Saturday, 22 September 2012

Hellooooo Fall 2012

What a blustery mixed bag of weather it was for the first day of Fall here on the Bruce Peninsula, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

"Sing along .  It is starting to look a lot like Fall time...."

"The Honeysuckle is still blooming."

"Missy Mercedes most certainly knows where her breakfast veggies are located.."

Doing laundry and hanging it outside to dry was not an option this day, but a Bruce Peninsula Road Trip seemed like the thing to do !  I rang up my girlfriend, BJ, who was up for the trip and it was a go ....

"I loaded up two baskets of our Garden Fresh Tomatoes (not like we don't have many, you know).  One basket I delivered on my way through Wiarton to my friend, Koreen at Ram Trophies & Sportswear, and the other was to be a gift when we had reached our North of the Checkerboard destination."

Once I had picked up BJ we headed on North of the Checkerboard.  I can't think of what time it was when we reached our destination, but I have to think it must of been somewhere around 10:30 am?  By this time we had made it up the Peninsula just before the turn off to Miller Lake.

"This is what I had been on a Mission to retrieve up on the Peninsula.  I had put out on a Facebook Swap page I was looking for a dehydrator.  A lady had responded to me via message telling me she had one I was welcome to as it was sitting there collecting dust.  I was so appreciative, and I really think she was too for the basket of tomatoes.  Thanks again, Lynn, it will be put to good use here !"

BJ and I really enjoyed meeting this lady.  It is so nice to see there are still lots of lovely nice people out there, is it not?  It overjoys me when I have the benefit of meeting such individuals.  There is still lots of hope out there in this big old World, is there not?

I had never been to the Saturday Farmer's Market at Lion's Head.  This was our next plan of action after first turning off Hwy 6 onto Cherry Hill Road to see ....

"Switzer Studios, Home to Chainsaw Artist, Bobbi Switzer."

The Studio was closed this day, so I am thinking Bobbi might have been at her new location in Clavering,  located further down South on Hwy. 6 between Wiarton and Hepworth.  Another time I will catch up with Bobbi I am sure.

"Here we are right in the Hub of Lion's Head."

Onward we continued towards Lion's Head where we arrived down by the water on Forbes Street to where the Farmer's Market is located.

"All the Fall colours and fresh produce, along with a wonderful assortment of Homemade goodies were most difficult to resist buying one or more of each."

"The backdrop to the Lion's Head Farmer's Market is just as alluring as the market itself."

Hopefully the next time I go to visit the Lion's Head Farmer's Market the weather is a tad more warmer then it was this day .... brrr.  I will then be sure to take my time to find out a bit about each individual vendor.  This Market is every Saturday from 9 am til 12 noon running from Spring until Thanksgiving Weekend.

"BJ and I decided we would do a little browsing in at the 2nd Time Around Store.  There was some pretty interesting stuff to poke around and see in this store.  A little bit of this and a little bit of that."

Once our browsing had came to an end with a happy feeling of contentment, we thought we should have ourselves a cup of Java to take the chill from our bones.  We headed on down the street to ....

"A nice selection of coffee is made available.  BJ is trying to decide which will be her choice, while I was already sitting back enjoying a full bodied roasted cup myself."

"Difficult not to want a sweet or two when upon entering all this is on display."

Since it was around lunchtime (I think?) BJ and I decided a bowl of soup would be a good idea too.

"My choice was the Chicken Vegetable."

"BJ chose a Curry based vegetable soup."

"All I can say is we both enjoyed each of our soups immensely.  Put me in the mood to run home to make up a batch myself, would I have had the time."

"I was very impressed with all the local talent in the way of musician's CDs Rachel's had on display."

After an very enjoyable lunch, BJ and I headed out once again only to come across another little spot we thought we would like to "check out".

"The Cottage Boutique ... how quaint it is.  Located just off of the Main Street in Lion's Head."

"Really really nice things within the walls of this Cottage there are."

"I really fancied this outfit.  Would those boots not making me more styling then I already am in the wee hours of the morning, out and about with our Checkerboard Aussies?  Ha !"

We made a mad dash back to the Van, as the rain was coming down in torrents for the ? time again today.

"Heading back down South of Ferndale on Hwy. 6 is a Thrift Store.  How could we go pass without stopping in?  Really now?"

I am thinking we made it back South of the Checkerboard after 3 pm when I pulled back into BJ and Paul's driveway.

"Isn't this cozy?  Where was this, you might ask?"

"Right inside this lovely 5th Wheel Trailer.  This is BJ's new trailer, new to her Yesterday."

"Ha ! and this sweet little refurbished Boler?  This would be Paul's."

"To someones delight, I finally did make it back home."

When I had pulled into the driveway I had noticed the flag up on our mailbox.  I must have been too busy yesterday to check if there had been mail.  I retrieved it to find there was HAPPY MAIL there for ME !!!

"Packaged up in one of my favourite colours."

"Oh my, who would have made this beautiful Halloween Table Runner for me? and who would have known my favourite holiday is Halloween???"

"Who would have known how perfect this would look on my dining room table?"

"My friend, Bess !!!  who has been reading my Blog for just a tad over a Year now.  Bess you warmed my heart when I opened this package and read your note.  Thank you so much from the very bottom of my Heart.  If you were closer then Massachusetts, USA, I would be right over giving you a really BIG HUG !!!  This runner will be treasured dearly, and I will be sure to follow it's instructions of care to a "T", right down to dusting off my iron and ironing board to press it up nice and crisp."

"Another little token of Friendship gifted to me by my friend, BJ .... oh yes I do so LOVE Sunflowers.  Thanks BJ !!!  You are close enough to me for a HUG !"

I had barely been home long enough to let all our Checkerboard Aussies out, about and in, wash up a few things in the kitchen sink, and check out all my Friendship gifts when it was time for me to hit the road again... and it was only after 4 pm or so?  Breathe... I must remind myself to breathe.

"The Weatherman was true to his word this day.  A blustery cool on and off rain day it had been."

"Yeppers there is my very own "Crabby Cabbie" guy who I had to meet up with down in Southampton, to get his other "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle filled up with fuel, for our friend to drive and help him out this night."

*Sigh* arriving back home for the ? time today .....

"I took inventory of the tomatoes I had dried in the dehydrator.  These I will be grinding in my processor to make Tomato Powder.  Stay tuned for the outcome ...."

"Now having 2 Dehydrators, I prepared and filled both before I took the "pack" out for the last time this evening and sat myself to blog today's post.  I timed myself.  To wash, slice and place the tomato slices it took me 1/2 hour to fill each Unit."

"...this did NOT include the time it took me to clean up yet another mess !  Ha !"

Wowsers !  what a way to start off the first day of Fall 2012 !  I really enjoyed having a little bit of time out for myself today on the break away "Road Trip", spending some time with a friend, and just doing a bit of what I like doing, out and about.

I best be soon calling it a night here so I can hopefully get a good night's sleep, as one never knows what tomorrow will bring, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Good to catch up - great photos - missed you xx

  2. Interesting post to read. I was wondering besides this water sports destination are there any other you can suggests?

  3. Ahhh.. Another day of soaps & bonbons for you I see... ;) Looks like a great day! Love all the little shops & restaurants you share with us!

  4. So what do you do with tomato powder? I need to shop around for a used dehydrator I just don't know much about how to use dried up veggies (other than onions and celery).

  5. if you find another free or nearly free dehydrator think of me!!!

    I am pooped just reading all that you have been up too,



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