done first thing this morning by preheating the Oven.

I was doubling the recipe, so I first prepared to Graham Cracker shells to start with.  Then I got going on the mixing of the filling.

With a few more mixes going on the filling was poured into the shells.  Forty minutes later I had two lovely looking Pumpkin Cheesecake Pies cooling on the counter.


The kids were coming for lunch.  Prior to getting here they stopped at the Spirit Rock Conservation Area located 2 minutes south of us on Hwy. 6.

Should you travel North on Hwy 6, this would be one stop I would highly recommend.  You will see the Ruins of the once majestic Corran, travel down the Bruce Trail to where you can overlook the beautiful Colpoy's Bay.

I did catch up with the five rascals eventually.  They were all happy to stay put long enough for me to get a couple photos of them.  In the background in yellow is our Connor, and in the orange, Aiden.  Then from left to right is Chloe, Briar, and Josh.

I had a few "look at me Grandma" while we were there.

We finally returned to the house where Poppa Rob had fired up the BBQ for hot dogs and sausages.  Since I  knew the Cheesecakes were not going to be cooled enough for lunch, I had picked up a cake I was certain everyone would love.

The Hamburger Cake did go over well with everyone.

After lunch we were all busy.  Connor & Chloe are infatuated with the puppies.  Those puppies had lots of kid socialization today.

After running around with the kids Missy Mercedes was one hot dog.  Paul shared his water with her.

Bikes had to be found from where they had been stored for the past Year.

Oh yes, Poppa had to bring out his bike too, with everyone wanting a ride on it as well.  Bandit? he thought he was going to the Beach with everyone with no problem hopping into the van with them.

Even one of the "big" kids got a ride on Poppa Rob's Motorcycle.  Liz loved it !

Our day did not end here.  We then took everyone downtown to Lloyd's Smoke Shop for a Homemade Ice Cream Cone before they headed over to Sauble Beach and Rob and I went for a wee cool off ride on the Motorcycle.

What is going on now?  Rob has put on his Crabby Cabbie hat and left for work, the kids are still at the beach, and I am dong this post while trying not to think how hot it is.  At least the humidity was not as heavy today so I did get a reprieve from the Sinus headaches thank goodness.

What am I going to be doing?  I am going to post this post, then head outside one by one with my Aussies to  give them each a bit of one on one attention from me, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."


  1. Wonderful photos ! Happy B-day to your son ! Looks and sounds like a great day with family and good food ! Thanks for sharing ! have a good evening !

  2. super photos of them all. Glad you had a wonderful day....


  3. That cheesecake.. that hamburger cake.. the smiles on everyone's faces: divine!

  4. Looks like a wonderful day!

    All that food makes me ravenously hungry.

    And I'm going to have to remember Spirit Rock.


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