Friday, 22 March 2013

Mark Your Calendars !

Today, being Friday, is the day I head North of the Checkerboard to the Good Dr. Loney's for my weekly "shot in the arm".  

"This is where I usually spend every Friday morning, with Dr. Loney, and his two assistants, Maureen & Cara.  Cara is being a wee bit on the "shy" side here, but really she is a very young and outgoing girl !"

My Doctor's appointment ran a bit longer this morning since we had to go over the results of my MRI.  The good news is nothing has gotten worse in 4 years time since my last MRI.  There is still osteoarthitis, and advanced degenerative disc disease with canal narrowing as well.  More so on my left side of my neck.

We also touch upon the points of me not sleeping fitfully, and being quite overwhelmed with the amount of stress I have been dealing with the past 3 months or so.  I am so not a fan of taking drugs, however Dr. Loney convinced me this morning to look upon trying a couple of prescriptions to see if they get me "across the bridge" I am needing help to cross.  I relented saying I will give it an honest try.  Wish me luck, as I really can't deal with these overwhelming feelings of stress I have been having of late.  

I must remember that admitting to what we think of a weakness, is actually not a weakness at all, just a break from being a "strong" person all the time.  I came across this today, which inspired me:

“Life becomes precious and more special to us when we look for the little everyday miracles and 

get excited about the privileges of simply being human.”   Tim Hansel

Once I returned home, took care of my "Aussie Gang" chores before heading down to Mackenzie's Pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions.

"I love the Drug Store in Wiarton, as it puts you at ease when you walk in and see so many delightful things.  I could almost make you forget what you are there in the first place at times.   Yes, the three new bottles to the right have been added to my "Drug Supply" of T-2's, Ibuprofen, Vitamin D, and Water Pills.  Oops my "puffers" are missing from the picture.  Nothing too heavy duty can be found in our drug cupboard."

"I popped down to take a "boo" in at the Wiarton Salvation Army Thrift Store.  Mark your calendar as their next "$4.00 Bag Day" Sale is being held on the 30th of March.  You buy a grocery bag for $4.00 and can will it with clothing items.  It can be quite profitable some times, if you can handle the "shoulder to shoulder" of people in there on this day.  All other items are marked down to 1/2 price."

One other stop I had to make was to my bank, the RBC.  The girls at my RBC Wiarton Branch are fundraising for the Cancer.  This year, RBC is selling bracelets by jeweler Eliza Ray, labeled “The Many Colours of Cancer.” The bracelets, which sell for $10, connect 23 different coloured stones, each symbolizing a strain of cancer.  Since there is a One Stop Easter Hop tomorrow at the Wiarton Arena, I asked if any of my friends would put the RBC Cancer Braclets at their booth to sell and raise money for their Cause.

"When you attend to the One Stop Easter Hop tomorrow, please look for my friend, Wanda Hoath-Gates (the blonde pictured below) at her Body for Visalus Sciences booth, as the RBC Bracelets for Cancer will be there.   I have known Wanda for the past of couple years personally, and I have been witness to her amazing healthy transformation since she has been using the Body for Vi products.  Not that Wanda wasn't beautiful inside and out in my eyes before all her weight loss, but she is just a more HEALTHY beautiful now.  Please do stop by not only to buy a bracelet but to have a chat with Wanda as she truly is a sweetheart."

Do not stop marking your calendars yet ....

"The RBC is also sponsoring a Spring Fundraiser Dance on the 13th of April.  Stop in to a local RBC Branch to pre-purchase your tickets now.  Psssst... I heard it was a great turn-out and sold out last Year ! so hurray to get your tickets now."

Surely you haven't put your calendar away after marking the Spring Dance on it, have you?  

"My favourite local farm is having their Easter Open House on the 29th of March.  Looking for a Family Outing, or a drive in the Country?  then stop on over to the Dejong Acres Farm while you are out and about to pick up some Easter Goodies.  Directions?  Just go to there website at Dejong Acres Farm."

Surly by now your calendars are getting pretty full, as I know mine is especially three years running I will be attending .....

Should you be a Caregiver for a Family member, or a good friend, then give yourself a much need break by taking a day off to attend the 3rd Annual VON Grey-Bruce Care for the Caregiver Day.  I have yet to be disappointed in this event.  I was even a Guest Speaker last year, as you can see HERE.

It is okay, you can put your calendar away now.  Just don't be like me and forget to refer to it from time to time !  Daily would be a good idea in my case, but for some reason that doesn't always happen for me.

Yesterday the "Checkerboard Aussies" had a wee bit of a "parte-eh" going on for themselves, sorry you missed out on the invite, but drop in to see what was going on down HERE.

Speaking of puppies, I am thinking I am on "clean-up" duty again always, so between that and looking after the rest the of "pack" I best get a move on, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."


  1. Hope you are finally able to get a break from the insomnia and anxiety Cindy! It gets to be a vicious circle.
    Not sure if you are going to the Caregiver Day but I worked with the dietician from the Health Unit(Kathryn Forsyth) before and she is a great lady and wonderful resource.

    1. Absolutely I will be going. I haven't missed one yet; will you be attending? Thank goodness I won't be speaking again this year with my rubber knees Ha !

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. no- I co-ordinate Perinatal Nutrition Programs. As much as I enjoy many community based inservices it's stretch to say this one is job related for me! lol.Kathryn has been a guest of my program a few times, we always enjoy her visits . there are some great offerings for those working at the other end of the life spectrum this spring- Dr. Jack Newman will be at the Health Unit on Thursday April 11 and a full day conference on Anxiety disorders assessment diagnosis and treatment for professionals May 30 in Walkerton

  3. I'm so glad MRI didn't show anything bad! I hope the new meds will help and you'll finally get some much needed rest.

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  5. I can relate to your being hesitant about taking meds in terms of stress... I haven't wanted to do that in terms of depression, though by now, it wouldn't have been required regardless.


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