Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Amazing Plus More !

Today has certainly been a long day considering it started at 5 am with me just returning home at 8:30 pm, after leaving the house at 9:30 am.

I had an amazing day spent mostly with my Auntie Gladys, along with meeting up with a very "special" gal whose blog I have been following for almost 2 years.

The "downer" was I went to take a photo with my camera, which I had made sure the batteries had been charged up last night, only to find I had left the Memory Card in my laptop left behind at home.  OH MAN !!!  what a bummer that was, as you can well imagine ME without a usable camera at my disposal???  Maddening I say, quite maddening !!!

Hopefully I will be a bit more rested to continue on with my today on my post tomorrow, as really with no photos and being a bit on the tired side this post isn't going to go much further then this.

Photos?  I am certain I will have a couple to share tomorrow with some of today's results, in the meantime here is our sweet Buddy boy .....

"Our handsome young 2 year old Buddy, who is going to be a father for the first time in the next upcoming two weeks, on or about the 28th of April.  Really we are very very excited to see what "colours" our boy, along with Missy Mercedes, will be producing.  Did I mentioned how EXCITED I am getting?  Oh yes I sure did.  And doesn't he have the sweetest *smile*?"

I am off and hopefully heading towards a date the remainder of this evening with Mr. Sandman, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Buddy is as handsome as can be :) I leave my memory card in my laptop ALL the time!

  2. Hi Cindy~ Stopping by to say a quick Hi~ I'm leaving in a few days to return home to more snow, from what I hear:( It's been 80+ degrees here in GA with a record breaking pollen count~Never thought I'd say this but I'm looking forward to the snow:) LOL My head has been a bang banging for 2 straight days~ Lynn
    PS Lena is right, Your Buddy is very handsome!

  3. I've done that before, or left the battery charging and walked out with an empty camera.......grrrr. x

  4. drat, drat and double drat!!

    That's so exciting we get to welcome another litter of puppies.


  5. My camera and I have issues as well. Thinking about getting another SD card to carry in my purse...just in case! Buddy looks so sweet. Can hardly wait to see what the puppies look like!

  6. Just dropping in to say a quick hi. I have done that too with a memory card.....

  7. Buddy is a total sweetheart! I totally get the excitement of the puppies.

    I bet you will want to keep cuddling and kissing them when they arrive. I know I would!

    What color is Missy then?

  8. I remember one time being in Algonquin with a camera, stopping by the road, taking picture after picture of a moose and her yearling calf, carefully moving about... some of the best shots I'd ever taken in my life... and then finding out I didn't put a roll of film in the camera.


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