Thursday, 14 March 2013

A Ho Hum Day

When one is woken out of what they thought was a not too bad sleep just after 4 am, and before that around midnight with a wrong number, it makes for a very long day ahead.  Lexus needed out and was very vocal about it.  Lexus, since a puppy, has had a very small bladder and with any amount of water after dinner time she just can not make it through a night.  Poor girl, and she isn't even close to being my age yet in doggie years !

It was freezing in here at that time of the morning, as the wood stove was coals and ashes, even colder outside it was.  I tried going back to sleep but could not even begin to drift off, with getting back up to start the wood stove and have a coffee.  Let me "tell the World" not too much got accomplished around here today other then me going through the motions.  For those who know me well, my bed got made if nothing else !

I had a couple of errands downtown to run first thing, so off to Foodland, the Post Office, and the South Bruce Peninsula Town Hall.  Jeez errands are time consuming.  More then half my morning was gone by the time I got back home.

By the time everyone was let out, about and back in it was Lunch time, then I had to put the few things I had bought away.  This morning it was -12*C so Buddy, nor Mercedes were going into the outside run, however by lunch time it wasn't too bad so I had put Mercedes out for a couple of hours.  The part I miss about there being a late litter of puppies is them also being outside in the kennel run; more room for them, easier cleanup and it gets them socialized to a different environment.  Oh well should Mercedes breeding have "taken", it will be nice enough hopefully for her puppies to be outside by that time.

Since it was so cold I thought it the perfect day to put together a big pot of Hamburg Soup.

"This soup has been added to my "favourites" as it is full of colour, easy to make and makes a big batch so there is lots leftover to freeze for at least 4 more lunches for the two of us another day.  I LOVE A "COLOUR Me Soup" choice."

I switched up the recipe just a "wee" bit today, as I usually don't make them the same every time after I have followed the recipe to a "tee" the very first time in making it.  Today I used fresh mushrooms, less celery and more carrot as my pantry afforded me.  A savoy cabbage was used as it was on the discount rack for 49 cents, as were the fresh steak mushrooms for 99 cents the package.  Can not go wrong on those "steal of a deals" on savings.


This afternoon I had a friend stop in to see the Fabulous Four.  Angie took some photos of them, had some cuddles, then had a cuppa tea with me before having to leave.  Drop in if you need yourself a "cuteness fix" by *clicking* HERE.

The mailbox held some more HAPPY MAIL for me today !!!  Hooray !!!

"I loved when I seen the envelope addressed to "Aunt Cindy".  Very cute Joanne!  A card from my niece, and my Auntie Gladys.  Love them both. xx, oh and the cards too *smile*."

Rob left the house this morning with no breakfast, lunch, or supper ... AGAIN !  He was on a run into Owen Sound this afternoon, so I made him up a hot thermos of Hamburg Soup and met him half way with it.  Jeez where is that man's head some days !  please do not attempt to answer this for me, as I am certain I have long list of answers to that question already.

But really truly, not only do I love him every day, I like him most days, and pretty proud of him some days ...

"The local Saugeen Shores newspaper, the Shoreline Beacon, covered my "Crabby Cabbie's" support of Grey Bruce VON (a Canadian non-profit organization).  I am truly proud of him, with us both being grateful of his patron's contributions, and continuing support in doing so since the VON Piggy & Crabby Cabbie are to remain partnered !!! "

Yeah, Rob !!!  aka MY "Crabby Cabbie" !  We would LOVE your support by giving Rob his Facebook "Crabby Cabbie" Page a "LIKE" if you are able to, by *clicking* HERE !  Thanks in advance to all who can and do.

I really don't know what is going on weather wise in anyone else's "neck of the woods", but I do know our Weatherman has pretty much told us we are going to have a big dump of the white fluffy stuff beginning tonight, right up to Sunday.  Booooooooo !!!!

Jeez I almost forgot about the newest email SCAM I received in the Checkerboard Aussie's INBOX this morning ...

You know what I have to say to that .....

Beware people.  We know Canada Revenue does not contact us through our email accounts, and especially email accounts that belong to our Pets !!!  Oh man do these SCAMMERS ever get tired of putting this garbage together and sending it?  I really do wonder about this.

Tomorrow is Friday already !  with today having been a "ho hum day" with not too much accomplished.  I can not believe how another week has flown by me once again, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Those email things drive my crazy. I finally deleted my yahoo account because it was really getting stuffed with CRAP.
    COLD and BLUSTERY here too. Went for a walk in the bush today. My allergies are SOOO bad, or maybe it is a cold, anyway, I wanted to get out and attempt to breath some fresh air. It froze my poor old nasal passages and stopped the chronic sneezing for awhile anyway.

  2. It's spring next week...the weather forgot.
    Jane x

  3. Yum yum that soup looks good and so perfect for a freezing day like today. I had to walk over to the dentist and I was shocked at how windy and chilly it was, not fun at all.

  4. It has been cold here and windy just light flurries for us patches of snow left here and there but mostly grass showing now but signs of spring are still popping up ! I didn't get much sleep if any last night as I ran out of my sleeping pills dumb me thought I had more prescribed they are as I suffer from insomnia with out them well today I felt like a train ran me over I to didn't get anything accomplished . Got my pills earlier today so tonight I will sleep like a baby . Soup looks YUMMY ! Papa is the same if I don't make sure he has meals he probably wouldn't bother to eat much at all ! Hope you have a good nights sleep . Oh those pups are soo cute ! Thanks for sharing with us . Have a good evening !

  5. This soup looks delicious! My husband also leaves the house without any food to eat quite a bit. Gotta love our men :)

  6. I don't have a face book but hubby and the kids do so I will make sure they get some likes in there this weekend. The soup looks so yummy!

    And oh by the way im back

  7. I know your pain.... I have just been woken up by a screaming baby bunny

  8. Annoying phone calls AND emails - technology can be a nightmare!

  9. I love to get cards in the mail! Seems silly since I make so many but I really do like getting them too:) Hubby never has been good about taking food with him when he goes so has scouted out restaurants that have reasonably good food at a decent price for when he's out and about!

  10. it amazes me how criminals adjust, adapt and improvise new novel ways to steal money from us!Imagine if they employed all that effort into something worthwhile like world hunger or disease research?

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  12. Looks like you've got not quite a scammer, but definitely a spammer here, Cindy.

    What we need is to gather together all the scammers and the spammers, weigh them down with chains, and drop them into the deepest part of the oceans.


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