Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Luncheon Fit For a Queen (or King)

It was a very early start for me this morning as I had been wide awake before 5:30 am.  I took care of everyone and quietly puttered around.  Rob got up at 7 to leave for work.  I puttered some more, had a shower until my sister and BIL rose before 9 am.  
They had needed a good sleep.  

We had been invited to my Aunt Gladys & Uncle Basil's for a luncheon today with a couple of the Cousins and our Aunt Pearlina.

The morning had a bleak beginning, however had cleared by the time Cecil was saying his "good-byes" to us around 10 am.  He still wasn't feeling the greatest deciding to stay behind to get rested up some more and feeling better.

Rob had one of our cabs in getting a new windshield.  I met up with him so he could go along to the luncheon with us.  Rob is not one to miss out on Auntie Gladys lunch gathering.  He is always ready for one of her Egg Salad Sandwiches.

Here we are all gathered for another of Aunties amazing lunches.  I do not know, but for some reason her sandwiches always taste better then what I make myself.  Why is that?  Whatever reason it was a "luncheon fit for a Queen (or King, as my Rob fancies himself to be from time to time, as does my Uncle Basil too).

A Lemon Dessert was another hit made by Auntie Gladys, to finish off lunch with a cup of coffee.  This Lemon Dessert Recipe was Aunt Betty Gateman's.


After cleaning up from our lunch, we headed on back home to Wiarton from Port Elgin.  Our afternoon was spend resting for about an hour after I had feed the puppies and looked after the adult Aussies.

While I was making our Dinner, Rob took the tractor out to scuffle up the garden to make it ready, hopefully, for it to be planted this week.

Cecil was looking on by leaning over the railing, as Jeanne sat back in an easy chair.  It had turned out to be a beautiful day.

One of my new favourite meals is a Broccoli Divan.  This time around I made it with leftover Chicken instead of Turkey.  Equally as yummy.  Photos are before going into the oven, and after being plated.

Recipe please?  *CLICK* HERE.
NOTE:  I used Cream of Chicken Soup rather then the Cream of Broccoli in the recipe.

I brought all the puppies in from the outside Kennel Run, had taken Bandit, Lexus and Mercedes all out and about before it had started to rain.  Buddy and I were not so lucky, as we got to stroll out and about in a soft steady downpour of rain.

Tomorrow is another busy day.  Rob will be off to work, while Jeanne, Cecil and I have made plans to go visit Mother to have lunch with her.

Another hour or so with me then calling it another day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Sounds like you had a great day with your family! Food looks delicious!

  2. Hi Cindy.... Hope you are enjoying the time with your sister and husband. So good they can come to spend time with you. Life is way too short, so have some fun. Bess

  3. Busy as always! What a treat to have someone else do the cooking for a change

  4. Well you must be feeling a little better I do believe the sun and warmth that we have be lacking makes all the difference take care. B

  5. Very nice lunch, anything with lemon is so delicious for the summer!

  6. YOU have an antie gladys too!
    Amazing x


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