Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Day Passes By ....

Pain surges thorough my head almost seemingly exploding through my left eye waking me from sleep, the sound of rain driving against the bedroom window, my "Crabby Cabbie" arrives home ..... it is 4:30 am..  I fall back to sleep for another hour rising with a migraine not wanting to give up.  I stay up venturing out in the teaming rain with our "pack" of Aussies in turn.

"My day began .... "

"Photo Courtesy of Facebook"

The tomatoes I had dehydrated from Friday evening and last evening were all ready to be processed.  The first batch I had left the seeds in, yesterday's batch I had removed the seeds.

"The dried tomatoes to the right with the seeds removed took hours less time then the ones had with the seeds left in.  For all the time it took me to remove the seeds once they had been sliced, this is the method I will be continuing to use in the future."

When researching the method of various websites on "how to" I had came across Simply Canning's site, which took me one step further from dehydrating tomatoes onto making Tomato Paste.  This morning I put the method into action.

"I ground the dried tomatoes in the blender, keeping the ones with seeds separate from the ones without."

"All processed in jars.  Upside down?  should there be any moisture in the jar in the morning, that  jar of tomato powder will have to be placed in a freezer bag and popped into the freezer.  Should there be no moisture it will be fine to store in a cool dark place until required.  I suspect the powder which had the "seeds" might have moisture ... see the difference in colour as well?"

I am pretty excited at the prospect of being able to make my own Tomato Paste, at a ratio of water to powder 2:1.  I will hopefully be able to try this within the next week or two, posting then how I make out with it.

The migraine just would not budge no matter what I tried.  Any further plans I had this day were scattered to the wayside as I was unable to even think about attempting them since the pain had not only attacked my head it had sickened my stomach.  One can only take so many T-2's, never mind the migraine medications.  It has to be just rode out some times with rest, sleep and darkness.

"I even attempted a Green Tea to see if this would settle my stomach from the meds.  It was worth the try."

"Regardless of how I felt, Rob and I still had to make a quick trip into town.  Him to the bank, and I to pickup a couple of items at one of the stores.  This is how unsettled the skies looked all day with torrents of rain on and off."

Once we returned home, with everyone looked after, I sat back in the lazy chair with a very heavy head.  Rob had taken himself back to bed, as he was beat out from working such long "Crabby Cabbie" hours the last couple of days.  We were both all in but for our shirt tails.

The Day Passes By .... regardless of how Rob and I felt the day still flew by us.  Time does not stop to wait for anyone to catch up.

Wanting to take advantage of the low weekend hydro rates, around 6:00 pm I got busy ....

"I wanted to make a dent on the 10 lbs of carrots I had picked up on sale for $2.97 last week."

"Digging right in to get 'r done."

"Sliced carrots steamed for 5 minutes."

"Gotta love all the colours Fall brings with it ... Ha, they actually look like cheddar cheese sliced up, do they not?  Tomorrow morning I will be jarring up some dried carrots for Winter Soup & Stews when the price of veggies have sky rocketed."

"I honestly think this is the tidiest my kitchen has looked in the past 2 weeks since I began canning.  I suppose this is why a Summer Kitchen would come in handy."

Rob has gone back to our bed at this early hour.  I am going to see if yet one more dose of Migraine medication will give me some relief, as I can not have one more day wasted.  Hopefully by tomorrow I will feel better and can figure out how well, or not, I did on this past week for the September Savings Challenge.

On that note, I too think I will get myself into the warmth of our bed, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. You poor thing with the migraines. I had them as a child but thankfully grew out of them. I really feel for you.

    Love your dehydrated tomatoes. I've never managed to grow them in this country but then I've never had a greenhouse so there's not a lot of hope! Other people up here say they've had no luck either; it's just too cold and exposed.

    Hope you feel better tomorrow!

  2. Thx for your post, I really enjoy your blog. Long time lurker, first time commenter, you know the drill. I tried to share this one time before, I don’t think it posted correctly…hopefully it will this time!

  3. it's got to be the flipping weather Cindy, as I have had a bad couple of days, mind you mine would also be having a "visitor" arrive again this month!!!

    Hope today was better.



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