Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Not Quite Productive Enough

Almost 7 am finding myself still in bed and not wanting to get out.  Please don't tell me the weather is going to change yet again?  Yeppers I just checked the long term forecast for the remainder of the week and rain, rain, rain.  My body does not lie when it comes to rain in the forecast.

We are going from a drought last Summer, to rain this time around?  *Sigh* never a happy medium and never happy with what we get.  I best "zip-it" and be more grateful, as really there is much much worse in this World then what gets dished up to us (me).  This is one reason I never watch the News, it is way too real and depressing.

With Aussies needing out first thing, and 8 little mouths wanting fed first thing this morning I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I got a hold of myself by taking everyone out, about, in and fed before I set myself down to a first coffee of the morning to make myself a list.

The "To Do" LIST to be done by Friday:

Bedrooms (2), as I did the other one yesterday morning;
Wash Kitchen, Bathroom and front entrance floors;
Dust/Vac living/dining rooms;
Clean Fridge (*blush* still not done);
Clean Van; **Done
Bake a dbl. Batch of Cookies;
Flower beds, if there is any time and weather permitting.

What I did today:

1 Load of Laundry, washed, hung outside, brought in, folded and put away;
Aussies out and in, 5 x so far today; played Ball with Bandit & Lexus;
Puppies Fed 2 x, and cleaned 3 x;
Bed Made;
Dishes done;
Herbs planted;
Cleaned Van;
Phoned Friends (3), Aunt, Sister.

Evidence of some of the "stuff" I did today:

Basil, Rosemary, Cilantro and Parsley planted.

First thing before getting fed and cleaned.

First time fed and cleaned.

Finally finished yesterday our refurbished deck after being without one for almost a year.

Deck problem?  I have forgotten and left Bandit out there a couple times already.  Hahaha...poor boy.

Jeez the one call I got from my friend, Gayle, who is going to go in on the vegetable garden with me this Year.  It might be another late start again this year between frost last week and a too wet garden to till yet  so far.  Fingers crossed it gets in by next week or it might be hopeless unless we have an extended Summer and fantastic Fall.

Last Year a few of us girls who went to G.C. Huston Public School together got together for Lunch at the Walkerhouse in Southampton.  We decided we would try to get together once a Year.  The date had been set for this Saturday.  I called my girlfriend, Fran, this afternoon to catch up with her.  I had commented I really could use to loose 20 pounds and iron out about 200 wrinkles or so before this Saturday.  Ha! does anyone have any quick solutions for me .... *smile*.  We did have ourselves a "chuckle" over that one concluding we would have to go the way we are, of course unless a miracle occurs for us before then.

I am pretty sure I had mentioned Rob and I joined the Wiarton's Chamber of Commerce.  As members we have a spot on Wiarton's Website, visitwiarton.ca.  It is kind of neat to see The "Crabby Cabbie" somewhere else other then on a Facebook page.  Check us out by *clicking* HERE.

I am also happy to report Wiarton now has its very own Facebook Page.  Any people who have a Facebook account and LOVE Wiarton and area, please drop in on their new page to give it a LIKE.  You will find it by *clicking* HERE.

I have joined a Twenty Ways in 20 Days to be happier challenge along with my young blogging friend, Lena over at Frugal and Thankful.  This began yesterday, so I am a bit behind in posting about it (sorry Lena). I will post one thing that I did to make myself happy, or that made me happy for the next 20 days.

June 3rd:  Seeing my Sister, Jeanne, and her husband, Cecil, yesterday, being the first time in 6 years made me very happy.

June 4th:  Picking up the phone and connecting with my girlfriend.

I was not quite productive enough today as I thought I should have been, however I am grateful for what I did get done, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. The picture of the babies in clock formation would warm the coolest heart.
    Jane x

  2. Reading Your Blog would be on my list of things that made be Happy!!! Keep up the good work.

  3. Wow - busy, busy, busy. I'm not doing as well as you today! A grueling dental hygienist appointment wiped out the morning and I'm about to start a stack of ironing. Am waiting for a supermarket delivery so I can't take Snippet out yet....here's hoping he doesn't poo on the lawn!

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  5. I just love those puppies!
    we had frost last night/early this morning! glad I got the tomatoes covered.
    who is Anonymous posting these crazy messages all over the place?

  6. Bandit looks quite put out!

    I would much rather prefer that it rains between midnight and six AM. Can't always have it that way though...


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