Saturday, 16 March 2013

A Healthy Kind Of Day?

My friend, Toni with an "i" had called me the other day to see if I would like to go the check out the Health Fair taking place at the Bayshore Community Center in Owen Sound this day.  What the heck I thought "why not".

Once everyone was looked after here this morning I left the house to meet up with Toni at the Health Fair for 11 am.  It was quite the turnout with lots of cars in the parking lot when we arrived.  Lots of exhibits with only a few I have "highlighted" or I would be here all evening if I would have take a photo of each booth.

Of course the booth that stood out and was pointed out right away to me by Toni  was ....

"....Grey Bruce St. John's Ambulance who had some of their Therapy Dog participants there.  Oh my, they were all the sweetest most adorable."

"The personality of this guy was unbelievable.  He truly was the most outgoing happy camper of them all, but they were all adorable and lovable."

"I was truly amazed a the Tower Garden, Growing Good Health, as was Toni.  It was really cool.  Joshua Burnett of the Sportmakers Fitness & Training Centre was there handing out passes for a 1 week Trial; can't get a better deal then that to get a fitness sense of things.  Below was a booth by Grey Bruce & Owen Sound Victim Services, a service I am totally in support of ~ People Helping People ~."

Lesson learned for me this day.  Do NOT give my friend Toni with an "i" my camera to take photos of me ever again, despite her insisting I NOT give it to her.

"I am pleased to report after all my silly facial expressions my blood pressure reading was 117 over 72 which is pretty amazing, or so I thought it to be.  Thanks Toni for catching my "good" sides."

"I ran into quite a few people who I knew, one being fellow VON SMART Volunteer, Linda, who posed for me while trying out the T-Zone Whole Body Vibration.  Thanks Linda."

I was so happy to finally come across The Painted Wardrobe after coming across it and hearing about it the past while on Facebook.  I can't wait until I can visit their store downtown Owen Sound some day in my travels.

"The Painted Wardrobe's booth is to the left.  Please take a "peek" to see what cool things they sell by *clicking" HERE.   The photo to the right belongs to Janet Schnurr of Soul Searching Tree, who does Indian Head Massage, Ion Cleanses, Reiki, and Energy Therapy.  Janet is also an Independent Consultant for Arbonne.  Please check Janet's website out at or Contact Janet at for further information."

"Ha ! there is always a Mascot in the midst somewhere, and here is the Owen Sound Attack's Mascot.  Kinda cute, don'tcha think?  To the right there was a demonstration of the strength of the mind going on.  Yes the block of wood was broken in two.  The lower photo is Owen Sound's Over Eaters Anonymous who uses a "step program" as does AA.  This group has been around I believe for 53 years I was told, give or take a couple of years if I am not dead on with that number.  For more information on this group in the Grey-Bruce area, please call or text 519-379-9144."

"I was not surprised to see personal friend, Geraldine Deenik & Dean Shobbrook there of Allenford Natural Health Clinic 519-934-1777.  Geraldine is a Holistic Therapist & Registered Herbalist, and Dean does Massage Therapy.  The photos to the right is a booth which is another favourite of mine that I do not think is as well known as it should be.  It is the Grey Bruce Home At Last Program, which provides assistance to those who require it when returning home after a hospital stay.  Need more info?  please call and ask to speak to a Case Manager at 519-371-2112."

"Four more important groups in our Communities who were also represented today.  The Osteoporosis Canada, Home & Community Support Services, Alzheimer Society Canada, VON Canada, all services I have tapped into myself the past few years, as well as the Heart & Stroke Foundation whose booth is not pictured."

"Here is a booth that promotes good health by hiking, the "Bruce Trail Conservancy Peninsula Club".  Check them out too !  And another worthwhile cause and service is the Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario.  Please check out their fundraiser below, featuring "The Beckett Family" on the 27th of April."

"Ha ! there were very strange looking characters gathered here and there throughout the Bayshore Community Centre.  Why was this a person might ask? well today was when these very brave, or crazy some might say, people were doing the 2013 Polar Bear Dip in the Bay.  You can read more about this by *clicking* HERE.  Brrr.... "

After the Health Fair, Toni with an "i" and I had a coffee together at Tim Hortons before she head off and I went to the No Frills store for some puppy food and a few of the great specials they had advertised this week.

"As you can tell Bandit was not much help in putting groceries away.  All this, as well as a bag of puppy food, for $51.00.  I was not too unhappy with the sales, especially with Nordica Cottage Cheese, Lean Ground Beef & Strawberries were $2.00 each or $2.00/lb.  The Puppy Food at $13.98 a bag was the largest cost on the bill."

Here it is going on to 8:00 pm already.  What have I accomplished at home today? the "gang" is all looked after, and my bed is made as always, if nothing else is done, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Sounds like you had a great day ! Wonderful photos of it all ! Thanks for sharing and have a Happy St Patty's Day !

  2. Sounds like you have a great community up there, Cindy. Glad to hear you and your friend Toni (with an 'i') had a good day. I am jealous of your blood pressure. My last reading was 190/101. (I know, I know.) The Dr put me on two new medicines. Hopefully this combination will work.

  3. You are such a go'er and do'er!! Golad you got out of the house for some fun

  4. Looks & sounds like a great day! :) Those dogs are soo cute! I'm impartial to your sweet Bandit most however... ;) lol!

  5. Looks like it was an exceedingly busy day! And those dogs look adorable!


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