Monday, 22 October 2012

Another Challenge It Is !

"Good Morning North."

 "Good Morning South."

What a beautiful scrumptious weather day we had today with temps a high of 18*C !!!  Please stay all Winter long will you .... ha, no chance of that happening on the Bruce Peninsula now is there?  A girl can dream can't she? especially a Pisces girl.

I got at some cleaning done in the kitchen this morning.  All leftover unused canning jars, along with any canning equipment was removed from the kitchen area with all counters receiving a really good wipe down.

"The Black Bean & Corn Salsa I did down last Friday was all labeled, re-boxed up and set on the stairs for Rob to carry on down for me to get put away at a later date."

With the bed made, kitchen cleaned up, and all our Checkerboard Aussies happy (momentarily) I got to do a bit more happy stuff.

"The final touches were put inside the gift box for the Secret Sister Swap, with it wrapped and ready to be transported to the Post Office.  Off I went ...."

"I love the girls at our Wiarton Post Office.  I go in and ask Susan if she would mind if I took a photo of her along with my package.  She came back with a "would you like one of me working"? Life is so much fun with a bit of humour intertwined in with it .... thanks Susan you did a wonderful job, once again, of getting one of my packages properly weighed, measured and stamped.  Off to my Secret Sister it has gone with promises it of arriving within 3 days.  I am so EXCITED !"

I had been up again since 3 am.  Mercedes had started barking since a Coyote or two back in the bush had been howling up a Moon or two back there.  Sleep eluded me again, so up I got to start looking through the News Feed on my Facebook page only to come across a Challenge put forth by Knorr Canada which I found very appealing ... off I went to check that out HERE, where I also had the pleasure of meeting up with Mardi at her Blog, Eat.Live.Travel.Write ~ culinary adventures near and far ~ 

I was up to the Challenge by putting it into action this day ....

"Since I was going to be otherwise occupied what a better day then today to take Homemade Chili from the freezer to slowly thaw for our lunch that was going to go well with the Challenge fare I was making."

"This is how it all began .... "

"Water and Knorr Cream of Leek meet cream.  Flour is met by Baking Powder and Black Pepper."

"Here comes more Dairy goodness with the Kraft "Light" Old Cheddar Cheese mixed in with the dry, with wet following shortly thereafter."

"I don't do "sticky" well, but once I got the flour going ... managed just fine to the point of following the instructions almost to a "t".  You might notice there are 8 wedges cut out and not the stated "12"?  Ha ... it was all good."

"This is exactly how "good" it was .... "

It even got better, as we were just about to finish up the last bit of our Dinner there had been an arrival into our driveway ....

"A Harley and a Yamaha Maximum ?  Two of my most favourite Biker Guys, Ralphy and Lyle ... who also got to sample the goods.  I spied on them for a little bit as they enjoyed every morsel of the Knorr "Savory Cheese and Leek Scones" which were still warm and lathered with butter."

This Knorr "Savory Cheese and Leek Scone" recipe will be a keeper in our household and added to my selection of "go to" favourites.  This blog post be entered as completing the Knorr Canada Challenge over at Mardi's Eat.Live.Travel.Write blog later this evening.

"I just happened to find this in my Pantry today.  Stay tuned for maybe yet another Knorr Canada Challenge submission coming your way ... ha!"

"I was able to go out to have a little visit with Ralphy and Lyle myself before they had to make their way further down South of the Checkerboard ... I can always count on them dropping on by at least twice a Year.  A perfect day to be out and about on a Motorcycle it was.  I was envious of them."

"The guys had just a little wait until they had been "waved by" this ditch digger out in front of our place."

I also retrieved our mail before going back into the house.  I was happy to have found some more "Happy Mail" in our mailbox.

"This Post Card is of Sami Children, received by its Sender from Finland, is my favourite to date.  I am truly enjoying being involved with Post Crossing."

Before I forget my manners, I must extend a warm welcome to my newest follower, Vicki E of "Watching What I Eat".  Thanks Vicki for joining me here along with my every day goings on, opinions such as they are, and all that I am.  Truly you are Welcome !  

Here it is 7 pm with darkness upon us even earlier then last week it seems.  I still haven't made us any Supper since we had such a late Dinner this day that had been filling and most satisfying with the new Knorr Recipe we both had loved.  I best be off and running, once again, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. that scone recipe looks good, will have to try it sometime.


  2. I can't wait to mail my Secret sister box!! I just need to finish one more thing...Hopefully , it will be done by Thursday!

  3. up since 3am
    are you on speed?
    that ould kill me

  4. Those look AMAZING! And with that chili? Perfect for this weather!

  5. Thanks for sharing your scone recipe with us on Foodie Friends Friday (ps ~ Can you link back to us, we would appreciate it). When I first started reading this post I was thinking 18 degrees winter.... What's Up? then realized this post was dated in October.. :) The two swaps you mentioned ~ Sister swap and Postcard sound like fun and I have bookmarked them to take a deeper look at them.. I did pin your recipe to my Recipes that got my attention on FFF linky party board.

  6. Thanks for sharing with us at FFF this week. I like these scones and may give them a try.
    Dawn host and blogger

  7. Yummy cheddar scones! Thanks for linking up to my Pin Me Party!


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