Thursday, 13 September 2012

Make Every Day Your Favourite

"Is your everyday, your most favourite day?"

"These guys were having fun out on our drive, seemingly making it their very own boardwalk this day."

"Looking our our bedroom window later this morning how could I not notice Rob removing part of our old decking as he travels across our backyard with it on the Leyland?"

"Rob retrieved today's mail from our Mailbox.  We both almost had a heart attack when he opened our "Crabby Cabbie" Bell Mobility Bill to see this total staring back at us !  Wouldn't you? "

A phone call to yet another fantastic Bell Customer Service Rep (I have been batting 100 this Year with great service) had it all figured out in no time, dropping this crazy insane total by way over $400.00 and taxes.  Heart palpitations have subsided I am pleased to report with it still  having remained a favourite day.

"Here comes my company, fresh off the Ferry at Tobermory, halfway on her trek from BC across Canada.

I am tired with lots of visiting having been done this day .... stay tuned tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Yikes, this bill definitely tried to spoil your great day! I'm happy it was just a mistake.

  2. bills.........
    the stuff of nightmares x

  3. I too would have keeled over if I saw that amount on my cell phone bill....



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