Saturday, 20 April 2013

What's Wrong With These Pictures ???

I was dreading going out and about the last time with our Aussies last night.  The winds were high with temperatures that had dropped.  It was a cold that went right through a person's body.

"The skies last night did not hold much promise in the way of nice weather ahead."

"True to what the skies had predicated the skies were filled with blowing snow."

"What is "wrong" with these two pictures?  The first one is that my dearest Rob left me with no wood brought in from the shed.  The second one is it is the 20th of April, a date where we should well be into expecting only April showers & May flowers, not bundling up in Winter coats still.  This is a sad joke something has been playing on Mother Nature, is it not? and what about the hubby who leaves his wife in the "cold" ?  Dinner is in the freezer dear ... *smile*."

I headed out the door just before the lunch hour, as I was meeting my friend, Toni with an "i", who had invited me to go to the Home and Cottage Show in Owen Sound.  On my way I had wanted to stop to see a girl who I am very fond of and always in "awe" of her talents.

"Not only did I find this gal at home, I also found her hard at working doing what she does best in her World of Chainsaw Art.  For those who have no knowledge of who I am referring to, please meet Bruce County's Chainsaw Artist, Bobbi Switzer."

"Bobbi is taking advantage of the "off season" in preparation of her "on season" which really isn't too far off if the weather decides to cooperate.."

It was a short visit with Bobbi, but I am certain I will be dropping in to see her again soon, as I really forgot to ask her the other thing I had on my mind to have done so.  Oh well one thing out of two wasn't too bad I suppose.

Toni with an "i" and I met up in perfect sync at the designated meeting place.  I loaded myself into her vehicle and we headed on over to the Home & Cottage Show.  After gong through the whole Show, there were only 4 attractions that really caught my attention, they being ...

"Meeting up with Greg Wilhelm of Inside Out Restorations of Hanover (don't let that hold you back from a Quote, as they do travel), who I might add is also an awesome supporter on Shouting Out for the Small Business owners.  Of course I loved seeing a booth there belonging to Frontier Log Homes, who are located here in Wiarton, along with Brough & Whicher Limited, who engineer Roof Trusses, also of Wiarton.  The third "pop out" for me was our very own, Bruce County Explore the Bruce, with two of their team members representing the County.  Lastly was Country Charm Mennonite Made Furniture.  Toni with an "i" was testing the comfort of one of the dining room table chairs that had been on display.  Truly the furniture is built to last generations with the "look" to be timeless."

Once we had left the Home Show, Toni and I had plans to do a couple of shopping stops.  Sales at the Rexall Drug Store and the Food Basics Store.

"I am sure anyone in the store heard the two of us laughing.  How can you spot two "redneck" women? by the amount of pop and toilet paper in their shopping cart, along with packages of pasta."

Once we had done our shopping together,which for me was way more "fun" then the Home Show, we headed our separate ways back to our respective homes.

By the time I got home around 4 pm, unloaded my Van, took 4 Aussies out, about and back in, made dinner, spoke to my girlfriend, Vicki, on the phone it was after 7 pm.  Jeez time flies .... oh yes, I also had to go fetch myself some wood so I could keep warm tonight dear husband (he does read my blogs more then naught).

Pssst .... I know I am a pain, but until the 6th of May I hope I am a lovable "pain".  Because of YOUR support and daily votes we are now at 240 Votes.  

Hardly enough when I look at some people's Small Businesses with Votes already in the high hundreds, however I still need to try my best.   Once again, please Vote daily for MY "Crabby Cabbie", until the 6th of May, here is the link:

As always, and forever, Thank YOU !!!  from me and my ....

Serving Saugeen Shores & Area.  
Southampton:  519-373-7700 or Port Elgin:  519-379-7700

Here it is 8 pm, with one more time out, about and in, in the freezing cold with my Aussies, before I can call it a night and relax myself, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."


  1. Come on everyone who reads this blog...... let's support Cindy and her "Crabby Cabbie" out as much as she supports Bruce County businesses and her fellow bloggers!!! Vote daily!!

  2. when will spring weather get here? stay warm!
    aimee from craftmates

  3. Yikes, looks like spring got lost somewhere on the way!! We've been getting rain after rain, and it's pretty cold here but no snow for at least a week. I guess it's an improvement :)

  4. Vote taken care of for the day!

    We had snow here in Ottawa yesterday too. Not a lot, just flakes off and on through the day.

    Today it's sunny but cool.

  5. I do believe I would have to be a bear and hibernate if I lived up north:)) I get cold just looking at the photos! Stay warm and just sending a warm thanks for joining and sharing at Lets Get Social Sunday:))


  6. Visiting from the Sunday Social, now following via GFC.

    Take care,
    Happy Kids, Inc


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