Tuesday, 12 March 2013

March Is Nutrition Month

"Only 100 Days until Summer.  HANG IN there Fox !"

~Photo Courtesy of Cottage Life on Facebook~

Ha, ha, ha ... when I seen this photo it reminded me of the Squirrel on the ICE AGE Movies.  I have seen every one of those Movies and looking for the 5th one to be released.

Today Rob and I both headed up to the Good Doctors, North of the Checkerboard, to Lion's Head.  After I had gotten my weekly allergy shot in the arm, we went over the results of my neck x-rays.  Not too much more of a significant change showed in the damage to the bone structure.  

There has been an MRI ordered to see what is going on with the muscles, ligaments and so on.  The MRI might shed some light on why my arms from my neck down have been experiencing the most bizarre and scary feeling of paralysing numbness.  The good thing is when this has happened, is it has never lasted longer then 10 minutes, being the longest, of not being able to move.  Something is definitely pinching something in there with hopefully the Degenerative Disc Disease of my neck having not progressed any further then it had been four years ago.  I will remain positive about this until medical evidence says otherwise, as what else it there to do.  As many people say, "it is what it is".

On our way back home, both of us could not help notice the dark loam that was being "scraped" from a field.

"Black Gold ... is it not beautiful?"

The dirt in our back fields is this dark.  It is very wet with "peat" in the very farthest fields.  It would have to an extremely dry Summer for Rob to take the big Leyland Tractor back there.  Our little grey Ford 9N does much better going through the back field to the bush, since it is by far much lighter.  Trust me he has gotten stuck a couple of times back there in the past 9 years we have been here, which was quite enough.

We didn't arrive back home until around 11:00 pm.  What happened when back home? well the bed still needed made, dishes were still in the sink, the Fabulous Four all needed feeding, and the list goes on and on  and on.  What did I do? all of that plus the vacuuming of a whole dog from the floors of the living/dining room and hallway.  The floors are in need of a good washing, however I am leaving that big job until I have a whole day at home myself, probably Thursday.

Even though we had huge fluffy flakes of Snow throughout the day, I have started to feel the itch of Spring feeling the need to get going on the Spring cleaning.  It needs to get started on before the next litter of pups are due to arrive, as I will be busy again with them as well as beginning the outside cleanup left behind by the Winter months.

Dinner was simple, easy and delish.

"Grilled Balsamic-Garlic Crusted Pork Tenderloin.  Marinaded 5 hours, pan-seared, then in a 400*F Oven for 25 minutes."

"Melt in my mouth, served alongside pan-fried potatoes and Peaches & Cream Corn."


This Pork Tenderloin is a perfect lean meat choice, especially since March is Nutrition Month.  Lots of tips and ideas for Good Health, as well as a phone number to contact a Certified Dietitian by going to the following "Eat Right Ontario" link:


Fruits, Vegetables, lean cuts of meats, along with proportions are all the "KEY" to Eating Right.  

I like to think I am always conscientious of making good food choices, or having smaller portions of those "sweets", but trust you and me, there are days when I go all out and right off that bandwagon !  Sometimes when there have been days like this, I always try to get back on the wagon and carry on down the healthy more sensible path, with better choices of what foods I eat.

Glancing out of the patio doors towards our bush line, it is still day light with a bluster of Snow going on at the moment.  I think I will wrap things up here and see if the Fabulous Four will begin on a third feeding of the day, since they are already going on six weeks old.  Where do the weeks fly to, by and by.

I am off and running, once again, at a slower pace then usual, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Hope you get some answers soon, Cindy! Love the squirrel pic!! hahaha!! Awesome! Yes, I eat crazy healthy... lol!

  2. yum yum I love pork tenderloin! It just so happens I have one in the freezer right now to thaw out, looks like I'll be trying this recipe out soon!

    Hurry up spring, we are supposed to get 4 cm of snow here in Toronto on Saturday :(

  3. God, I got so fed up of Drs and tests until I got a diagnosis...hang in there.
    Jane x

  4. That soil looks rich in nutrients , when on the farm my mum & dad always got the darkest soil for their veggie gardens every spring spread on as well as good old cow manure oh the olden day ! I to have been through the ringer with tests and Dr's and finally found what was wrong it is tiring and frustrating .I hope your pain can be treated and not be to serious !I will pray all goes well ! I to love those movies and have them , I collect movies of all kinds ! Have a good day !

  5. Yes Spring can't be far off- our creek was overflowing today and the dam in Paisley over- run as well

  6. Yum! Pork tenderloin is my favourite. I am just counting down the days till I don't have to wear layers. Weatherman said wait two weeks before taking off winter tires...
    Aimee from Craftmates

  7. Delicious! My son and I are looking forward to an Ice Age 5 too...

  8. Oooh crusted pork! YUM! This version sounds great!

  9. Rumor has it spring and summer got lost this year, so we'll be going right back into Autumn.


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