Friday, 4 January 2013

Another Down and How Many More To Go ???

The Taxi business has slowed down for a rest after the hustle and bustle of Christmas, and all the excitement of anticipating the New Year of 2013. 

"My "Crabby Cabbie" came home early last night, to be smothered, watch a bit of TV, and  enjoy a plateful of one of his favourites,  leftover Turkey Dinner.  Can't get much better then all of that."

This morning brought high winds giving way to lots of drifting of snow.  I cancelled going up North of the Checkerboard, as I really didn't want to deal with heavy winds and drifts along the flats.  

I am very anxious about Winter driving since I rolled my vehicle almost two years ago now, wondering if I will truly ever get over it.  I have the greatest fear also of passing, since in my 20's we had passed someone, having a dump  truck turn in front of us, hence the severe damage to my neck today I am certain.  It was a miracle I walked away from both accidents, for this I have really truly counted all my blessings.

The change in weather this morning also brought another FM flare-up with my usual headaches.  The trick is to try and keep moving, even though staying in bed most certainly has been crossing my mind the past couple of days.  Move, move, move ... really really really. 

"I have faithfully been adding to my "one, or two, good memories" a day jar.  It is hopefully going to be jammed packed full by the end of 2013.  It will be so much fun opening and reading what good memories I had all throughout 2013."

"I thought maybe a little toast, peanut butter and flax would give me some energy this morning, so this is what I had.  I LOVE Flax ... ground flax is the thing to sprinkle on your foods in the way of sandwiches, salads, cereals."

Should you NOT be familiar with Flax, there is lots of information on it from the Flax Council of Canada just by *clicking* HERE.  Hope you will find some reasons for it to be of a benefit to you too.

Yes I am on the Low/No Spend and Declutter Challenge for the Month of January, but when I seen two items on the Swap that would fit the Grand Boys, how could I refuse.

"Two Spring Jackets made in Vancouver BC, lightly lined and water proof, the exact perfect sizes for Aiden and Connor.  How could I go wrong for the Low Spend amount of $5.00 each?  I couldn't that is for dang certain."

Day 4 into the Challenge, and I have only spend $12.00.  I think I am doing pretty triple dang good, especially when both these jackets are like "brand new".  Oh the $2.00? that was for my coffee yesterday when I had met up with my Cousin Suzanne.

It took me until after lunch to get going at anything.  I am ashamed to say I sure didn't get too much done other then our bed made, some Crabby Cabbie book work business sorted around and ....

" ... got going on decluttering the front and side of the fridge.  This has been bugging me for some time.  All the clutter was moved over to the Dining room table to be sorted once I had washed the outside of the fridge.  You know it always takes a mess to clean a mess !"

"I am very pleased with the "after".  I do so look at the photos I keep on the fridge, and then there are three important business cards, our mechanics and the vets, along with on the side of the fridge is recycling days, along with a couple of conversion charts.  This are all very very important things in my life *smile*.  Besides I am not sure if I would like my home too much if it couldn't be used what it is for ... to "live" in it."

"The wood stove was happy today, as it got a different variety fed to it today."

I can't believe how long a job like decluttering the outside of a fridge can take.  Sometimes those, what seem like piddly jobs, can be quite time consuming.... more so when I am having one of my "off" days.

Another "decluter" down, and how many more to go????  quite a few I am afraid to admit, but a another dent has been made !!!  Hooray !!!

When Bandit and I were outside this afternoon, I retrieved the mail to find there some more Happy Mail for me !!!

"We got a Christmas Card from my Great Niece, her other half and a Santa Claus photo with my dear sweet Great Great Niece Deja in it.  I would love to kiss those sweet chubby cheekies of hers, but alas they live way out in a Western province of Canada.  Maybe they will be back to visit Ontario again this Summer?"

I had nicely gotten my photos all ready for today's blog post when the phone rang around 6:20 pm.  It was my dear "Crabby Cabbie" to tell me he was up in our Neck of the Woods with a taxi fare and would drop on home in 20 minutes time.  Holy Crap Batman, he hadn't taken a lunch today, so I was certain he was starving.  I had to think fast, or as fast as I had all day to get something prepared for him.

"Leftover turkey, celery, carrot, red onion, broccoli, frozen mushrooms and our own garden peas, along with some Philadelphia Cooking Creme and leftover Turkey Gravey was put into motion.   By the way, I do so LOVE my new Paderno Ceramic Fry pan I got myself not too long ago."

"Once the veggies had sauteed with the chopped Turkey added, in went the Cooking Creme, then the Turkey gravey along with cooked egg noodles."

After Rob had his second bowl he asked me if I came up with Dinner "out of my head", which I replied "yes" to.... he said dinners were much better out of my head.  I think I will take that as a very big compliment from my very satisfied and full hubby.

I had a small bowl myself, being very pleased with my "throw together" creation myself.  It was the first time I had tried the Herb & Garlic Cooking Creme (thanks Toni), however on its own I wasn't too fussy when I had a sample, however after the Turkey gravey had been added it was really good.  Maybe just a case of taste buds is all.

Since it is Friday in my part of the World, I decided to begin the 52 Week Money Challenge and put my savings amount away today, instead of waiting until tomorrow.  I have an e-account under my online banking, so I will just transfer the required amount into that account each week.  I am pleased to say there are 8 of us "on board" for this Challenge.  It is still not too late to come "on board" yourself.  Check it out by giving a *click* to my post of yesterday HERE.  The more the merrier, right ?

I will be posting reminders every so often to make sure everyone is on track with the Challenge, and to remind us all a wee bit if we haven't been ... *smile*.

Oops, almost forgot to extend a huge welcome to another new follower !  Welcome Deb at Cooking on the Front Burner.  I am so happy you have joined me here for my daily journey and my many sometime rants and raves.  Thank you.

Okay here it is going on to 10:00 pm.  No wonder I am tired, still with headache pushing my eyes near close.  Really I think I should take the "hint" my achy body is telling me by heading it off to a warm comfy bed very shortly, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I am just catching up with my blogging buddy's. I joined you challenge from yesterdays post, fingers crossed I can pull it off!! i had thought the decluttering would be a no brainer this time around. I was sooo wrong!! Ha

  2. I hate winter driving, too. Try to avoid it at all costs - I think that's the smartest thing to do. I feel sorry for the Crabby Cabbie and all professional drivers and commuters who have to drive, no matter what. (My jaunt to work takes about six minutes!!!!)

    Those raincoats? Adorable! You would have been nuts not to pick them up, even at twice the price!

    And your throw-together dinner? Makes my mouth water. Seriously. I'm back on the diet wagon and anything creamy and pasta-ey like that makes me drool!

    Happy weekend! Hope you're feeling better!

  3. That is a great idea with flax. I do the same with psyllium husk. As always, the dinners look so good!
    Aimee from Craftmates


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