Friday, 22 February 2013

Beauty Of The Morning

Just before 7 am, when I walked back into the dining room towards the wood stove something caught my eye outside the window .... I found my camera, hurried to get into my jacket and I was out the door, as I did not want to miss ...

"... the Beauty of the Morning."

It took my breath away with its beauty.  Absolutely stunning it was.  It never last too long; how blessed was I to have been able to take it all in.  I pray it is a sign for better days ahead.

The "Checkerboard Aussies" all taken care of and the bed made, before I headed North of the Checkerboard to my weekly appointment with the Good Doctor Loney for the hour of 9 am.

My appointment this day went well being the allergy shot didn't hurt too much, and my blood pressure was down from last week.  Both very good in my books.  I am being sent for more x-rays on my neck.  For those who know me, know I suffer from Degenerative Disc Disease in my neck which 4 years ago was diagnosed with being Moderate to Severe, making for lots of pain and discomfort some days more then others, hence part of the reason for my headaches, the reason I do not knit or read rarely anymore  The neck pain is just one more thing that has slowed me down from life as I used to know it at 150 miles per hour, along with the Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Four years ago I had seen the Head  Orthopedic Surgeon at the Barrie Hospital.  After the consultation with him, with the MRI results of my neck removed, his personal examination and a discussion in length how and what I felt, his conclusion was I would no longer be able work at regular employment, suggesting I do not subject myself to repetitive activities, however also not recommending surgery as I was way too young and the outcome of  surgery could worsen my condition.

Dr. Loney has first ordered an x-ray before anything else, to see if this will show up anything to be worse then it was when I last had x-rays two years ago March 2nd after being in a car accident, wherein my vehicle flipped three or more times after hitting black ice.  I remember the attending Doctor at Emergency at that time asking me if I realized how bad my neck was, wherein I panicked thinking the accident had caused more damage to it ... a second x-ray at that time had been taken to make sure it had not.

I am pleased to say, Dr. Loney is pretty much "on top" of these things if there have been "red flags" put up.  My "red flags" have been that I have been experiencing absolutely no feeling from my neck down into both arms at times, since just before Christmas, to the point I have felt paralysed, sitting unable to move with a fearful feeling until it passed.  I feel very scared when this happens.

X-rays should be done next week, with it really not being too long until it is determined what the next "plan of action" will be from there on in.  In the meantime he has prescribed a different type of pain medication to see if this gives me more relief then what I have been taking.  I am confident it will be all sorted out in no time.

This is the reason why some days I get less done then other days ... oh for the days when I could do up our house and almost turn cartwheels at the same time.  Ha !

Truly though I am happy for what I do have more then naught,  which is countless blessings even though some days I get weighed down by other obstacles.

Really now, how could I feel down when the day began and touched me with such beauty?

The Chicken Stock I had made the other day needed packaged up and put into the, now working again, freezer.

On to the rest of my day ....

"I took a clean tea towel to strain sentiment and fat from the stock.  Look how rich and dark it is, as  I used a bright red onion along with the goodness of other vegetables when making the stock.  Seven containers there were for the freezer.  I can't wait until I need to make up a Homemade Chicken Soup to try it out... yummy."

"It was cold today but not overly for these two youngsters to be out romping together.  Buddy just turned two, and Missy Mercedes 18 months, it is good for them to play and wear themselves out with each other.  Trust me they both sleep very well at night, with not a peep from either of them."

I received mail this day from young Nathan Reynolds-Furry, who had been visiting last month from Yass, Australia.  Nathan does an article for the local newspaper, the Yass Tribune.

"Nathan was kind enough to mail me two articles he had wrote for the paper.  One was on corresponding with another as a Pen pal, touching on my relationship/contact with my friend, John Daley, who is now passed on from this World, and the other was based on his trip to Canada.  Very good Nathan, thank you for sharing with me."

For those who know me, know how much I love Easy Peasy as 1-2-3, with my Slow Cooker being one of my most favourite small appliances.  I first began my love relationship with my slow cooker when I had went back to College for a Computer for Business Course (at least 16 years ago now I would think), when homework was piled high and good meals needed to be easy and good.  The Slow cooker gave me both with a great meal all ready at the end of a long day.

