Thursday, 11 April 2013

It's A Wrap !

I have some pretty busy posts over the past week or so.  I think I am feeling a little on the "blogged" out ide, or maybe it is the Winter Blues, also  I have still been looking for my "Mojo" with not too much luck in finding it yet.

The whole of South Western Ontario put a "halt" on all the School Buses running as there was a huge Storm Warning issued last night for today.  I know down Toronto way, as well in the Kitchener area, there was some freezing rain, however nothing like they had been calling for.  Not even a snowflake here; we had more yesterday.

Apparently the Ice scare is not over for Southern Ontario as there is still a Major Ice Storm Warning for this evening.  You may read more about that HERE.

My "Crabby Cabbie" was right in the spirit of the Storm Warnings with his Facebook post this morning, at the expense of the Groundhog of course.

"All we can say to this is we sure hope he took The "Crabby Cabbie" home that night !!!"

Hahaha ... could not have been a better time for this to be posted !  Are you in the Saugeen Shores or South Bruce Peninsula area, as a full-time resident or cottager maybe?  we would LOVE your support over at Facebook on the "Crabby Cabbie's" Page .... check us out HERE.  Thanks to all in advance who are able to do so.

What was happening in my day?  more stuff for the "Crabby Cabbie" AGAIN !!!  There is always a good woman behind every crabby good man, is there not?

Unfortunately Rob was having a few mechanical problems with his Crabby Cabbie vehicles, so this morning he had to bring a vehicle into our mechanics, where I had to pick him up while it was left to be fixed.

Rob does not let any least little mechanical problem go on once he is made aware of one.  Why is he all over a vehicle problem that might crop up?  firstly because the safety of our customers would be at risk, and secondly a little problem could always turn into a more costly problem if left any length of time.  Good smarts honey for being all over this like you are.

Even oil changes are done on our Crabby Cabbie vehicles like clockwork, every 5,000 km.  That can happen in just a short two week span.  *Sigh*, I really do not know how some people think if you are running a business you have all kinds of money.  On the contrary, as people forget that "overhead" such as maintenance, fuel and insurances (three of the major expenses that come to mind) exist and can at most times eat up any small profits there might be very quickly.

After picking Rob up, we had to go to the Wiarton O.P.P detachment to take in our applications for Criminal Checks to be done.  This is an annual requirement that goes along with applying for a Taxi License, needing done since we could be transporting Children, as well as Seniors or Mentally Challenged persons.  Oops there goes another $50.00 Bill.

Next stop was a courtesy call to a local Community Service.  While there we were told how someone had relayed to them what wonderful people we, The "Crabby Cabbie", were to deal with.  Wow, that made both of feel pretty dang good.

I am still of the opinion that all the negative forces which have been against us the past few months in our endeavours of creating a solid client base for The "Crabby Cabbie"  will be overthrown with our efforts of honesty and good business sense hopefully eventually winning out.  Building a business takes honesty, consistency and perseverance at the best of times, as well as excellent customer service skills, which can be tried at the best of times when in the Customer Service business, and hopefully not too many break-downs.

You have no idea how much my close family members, friends, and the Crabby Cabbie's excellent customers have meant to us the past few months.  Theses are the ones who have been encouraging us on and supporting us all the way.  Thank you, as you people know who you are.

Last stop downtown Wiarton was to our local Foodland store where we picked up some Multi-Grain Wraps for our lunch.

"Leftover chicken placed on a Multi-Grain wrap, stacked with shredded cheese, crispy fried bacon, Caesar dressing .... oops almost forgot the Romaine Lettuce.  Before you know it, "it's a wrap"!  and a very good one I might add."

Well after lunch our Van was repaired, so out the door we were headed.

"Bandit can read our "Body Language" and just knew we were going out, can you tell?  The big suck pouted enough we figured we would let him go with us.  Mercedes has had a turn this week, so next in line will be Lexus and Buddy.  Just a little spoiled at times."

That day sure got eaten up fast by all the running around that had to be done.  My "Crabby Cabbie" went back to work while I returned home to do really not too much of anything as I was feeling a bit weary at this point.

Pssst ... for all of us with "sleep" issues, here is an article I came across today that might interest some:

The day has turned colder it seems.  I still have to go out and about one more time this evening with my Gang.  The home fires are still burning, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Keep warm! More cold days to come.


  2. We didn't get much in the way of weather here in the Kawarthas today either. Actually kind of a nice cool day. Snow rain around 8:30pm. Calling for a bad night. My daughter uses a cab from the city bus system to her co-op position. It cost me $.50 a ride. Must get the rest from the school board as $.50 would get you across the street these days.

  3. We had a crazy storm last weekend and it's been raining on and off ever since. Stay safe and warm out there!

  4. Sure wish we could get a little cool weather our way, it's sooo hot!!

  5. Oh it is freezing rain here heavy at least I should get some nice photos.
    Love the poster of the groundhog and I do hope your business troubles resolve it sounds like you have loyal customers and that is the important stuff.
    The wrap looks so good. Take care. B

  6. I often wonder how my dog knows we are going "OUT". We don't use certain words,like go, out, walk,etc. We say other things that sound nonsensical, but mean "go for a walk". Doesn't matter, HE KNOWs. Are they telepathic?
    When we are going away from the place and he can't come, I tell him he has to "Look after the kitties" and he goes to his bed and flops down with a disgusted groan.
    Hope your day isn't too bad, it's snowing like a son of a gun our way now. Hour by hour it changes. Thankfully we didn't get that coating ice, just pellets, maybe some hail and high winds in the wee hours.

  7. Ice storm! Sheesh, I won't complain about the weather any more!

    And yes, I know what you mean about people's perceptions when you own a business. When my husband and I ran our grocery shop, I said one day to a customer that I couldn't afford something, and she nodded towards our till and said 'That's full of notes, you mean to tell me you're not rolling in it!'. Erm - two lots of insurance, business rates, rent, stock with only a couple of pence mark up, petrol to get the stock, electricity, water, phone line... were they all free? We weren't even able to draw a wage! Why do people think every penny you take goes straight into your pocket? I wish! If that were the case, I could have retired after a year!

  8. Ah, yes, that storm. We got smacked around by it on the Friday. It wasn't much fun to be out in that....


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