Tuesday, 5 February 2013

LOTS More Again !

Routine is good for the Soul, or so I think.  I crave some type of routine, as I think many of us do.  Routine also grounds me at times.   My mornings usually begin turning on the kettle, stoking up the wood stove, having a coffee while I catch up on social networking via Facebook and catch-up on Blog reading, let Bandit out, going out with Lexus with now checking on four little ones, out with Mercedes and lastly out with Buddy, make the bed, then carry on with the day after all of that has first been accomplished.

I had to run some errands downtown Wiarton today, but I wasn't going anywhere until I cleaned the mess off my vehicle.

"This is what a vehicle looks like after sitting for 4 days after over a foot of snow had fallen.  Oh yes underneath all that snow there was still ice to be scraped off."

Errands some days are very time consuming, this day taking up the majority of my morning.  The rest of the day I did a bit of this and a bit of that, nothing really much that stands out other then a little mishap I wasn't very happy about.

"Going down the stairs I brushed this photo of my Great Aunt Lizzie and my Paul when he was a month old.  Aunt Lizzie was celebrating her 90th Birthday in this photo 30 years ago.  At this time Paul had been the youngest and Aunt Lizzie the oldest in our family.  Now I need to find an old frame I can take the glass from to replace this one.  The sad part about this is I had just thrown two out last week when I was decluttering.  Yes good Old Murphy strikes again !"

When I was reading some of my favourite blogs this morning, I had been taken aback at seeing two recipes I had made and shared on a couple of Blog "Linky" parties had been featured.  What a surprise to see my photos on another's blog post.

The Hamburg Soup was featured at Ms. enPlace's "See Ya in the Gumbo" , hosted by Michelle.


Grandma's Cinnamon Cake was featured at Feeding Big and more, hosted by Cynthia.

Thank you ladies for being such lovely hostesses.  It really is a pleasure to participate in such a wonderful Foodie network, with all the hard work these ladies have put into them for others like myself.

Speaking of food? for tonight's Dinner I made the Knorr Shepherd's Pie, which I do believe will be a favourite of both Rob and myself.  Not only is preparation very easy, the dish is full of flavour and goodness.

"How can anything with so much colour not be good?  I even added to the recipe this evening by throwing in a handful of garden fresh peas I had in the freezer.  Into the casserole it goes, then to be topped by a can of Creamed Corn and mashed potatoes which I had added a splash of milk to as I mashed them."

"We had just finished eating not too long ago, but looking at these photos my mouth is still watering on how good it was ..... really good."

Recipe please?  JUST *CLICK* HERE.

I am also happy to report, even though it has not been "dusted" off, my treadmill was put back into commission today with me being the operator.  Wish me luck on continuing daily ... goodness knows I need all the luck I can get on the best of days.

Oh by the way, LOTS More Again? that would be SNOW !!!  It is still coming down, so I suspect should I need to go out again tomorrow I will be cleaning off my Van once again, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Your morning sounds some what like mine every day ! I get up at 7 am let Miggs out get kettle on for tea restart the wood stove by then kettle is done get my tea check on Miggs give Harley a hello and scratch as she appears think and look to what to make for dinner then go and read blogs some times post in the mornings then get dressed then bundled up and take Miggs for a walk then fill the birdies feeders and so on by 10am lol ! I am slow in the mornings now a days . I to have to have a routine ! I make shepherds pie a but differently as we aren't fans of cream corn but it does look good in that picture YUM ! Go figure eh about the picture never fails does it ! It is a blizzard out there now but earlier today it was lovely and sunny and winds were calm ! Have a good evening !

  2. Oh my! That snow looks daunting! Good luck with the treadmill. I really need to get back to using mine. It would really help if I liked exercise! Shouldn't cleaning snow off the van count as exercise?!!!

  3. Congrats on the features my friend! You are an amazing cook and you deserve it :) I try to work on a routine but it's not always going smooth in the house with two little kids :)

  4. Holy cow, I would be staying in the house until spring if I had to clean that car off!! Congrats on your recipe's being highlighted!! How cool is that

  5. There is so much comfort in a morning routine I treasure mine and hope unexpected things do not turn it in another direction.
    Oh I do hope you get another piece of glass or a frame that is a beautiful photo and special indeed.
    Good luck on the tread mill and oh yes not to forgetthe snow thing:) B

  6. I could not handle all that snow! your Shepherd's Pie looks like a wonderful way to warm up!

  7. Thanks for sharing at Foodie Friends Friday Linky Party. Which recipe are you submitting? Have a great weekend!

  8. The good thing about that much snow is that there'll be more snow yet to come. I know, I'm silly.

    And shepherd's pie is a terrific meal!


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