Monday, 4 February 2013

More Wiarton Willie Fun

Thank you for all the well wishes on my migraine getting better.  Headaches and migraines are something I have lived with all of my life.  With my neck issues I really do not think I will ever be without them.  There are worse problems in this World, so some of these things some of us learn to live with.

Lots more went on with the boys and I yesterday at the Wiarton Willie Festivities.  The Wiarton Optimist Club put on a Fun Day for Children from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.  What a wonderful gesture on behalf of the Club and those businesses who sponsored this event for the Children.  A very BIG Thank you !!!

After all the fun on the big "snowbank" we headed on inside of the Big Tent.

"First off the boys entered into a draw to "guess" how many jellybeans were in the jar, and got themselves each a bag to collect goodies along the way."

"Here we are with Karen of Karen't Creations Scrapbooking in Wiarton, who was taking family photos as her part of giving back to the Community.  Thanks Karen, we love the photo."

"This is where it all began "putting them to work", and what fun they had with a hammer and nails."

"Much warmer fishing in under the Big Tent, and the prizes were not one big slimy."

"Indoor golfing also is the way to go ... put put put."

"The Bruce County Library Team was there from the Wiarton Library.  What fun there was first by making pictures, then some pretty awesome bookmarks."

"Hey there is Stu Paterson !  Stu won the 2012 Salmon Spectacular with the largest Trout entry.  Here they are with Handmade Bird Feeders they were handing out to families along with a bag of bird feed."

Pic 1 – Former Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters President - Sydenham Sportsmen`s Association member John Ford, 
hands over one of 120 feeders at Wiarton Willie Festival Kids Day.

Pic 2 – Bruce Peninsula Sportsemen`s Association member Jim McKane hands out another feeder during Kids Day at the 2013 Wiarton Willie Festival.

~ Photos Courtesy of Stu Paterson ~

Guest Post Courtesy of Stu Paterson:

One-hundred-twenty Grey Bruce youngsters have new bird

feeders thanks to a co-operative effort by two regional conservation clubs.

Volunteers from the Sydenham and Bruce Peninsula Sportsmen’s Associations

handed out the feeders at the Kids Day Party in the Big Tent, at the 2013 Wiarton Willie Festival.

Children 12 and under were happy to receive the feeders which were built by club members.
Included were 2-pound black oiled sunflower seed packs donated by Doug Gilkinson and staff at Bayshore Country Feeds in Owen Sound.

The feeder project is designed to encourage young people to learn about, respect and appreciate, nature and conservation. The giveaway included pamphlets on several Birds common to Grey-Bruce.

Anglers and hunters are the best conservationists. These two community

Clubs lead the way in this part of Ontario, helping to preserve and protect fish and wildlife. Both Bruce Peninsula and Sydenham club members, go out of their way to encourage young people to appreciate the outdoors, and try to help them understand the magic that nature has to offer.

Please check the clubs web sites at:

Volunteers from the Bruce Peninsula Sportsmen included Jim McKane, Don Elliott, and Stu Paterson. Sydenham Club participants were Mike Prevost, Bob Hunt, Brian Clements, John Morneau, Ron Robb, John Ford and Don Lobbin.

Thanks Stu.  I am pleased to say our Grandsons, Aiden and Connor were most fortunate  recipients of a Bird Feeder thanks to these wonderful organizations and volunteers.

Today was a pretty good day, as I did wake up without the migraine so that was good in itself.  I did manage to change our bedding, do one load of laundry up to hang on the clothes horses to dry in front of the wood stove, and sweep up at least one extra dog off the floor.  

I also managed to get in some "Fabulous Four" Checkerboard Aussie puppy time.  I will post their most recent photo here, but from here on in any puppy updates and photos can be found on the "Checkerboard Aussie" blog by going HERE.

"From top to bottom:  Blue Merle Female; Black Tri Male; Red Tri Female; Red Merle Female.  All healthy and noisy at less then 24 hours old.  Mama Lexus is doing just fine.  Three have Forever Homes, and the Red Tri Female should be hearing about a possible Forever Home this evening."

"Supper was amazing ... a Peameal Roast done in the Slow Cooker, served up with boiled Red Cabbage and white potatoes."

It was a good day, however I am looking forward to another early night, as both Rob and I are feeling pretty weary this evening, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Looks like the boys had so much fun!! :) The puppies are soo sweet! I'm so happy that you've already found homes for them! :)

  2. I'm really happy you are feeling better and didn't have a migraine today. These migraines can really make a person miserable :(

  3. And puppies are just as cute as can be!! I'm glad they are all going to have nice homes soon.

  4. But I want a puppy! They are so cute I just wish that mom and daughter were allergic plus I know that with our schedules we might not be as responsible as I would like.

    I understand the migraines. I usually get one or two a month but every few months they knock me on my butt!!! But it seems that everyone on my moms side gets them including all of my kids and my cousins so I wonder if they are hereditary also.

    Looks like a good day was had though

  5. what a fun day put on for the kids. Love those little puppies just so cute.

    Gill, suffering from a headache myself!

  6. The Wiarton Willie festival looks like a wonderful fun time for adults and kids alike. Hope you are having a good day today, headache free. :)

  7. Oh hammer and nails, building bird house, indoor fishing and so much fun looks like I have to make my way to Wiarton.
    Oh puppies Oh puppies cute so cute.
    Happy the headache is gone. Take care. B

  8. I wish I had more space for puppies!
    Aime from Craftmates

  9. Good that you're getting better!

    It's been quite a long while since I've had red cabbage... I rather miss it!


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