Wednesday, 27 March 2013

My Idle Tired Brain But A Great Caregiver Day

This morning I sat and emailed off a friend asking what she was doing today?  as soon as I had hit "send" I realized where I was suppose to be today and I totally forgot until that moment !!!  Oh "my idle tired brain" is lucky it is somewhat secured inside my head that is hopefully attached squarely to my shoulders !

Today was ....

I had to quickly get the Aussies all fed and looked after.  Puppies cleaned out.  To make matters worse poor Lexus was sick to her tummy this morning, so that too had to be cleaned up.  I managed to get myself dressed half presentable, run a comb through my hair, make the bed but leave what I had planned on doing today behind ....

"...yes last night's Dinner dishes, dining/living room floors to be vacuumed and the kitchen floor to be washed.  Guess what? it is all still sitting there as I had left it this morning."

On the bright side of things I had a wonderful time at the Caregiver Day Away.

The speaker's were amazing, the ladies I sat with were fun and easy to converse with, and lunch wasn't too bad at all.  However I had to cut it a bit short and leave by 2:00 pm, as this was way too long to leave puppies go, even though Rob had went back home around 10 am to give them water (can not leave it in the pen with them as they manage to dump it all over the place and themselves leaving quite more mess then there usually is for me to clean-up).

On the downside again, the notes I had taken about the time I spent at the Caregiver's Day Away had been set down while I retrieved my coat and left behind.  Jeez this is not the first time I have done this.  I did the same darn thing at the VON SMART Christmas Dinner too.

Let me have a go of it by memory, such as it might be ....

Lara Stewart-Panko was one of the Key Speakers today.  I had the opportunity to meet and hear Lara speak at another Caregiver Day Away back in the the Fall of 2012 you can read about HERE.  I enjoyed listening to Lara today as much as I did then, as she touched on a few "stress relieving" tips as well as on how to give back to yourself.

Kathryn Forsyth, Nutritionist for Grey-Bruce Public Health is another vibrant speaker who holds your attention quite easily.  Lots of "smart" ideas and "fantastic" advice.  Take a look at the Canadian Food Guide and follow along, as it will make you much healthier should you do so.  Salt appears still be the Number 1 problem in our society today.  Salt intake retains water, water causes weight gain, weight gain causes the heart to work harder, high blood pressure and heart attacks can often be the result.

Sodium 101 ~ GET THE FACTS ! by *clicking*  HERE.

Packaged foods contain higher levels of salt; try to avoid by making your own alternative foods at home.  For example, Rob loves Hamburger Helper.  In my eyes Hamburger Helper is deadly, so I make ....

"One Pot Macaroni Dinner instead, which I love and seems to soothe Rob's need for  a noodle and hamburger combination dinner."


Need some Eating Healthy Recipe ideas?  Check a few put out by the Heart & Stroke Foundation HERE.

Personally I have not been doing so well in the "eating right" or watching my portions for the past few months.  I am an emotional eater, and this has been the case with the amount of stress I have been feeling for this same amount of time.  However I quite smoking almost 4 years ago, and do know I possess "Will Power", as before I had two knee surgeries two years ago I had lost ten pounds along with a few inches.  Reflecting back to that time, I not only felt better, I had more energy and was sleeping better.  I need to get back to that place where I was  ... should anyone like to join me, I most certainly won't turn down the company.

Are you a Caregiver for a family member or close friend? could you use some support for yourself?  Please contact a VON Canada office close to you to inquire about their Caregiver Support Program.  I, myself, have used it and felt it has been very beneficial not only in the support I have received, but knowing I have not been alone with some of the issues I have had to deal with as a Caregiver.

Be Kind to Yourself, as usually as a Caregiver we are to busy giving of ourselves to notice our own needs at times.

Previous Caregiver Days were equally enjoyed 2011 and 2012.  Thank you VON Caregiver Support Team!  I enjoyed the time you gave back to all of us Caregivers.

There is a little something that bothered me somewhat today, which really doesn't feel too little to me.  I have been to a few past functions where there have been peers of mine who I have either taken similar courses with or been at like functions, who I run into at such things.  Usually I find myself seeing them and going up to greet them, ask how they are doing, along with always a happy and pleasant greeting towards them.

