Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Lots OF Elbow Grease !

This morning, once all my Aussie chores were over with and I finally got to sit down to a "first" coffee, I browsed through to read my Blogs Of Interest.  I was thrilled to find out Michelle at Ms. enPlace had featured one of my recipes again at her "See Ya In The Gumbo".  Thank you, Michelle it is always a pleasure not only to participate in your "See Ya In The Gumbo", but dropping in on all your posts to see what's cooking in your part of the World down in Louisiana.

"The Healthy Oatmeal Orange Cookies I had made were featured HERE.  By the way they are very Yummy."

The remainder of my morning I got going on the vicious circle of housework.  The Electrolux Ergorapido Rechargeable I had purchased last Year no longer holds a charge.  I LOVE it, however not really prepared to pay $100.00 or so to replace it at this time.  I called Electrolux Canada to see if something could be done.  I was very pleased to find out if I would send them the "Model/Serial" number silver tag off it, along with a letter to explain the problem along with my address, they would send me out another Unit !  I sure hope this will be the case, as the letter goes out in the mail tomorrow.  Won't this be fantastic if it comes to be? I sure will be one "Happy Camper" !!!

"Once I had addressed the Stick/handheld problem, I had to tackle another problem in our fridge. I guess when I had bought ground beef on sale last week the packaging had leaked.  Oh man by the time I had noticed it way at the back of the shelf it had dried up as hard as a rock.  Hot water and dish soap went in the sink and I started "scrubbing".  What a mess and  "Lots of Elbow Grease" to get it cleaned up."

This afternoon the Forever Home owner for Fabulous Four, Lunette, came by to see her for the very first time.  She is unable to take her for another two weeks, but was anxious to meet Lunette in puppy person.  There was lots going on with the Fabulous Four this afternoon, should anyone be interested just *click* HERE.

It was very late afternoon, probably around 5'ish by the time I finished up with more Aussie duties and Rob arriving home shortly thereafter when I had to get going on putting our Dinner together.  I made a Dinner of Mustard-Maple Pork Tenderloin that I had tried once before we had both enjoyed.

"Mustard, Salt & Pepper rubbed into the trimmed pork tenderloin, then seared to brown on all sides before being placed in a 425*F Oven to finish for 15 minutes or so."

"Once cooked the loin was set to "rest" while I put together the sauce.  I can honestly say this meal is yet another "favourite" for us."

"There was one "little", or should I say, "big" problem.  My dear Rob, who eats almost everything, tried a wee bit of the sauce and didn't like it ... as you can tell in his pictures.  No problem as I loved it, so it was more for "moi" for a change."


I heard a nasty rumour that there is to be SNOW tomorrow !  Really? really does everyone not think there has been totally enough snow this Winter already?   Oh wait a minute, it is Spring !!! what the heck is going on here ??? Ha ! if we held the reins to the weather I am certain it would not be so challenging.

Oh man ! here it is after 8:30 pm already with me still having to take Buddy out for his walk about and it is dark out there.  I best be getting a move on, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Mmm.. ,I love pork tenderloin! Soo yummy!! Too bad hubby didn't like it, but oh well, more for you! ;) hehe!!

    I'm sick of the snow.. it's almost gone here, but I won't be surprised to see more. lol!

    1. I love pork tenderloin too, only problem was it was only the sauce he didn't like and that was served on the side, so he had his fill of tenderloin !

  2. We enjoy the occasional pork tenderloin at our house. I think I'll try your recipe next time!

  3. Love pork tenderloin, one is thawing out in the fridge right now and I'm making it for dinner tonight :)

  4. Your cooking is very impressive! I do very little cooking, ie just enough to not starve. I don't enjoy cleaning the mess I make whenever I get going in the kitchen. Esther Norine Designs (I've given up on fixing the noreply thing on my blogger account. I've done it 3 times and since the third attempt didn't work, its time to give up. estherdavison@gmail.com)

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  6. I might switch that out with honey mustard... I've developed quite a fondness for the taste of that stuff instead of dijon....


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