Sunday, 10 March 2013

One Hour Less !

Did everyone survive the one hour less better then I did?  Really I am a person who does not need to loose any more sleep then I do already, but then again if I was sleeping more then 5 or 6 hours a day, or even 3 and 4, look at all I would be missing out on?

The weather has be very mild the past couple of days.  Rain is in the forecast, but I didn't need to listen to a weather man to tell me this as the headaches are louder then usually, along with the aches and pains.  What gives me some relief is knowing I am not alone with what the weather changes bring.

This morning our Son, Paul and I went up to visit my Mother at Gateway Haven.  This was the first time he was to visit her at her new "digs".

"Grandma is always happy to see Paul.  He teases her and they have the best laughs.  I can remember when he was a little guy flexing his arm in Grandma's Hall Mirror and her ooohing and ahhing over how big they were.  Ha ! his muscles are huge now with the veins sticking out and him still asking Grandma to check out his muscles.  Too cute those two are together."

Once we had our little visit with Mother, we headed down to the Government Dock at Colpoy's Bay which is minutes from our place.

"With the waters open again the fish boats are back out on the Bays."

By the time we had returned home Rob was up.  Paul and him went on their usual drive together to Tim Hortons for a chat and to get Rob a coffee.  It has become a ritual these two have gotten into it seems every time Paul comes to visit.

Bandit and Lexus also got some of Paul's undivided attention while here.  Bandit is totally taken with "his" Paul and isn't almost out of control when he comes visiting.

"The pups even got some cuddles from Paul.  Paul even thinks Bindi is the trouble maker out of the bunch.  Bindi is the little Blue Merle girl to the left, and our only boy puppy, Semah to the right."

It was not too long after the Lunch hour Paul headed back home.

"This was a nice little surprise I had found left behind.  My birthday is still 10 days away, however it is nice to enjoy the cards before, rather then after the fact some times."

Yesterday we had been downtown Wiarton through a couple of the shops.  Paul always appeases me and goes along into the Wiarton Salvation Army Thrift Shop with me.  He never complains and lets me look around to my heart's content.  I trained him at a very young age to go shopping, as well as how to use the washer/dryer, fold laundry, do dishes, make beds ... are you getting the picture?  Totally trained to be self-sufficient should he need be, and he really does pretty good with all of that, even being able to cook.  The last time he was here, he stole "borrowed" my Kraft Easy Recipes Cookbook.  I am looking forward to featuring him some day with one of the recipes he has made from it.

Anyhow I made a nice little score yesterday at the Thrift store in the way of ....

"This lovely Shabby Chic metal pitcher.  It now has a new home in my bathroom where I am very pleased with it."

This morning the Facebook newsfeed was splashed with the news of a Bruce County Landmark that had experienced fire at 3 am this morning.  Apparently the fire flared up again this afternoon causing its roof to collapse and taking the building with it in its inferno.

"Many travelers had hung their hat in this Tavern for many years.  More recent years it had operated as a Restaurant."

A little bit about the Dunkeld Tavern HERE.

It really was an extremely high gear week last week.  I am really hoping it is geared down a bit this upcoming week as there is so much in the way of housework I have gotten behind in, as well as other things I would like to accomplish in the way of more decluttering.  I did manage to have a Rice Cooker, a bagel cutter and a beautiful serving set leave our house today, placed in very deserving and appreciative hands.

The one hour less is taking its toll, as my eyes are feeling heavy with thoughts of my bed going through my head, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I love the scenery and your new pets are so cute. What happened to the tavern?

    1. Paul, haven't heard yet on the Tavern. The new puppies will all be going to their new homes in 3 weeks.

  2. Oh the photos of Paul and your Mom are priceless. He sounds like a wonderful son. I think this getting up in the dark thing is something I do not like and I have no idea how the cows are going to like it.
    Your birthday and mine are very close together Happy Birthday if I forget or sleep through a week with this darn time change:)
    Too bad about the fire.
    Take care have a good week. B

  3. My birthday and yours are close also!!! Finally got caught up with whats going on in your neck of the woods. You've been busy with the interview with Sandi, getting a new stove, those puppies growing by leaps and bounds. Paul visitin gyou and going to the meeting for the Bruce County small business owners.

    Here's hoping todays rain will do some good and get rid of some snow, before the next lot arrives!!!


  4. Such wonderful photos of Paul and grandma. He is such a sweet boy (although he all grownup). I am taking a mini-staycation so the time change didn't bother me as I slept through everything.
    Aimee from Craftmates

  5. the Dunkeld Tavern was just a few minutes from my home- a horrific historical loss for the community.

  6. My birthday is a couple days before yours I believe. Nice pictures of Paul and his grandma. Puppies are looking good. Glad you are enjoying the new stove. What a shame to lose that beautiful historic building.

    1. Thank you, Jean. Paul does love his Grandma and vice versa that is for certain. Are't March Babies great? :)

  7. It is always nice when the "kids" come home for a visit. It sounds like ou had a great day with your well-trained son. I hope your week is off to a good start. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  8. I want a puppy! Great photo's and I could care less about the time change, I am enjoying the brighter evenings and slightly warmer weather though :)

  9. Definitely a huge loss to the community...


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