What bothers me is I find it is usually me going out of my way to say "hello", and never the other way around.  

Today I thought I would go to this function and see if I was quiet and not first to approach if I would be approached.  I have to say, "NO" I was not approached from any of these people with the exception of one or two from quite the handful of usual peers.  Now this makes me wonder, am I too friendly, do people really not want to bother with others unless they are from their own "click" (territory), could I have somehow offended so many people?   I really am disappointed if this be the case, and feel rather slighted.  I have a difficult time not being friendly, being at a total loss with this situation happening with the same group of people on a number of past occasions.  

I have recently decided I had to drop out from the VON SMART exercise program, as I have too much on my own plate right now to give any more of myself, but surely this is no cause for people not to approach me, is it?  I am confused, and as I said, somewhat rather hurt.  However I can not dwell on this for too long, as there are way to many other people in my life who I adore and give me the same respect back, whether it be overlooking each others minor faults and just being genuinely caring people towards each other.

Anyhow on to more important loves in my life ...

Tomorrow is another very very big day with the Fabulous Four having their very first Visit to the Vet.  Maybe some would love to enjoy seeing me trying to come out in the big outside World for the very first time? by *clicking* HERE.

How nice to be done my post for the day early.  I am looking forward to some time with Rob when he arrives back home and doing up a sinkful of dishes, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Caregiving is most of the times more stressful then being a mother.The adults know but can't do. They want to but unable. Frustrating for all.

    Like you I am an emotional eater. Gained 10lbs just since September. Not good. I put an app on my phone for eating calories and exercise. It screams at me to do more exercise.Ironically I had lost 56 lbs 6 years ago, then got pregnant not once but twice. Yeap blame it on those kids!

  2. I know how you feel. Being a foreigner from another country, I often get indifference from others. At first, I was hurt but then I realized that I have plenty of friends already, and if some people don't want to be around me, I don't care. I am who I am, if they don't like me, so what? Don't let people like this to hurt you Cindy! You are an amazing friend, and they really are not worth it wasting your time worrying about it!

    And by the way, I have a vacuum sitting in the middle of the room since yesterday :)...

  3. I worked in an old folks home for years so I know what it is like , it can be rewarding yet sad ! Oh my the pups are so cute and cuddly looking such pretty faces ! Loved the video ! Oh I often wonder what would happen if my head wasn't screwed on , I am now more forgetful then I was a few years ago I blame it on menopause lol ! I love my dishwasher , I did dishes for years by hand mind you I didn't always mind but now I feel I have better things to do through out the day then dishes lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good evening !

    1. I used the dishwasher every day & it was costing an extra $30.00 a month; for that I can wash them myself. I do use it when the kids come visiting as I feel like I never leave the kitchen much when they are *smile*

  4. What a lovely day to celebrate. Caregiving is a challenging job.
    You are so brave to show your chores undone! lol! I could have many pictures of vacuums laying waiting and such too : )
    There are too many other things to do. lol!
    I am sorry you felt left out with the ladies. Sometimes, people get used to roles. It may be that you are a natural at welcoming others, and maybe the others were just as happy to let you do it. Many people are not comfortable in groups. I often fall into this pattern as well, being the one in the group to say hello first.
    If you and I were in the same room, I would definitely come up to you and say "hello" and give you a hug too : )
    Happy Easter,

  5. Sorry you are feeling down from your outing yesterday :( Some people are not as outgoing as others, they just don't have it in them to reach out as you do. Wonder how many went home wondering if you were alright as you weren't your old self? We ladies are just too hard on ourselfs, keep being the friendly happy you!!!!!

  6. Oh Cindy what a great organization my three sisters and I look after my Mom who lives alone I do not know what we would do if there was not Paramed and CCAS I have no problem paying my taxes when I see the excellent care my Mom receives from our organizations for free.
    The Caregivers of our time need this support it is a hard job even though we all do it for love.
    I am an emotional eater too but it will be alright once spring really comes and we get out in the glorious warmth of the sun. Take care. Someday we will meet and I will give you a real hug but for now this virtual one will have to do HUGS B

  7. Some people are naturally withdrawn and introverted... and it's hard to draw them out of that shell at times.


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