Monday, 17 September 2012

Much To Be Thankful For

"Please feel free to join me."
~Photo Acquired From Facebook~

Rob's day off .... the "pack" looked after, coffee into us, a load of wash out on the line and out the door.

"See, see ! this is the attitude I get as plain as the nose in front of me."

"I am surrounded by attitude, Tongues stuck out and Penny Piggies when riding around in the "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle."

We had to head out to retrieve our serviced ATV we had dropped off down in Shallow Lake last week.

"Just in time as it was needed this day.  New battery, oil changed and fuel lines replaced."

"Ron told us that it was too bad our 2004 was in such excellent shape as he couldn't even begin to think about selling us one of these cool machines."

"Should we ever have to, which I am thinking we won't as we only have 1080 km on ours now, I would not hesitate to make another purchase from Ron.... great sales & service."

We headed back towards home, but not first stopping in to see our friends, Doug and Caroline at ....

"Ha ! They have been caught hanging out doing nothing but drinking coffee again!  This is what you really call a relaxed B & B !"

"While the guys were talking about what guys talk about, Caroline and I were talking vegetable gardens.  Couldn't help but noticed this leggy guy, or girl."

"Doug showed us what he had accomplished, in the way of making a run for the laying hens they have acquired, out of the scrap wood he had picked up from our place.  Can't wait to see the State of the Art Chicken Coop/Run when he is done constructing it."

"I needed some ripe tomatoes.  Thanks Caroline, I think I have an ample amount of tomatoes this Year to last me now."

"I still  have all of these waiting to ripen on my counter from my own garden.  Yes I am up to my Ying Yang in tomatoes."

"Rob got busy planning out the decking we are yet hoping to get up this Year.  Hoping, hoping, hoping ..."

"The remainder of the morning was spent picking all that was ready from the garden, as it is to rain the rest of this week.  Rob also cleaned up the spent plants by pulling and placing them into the compost."

"I had a hitchhiker on my garden basket."

"A busy morning behind us, with an even busier afternoon ahead, I thought steak on the grill for our dinner would be the easiest to prepare today.  Out marinating on the counter it went."

"Rob headed out to our bush with his chainsaw."

"Poor Bandit had to stay behind with me as the "Cone of Shame" wouldn't be the greatest to go through all the high grass with."

"I am sure it was hours by the time I had peeled all these tomatoes."

"Peeling was nothing, then I came to the point of having to seed them all ... oh man what a job!  This is what has to be done when one is planning on making Tomato Sauce."

 All the time I was standing doing these tomatoes, I was feeling pain from my head to toes, nothing I am not used to.  This type of work gives one lots of time to think ... I then had gotten to thinking about how awful it would be if I couldn't stand and do what I enjoy, or I couldn't feel what I was doing, or I couldn't see what I was doing, regardless of how I feel.  The past Year I had two very close calls with Death ... I believe in Angels and God, as there had been someone looking over me both times, as many other times in my life.  I am thankful I feel pain, even though some days it is worse then others, I can still do a few things I enjoy doing, even though what used to take me almost no time at all, now takes me hours and hours some times.  I have much to be thankful for, how could I not?

I was thankful Rob had came back up from the bush to have a break, as I then had a break.

"I had more of a break then Rob, as his chainsaw needed sharpening."

Once Rob had gone back to the bush, and I to the surmountable of tomatoes on our kitchen counter top, it hadn't seem like long before Rob was back to get me.  The battery in the Tractor had given up.  Rob had to walk all the way back up to get me, another battery and go back with the ATV."

"Going through our second field towards the third."

"In the third field passing by the Tree Stand tree.."

"Our bush line."

"Our poor little 1948 Ford 8n in need of a battery."

"A couple trees felled waiting to be brought out."

"That is one tall Birch tree reaching up."

"I will stay behind by following the leader."

"Back up at the house with not a hitch."

Needless to say there had been lots of tomatoes still awaiting me to seed them.  It was finally the hour of 6 pm when it was done.  All was put in a large stainless steel canner, and placed into the fridge to await processing tomorrow.  I am also thankful for tomorrows ...

"... and the steak Rob cooked to perfection for my supper."

"Thankful for the Internet that our son, Paul, can email us photos of our Grandsons, Aiden and Connor.  Ha !  Check out the attitude here ... they were having some fun after Aiden's 8th Birthday Party last week."

More then thankful for all my loving family and friends, here and near, far and dear.

"What are you thankful for in your life?"

Believe me, I am one thankful gal knowing I have a bed awaiting me shortly, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I'm so thankful for todays, tomorrows and most of the yesterdays. I'm still learning to be thankful for the rest of them :) We are so blessed in so many ways in our lives!

  2. Cindy, I have no idea how you do so much! You're inspiring!! You must have many angels watching over you as you're such a wonderful & giving person!! :)

    Ps - Save me any steak?! ;) yum!!

  3. I am grateful when I wake up in the morning, let alone for my family and many friends, life is good and you have the right attitude, Cindy, way to go!

  4. I am pooped just looking at all those tomatoes.....



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