Thursday, 6 June 2013

No Dents In The List Today

I only got to watch a 1/2 hour of Master Chef at 8 pm last night.  I do not remember falling asleep but I am sure I was out like a "light" until I was up at 2 am with a piercing headache that has never gone away despite the meds I have in me.

At 6 am I made myself get out of bed, as much as I didn't want to as a migraine had made its entry into my head by that time.  I was so disappointed as I had been invited to my friends this morning for coffee.  I also have lots of things on my list that needed doing.

Needless to say I had to cancel coffee and there was no dents in the list today.

I let all the Aussies out and about, cleaned and fed the puppies.  After that I was back in bed at 9 am until 12 noon.  By the time I got back up everyone needed my attention again so off I went with everyone, one by one.

There was Happy Mail in the mailbox for me today.

A small canvas bag holding a few goodies from Author, Steena Holmes' "Secret Society" club on Facebook, and a CD made especially for me by my friend, Mike.  

I can't wait until I am feeling better to play this CD with all my favourite tunes on it.  Fleetwood Mac, Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan ..... memories will be blasting from the speakers.

Once again, I was happy for leftovers.  The leftover Chicken and Cheese Lasagna Roll-ups were our Dinner tonight.  After Dinner Rob and I got our $1.00 / lb Pork Loin specials I had bought the other day all packaged up.

Three packages of 4 Loin Chops and two of roasts.  What a deal for $10.00.

The puppies have all been fed their Dinner and cleaned.  I am going to take everyone out for their last time tonight, hopefully before it starts to rain, then head back to bed for the third time today.  Yes I slept most of the afternoon away too.

I really hope the headaches are gone by tomorrow morning as I have a busy weekend ahead of me, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. So sorry for your headache:( It really puts a cramp in your style! I hate it when I have so much to do and my body decides otherwise! Take care of yourself, dear one! Sending lots of love and hugs!

  2. Oh Cindy I wish our weather would calm down and your headaches would go away. I had a headache for over two two months steady once and could not get one minute of relief I thought it was just the way it was going to be forever. I went to a chiropractor and he snapped my neck and it was instantly gone. I get very few headaches now. I am not saying you should do this but I do understand the pain and know how it affects your life. I still go to the chiro regularly. Take care Hug B

  3. This weather front roaring up from the south is wrecking havoc with our heads isn't it? I have a headache AND a toothache. Kicking myself for refusing the offer of the T3s the dentist was offering today....

  4. Hi Cindy, sorry your headache is back...I know how frustrating it can be and hope you feel better soon! :)
    Also just wanted to share this link with you and your followers to vote for the 8th Wonder of the World - in the list you will find the beautiful Fathom Five National Park on the Bruce Pen - and the nominees are listed in alpha order :) You can vote every day until Sept for this beautiful tourist attraction so close to home :) It very much fits my bill for an 8th Wonder, as does the entire area - can't wait to come up and relax this summer. Enjoy your company this weekend - hopefully headache free! :)

  5. Sorry for your headache Cindy. As we travel the weather does not seem to be abating at all. I was so cold last night, I went to bed with my socks on and a t-shirt under my nightgown and added 2 EXTRA quilts to the bed. This is not boating weather. This is not summer. What are we doing out here? Oh yes, having a good time. :) Hope you feel better soon. Alice

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  7. I always seem to get hungry, coming to your blog...


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