"Dinner could not be made easier then this."

There is never a day I do not have myself some ....

" Puppy Love "

... for at least 5 more weeks !

I would love to welcome my newest follower, this being Kristen of About a Girl, who lives in Winnipeg, Canada.  I have already dropped over at Kristin's blog and know I am going to love following her too, as she loves to take pictures.  I do love picture taking as they tell such wonderful stories, do they not?  Thanks for the follow Kristin !!!

Oh my "Crabby Cabbie" Rob?  he is hard at work trying to chisel a living out of life for us.  I do love him dearly for that.  In-between he did manage to enjoy the wonderful Slow cooked Roast Beef dinner I had made for him.

I think that pretty sums up the day I have had myself, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. That sunrise is magnificent - thanks for sharing. I do hope some good comes from having the x-rays taken. I know neck and head pain can be really debilitating at times - I am amazed at how much you achieve in any given day.

    I think you mentioned sending me a link relating to coconut oil - was this in relation to Alzheimer's?

  2. Beautiful pictures Cindy...what beautiful gifts nature can give I have mentioned my daughter has RA but I wasn't sure what DDD was....I can't imagine the pain and discomfort you go through each and every day:( Like I tell my daughter, do what you can do today and do the rest tomorrow~ Take care Cindy~ Lynn
    The puppies are so cute!

    1. Thanks Lynn. My Auntie has told me what have told your daughter a hundred times, it is convincing ourselves of this that needs doing.

  3. I noted the sunrise this morning myself- true to the saying, the red sky was indeed a warning! nasty squalls here today.
    So sorry to hear of your neck woes. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease 14 years ago. I herniated a disc ( last lumbar, first sacral) which caused four months of sciatic nerve compression.The CAT scan at the time showed what the orthopedic surgeon called " the spine of a bull rider" I dragged my foot for months- thankfully I have only had one other serious reoccurance of the sciatic involvement.The degenerative disc disease I was told would would further worsen over time but I have managed alright- as long as I keep moving!I was very frightened initally by the diagnosis as I had four children aged 2-10 at the time.So far no surgeries! The SjogrensSyndrome takes a larger chunk out of me really, but thankfuly as of yet has done no permanent organ damage( my mother is in stage four liver failure with it)
    I am glad your degenerative disc disease seems to be stable - Life throws us enough curve balls!

    1. Yes it was very blustery here as well this afternoon for a while with winds coming out of the East. Sciatic is awful I have felt its pain in past years as well. I am so sorry about your Mother, as well as you having inherited the same.
      I am hoping the x-rays shows the DDD has not worsened, as with the amount of pain lately as well as the no feeling at times in my arms, we are wondering.
      I believe I have learned to "duck" more times then enough from those curve balls.

  4. These pictures are absolutely breathtaking! That's what you see when you wake up early :) And I'm so sorry about all the pain you are going through. It really breaks my heart, and I hope all these x-rays will do some good, and the docs will figure out some way to get relief for you, my dear friend.

  5. What a beautiful sight to wake up too in the morning!!! And the puppies....I knw I would scoop them all up and take back to bed with me for some cuddle time!! I would make a bad breeder for sure!!!Hope you are feeling better today. for a lady with so many problems you sure get a LOT done. Take care of you.

  6. Cindy, you are so positive and upbeat that I had no idea you were dealing with medical problems. It's good the sunrise got your day off to a good start. I'll be praying that you have more great days ahead. Have a good weekend. Blessings...Mary

  7. Fingers crossed for the x-rays Cindy and I love the colour of that sky!

  8. Wow!! That is just gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing those photo's with us! I hope your dr. is able to figure out a way to help you feel better... keep up your positive attitude and everything will be just fine! Hugs!!

  9. What a beautiful picture! Hi! I found you on Sunday Social and love your blog. I am your newest follower and was hoping that you'd pop on by my neck o' the woods, stay a while, and follow back!

    Have a great day,

  10. Beautiful sunrise.

    I hope by now you've got some answers.

    I find that the mark of a good doctor is one who asks lots of questions.


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