Thursday, 27 September 2012

Lunching Out Again !

I can not resist yet another photo of our Sunflowers.  I LOVE them and before I know it they will be gone soon until my Rob plants more next Year.  I admire them many times throughout the day, always in wonderment at their now very huge "hung" heads.

Today I finally got the bedding stripped, washed and out on the line, as my "Crabby Cabbie" rose from bed at not too late of an hour this morning.  I have to take advantage of the Mid-Peak hydro prices before they go up to Peak at 11 pm.  I heard it was to rain this upcoming weekend, so I didn't want to chance waiting until the Low Rate Prices then.... I am just way to frugal to being using my clothes dryer you know?

With laundry hung out on this most perfect weather day we have had, dishes all done up, a couple of cups of coffee under my belt, it was time to head on over to our mechanics to pickup our personal vehicle as the bearing had been replaced on the front passengers side, only to find out the tie rod on the driver's side also needs to be replaced.  Back it goes tomorrow to have this repaired !  Oh man does it every end ????  Damn, damn and triple damn that Murphy guy all to heck and back !  

Once returned from picking the Van up I had less then 30 minutes to get myself changed and downtown to meet my friend, Jessica.  Here I am "Lunching Out Again" at ....

"The Green Door Cafe, downtown Wiarton (reservations always recommended)."

"I am pretty predictable, am I not?  Chicken Caesar Wrap with a side Garden Salad & Raspberry Poppyseed Dressing."

"My most lovely friend, Jessica Slater-Hamilton (see I am not the only one with a long last name), who is about to enjoy her Chicken Garden Salad Wrap & side salad."

Jessica is the Coordinator for the Grey-Bruce's VON Caregiver Support Program

Jessica has been one of my main supporters, for me as Caregiver to my Mother, over the past year and a half.  Should you be a Caregiver, whether it be for a parent, spouse, or friend, and require some support for yourself, please do not hesitate to contact Jessica at the Grey-Bruce VON Owen Sound hospital by *clicking* on the highlighted area above.

With a lovely lunch and some wonderful enlightening conversation shared between us, Jessica was kind enough to spend some time out with me just a little bit longer ...

"Another one of my most favourite places to drop in at downtown Wiarton is "The Cluttered Cupboard".  There is always something new to be seen within its walls that has been created by owners, Bill & Holly Morrow."

"If I had a little girl in my life, this would be a piece I would not hesitate to purchase for her room."

"Quaint & Timely decor."

"This caught Jessica's eye ... those lights are actually lite up and flickering."

"Really now this has been done on a screen !  My friend, Caroline of Evergreen B&B came to mind when I seen this, as they have a "Bear" theme room at their lodgings.  This would be a perfect time to have a get away at their beautiful piece of Heaven in the Woods."

"A toaster made into a light !  How unique is this??"

"If I didn't already have an Oak Deacon's Bench in our Foyer, I would certainly think about purchasing this bench for there.  And never mind those Oil Lamps, I had to tear myself away before I looked too closely at them."

"Bill was so kind enough to direct me around back to where his newest creation was drying."

"Really now would these not be the coolest to have in any entrance way? back or front."

"There is Bill himself... way up there peering down.  Thanks again for the tour Bill, I will be back to see what you have started on with that very "huge" bale of barb wire you purchased not too long ago."

The Cluttered Cupboard is always posting new creations and additions to their store on their Facebook page, just take a moment and "pop" on over there some time to have a "look see" yourself, as you can find them right HERE.

"Next stop was the Rankin River Trading Co. right on Berford Street, Wiarton.  Inside its doors you can find ....."

"Anything from Seasonal Decor .... "

" Children's toys."

"Even Baby's needs...."

.... and much, much more from beautiful ladies (gents & children too) clothing items, bedding, kitchen decor, cards, lots of gifts unique and otherwise found. always a bit of this and a bit of that.  Well worth the stop and shop.

At this point Jessica had to head on out.  I carried on making my way back to my vehicle, but not before I had taken the time to drop in to see a couple who I haven't seen for quite some time ....

"Here I am at the Berford Steet Tea Room."

"I was so happy to have caught owners, Jim and Debby at a down time that I was able to enjoy a bit of visit with them both.  I do so always enjoy our "chit chats' .  A very quaint spot to drop in for a spot of Tea, a scone, maybe a bowl of soup and a biscuit.  Always a light lunch or treat there will be found within these four walls.  Keep in mind all these goodies are made by Debby herself, and more then likely always served up by Jim."

I finally found myself back home to be greeted by four very happy Aussies all needing my attention, seemingly all at once.  Bandit was so kind as to come back to keep me company at the clothes line while I removed the dried clothes from it into the basket.  Good job Bandit !

Here is a little bit of "What's Happening" out, about and around in my little World ....

Saugeen Shores, beginning Saturday is hosting their "Annual Pumpkinfest".  Check this out by *clicking* HERE

Another "Secret Sister Swap" in the works over at Carla's !  Whoohooo ... I am so excited about this !!!  Check this out by *clicking* HERE.

I can barely believe it, as I just looked up at the clock, and it is going onto 7:30 pm already !  Good thing my bed has been made up "fresh" already for me to crawl into it hopefully early tonight.  Here I am, once again, with very heavy eyes and feeling pretty dang, dang, triple dang tired, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkeboard".


  1. You have some really cute little stores there! I wish I could join you for a walk down the street. You friends doesn't seem too excited about her salad, huh? Just kidding :)

  2. Cindy - we really appreciate you featuring us on your blog here - as well as for the rest of our downtown merchants! I will try and pop in here more!! I just need more days in my weeks perhaps? LOL :)

  3. What a nice way to spend the afternoon!! Your town is so sweet, I would have a hard time not spending money!! Ha

  4. great set of stores where you live. I change our bed sheets on a Friday here.


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