Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Hot Day It Was

Today was a HOT day.  Not that I am complaining by any means, as I am really not much of a Winter Fan.  However the back lawn had been looking like the rest of our Hay field so I really had to get at that first thing this morning, regardless of how tired  I was feeling (I am certain I could have fell asleep sitting up on the couch after having the Aussies out this morning).

Morning having being the cooler part of the day did not make much difference from stopping the sweat running down my face.  I finally got a few outdoor things needing doing, done, with much more still need doing.

*Sigh* really I have to be the most wicked person going if the saying "no rest for the wicked" is true.

When Rob got up sometime before 11 am, he needed coffee and time to wake up since not getting home until 5 am this morning.  My poor Crabby Cabbie.  What a *sad* pair we make ... *smile*.

Even though by the time it was heading towards the noon hour I still had some grass I hadn't gotten to with the push mower.  While I was finishing up doing this, Rob had gotten the lawn tractor out to get the rest of our lawns cut.

Rob took a break, while I took over the lawn tractor.  I was happy to see my Auntie and Uncle pull in as that meant I could stop and take another break !   They had brought us two perfectly good outdoor chairs that a neighbour was going to do away with at the dump.  Geez what some people throw out !!!  Thanks Auntie for saving them for us.

I served up some Apple Cinnamon Cake along with a cuppa tea before they headed out back home and Rob took over the finishing up of the lawn cutting.  By the time Rob was done that he got a a call to go out in the taxi.  Off we went to Southampton, ending up in Owen Sound.

By this time it was 6 pm.  Dinner time for us, so Chinese we treated ourselves with.  Yummy !

Before we had us our Dinner, we had stopped at a place who had their Annual Flower bed plants on sale.  I stopped and picked up quite a few for $30.00.

I am hoping to not only to finally get started on weeding some flower beds tomorrow, but also getting a couple pots of flowers planted to dress up this area of our deck with some colour and beauty.  Can you believe we were at a Yard Sale last Year and the lady had given this cool table to us.  I LOVE it !

Part of Rob and my break this afternoon included a little "puppy love" ....

The 2 Black & White and the 1 Red and White males are still available.  Really who would not want one of those sweet faces as their lifetime companion?

9 pm ! I am almost ready to call it a day.  I really do not think it will surprise anyone if I were to mention the week ahead of me is going to be another very busy one, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Didn't that turn into a scorcher? It was cool this morning but early afternoon it got down right steamy.
    We went for a hike that just sapped the life out of us. We were happy to get home. JUST got in the door and the phone rang. My son from S.Ontario was on the bell, his car had broken down about 10km from here and so off I went again. We had a really really nice visit.
    Tomorrow is supposed to be HOT HOT HOT again!!

  2. Oh Cindy it is going to be even hotter today take care be safe and keep cool. B

  3. A hot week in store....but I love it!
    Jane x

  4. So happy to finally get summer heat,looks like it won't be too long wave however.
    Your pups are fat little cuties!

  5. We've got the heat here. I managed to avoid storms late this afternoon, but I'd rather prefer cooler temperatures.


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