Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Happy Happy Birthday MOM !

I haven't submitted a photo of myself lately, at least not for a couple anyhow, not sure if I even recognize my own self these days,, so here it goes ...

"Maybe a little frayed on the insides, however I am thinking my colour is good.  Ha!  I have been doing so many tomatoes I really do think I am beginning to look like one!  Still another bushel or two to go, but saga will continue on tomorrow."

I was absolutely chilled to the bone last night just before it was time to go off to bed.  I ended up with my long sleeved nightie, a pair of flannel PJ bottoms and socks on in bed.  No wonder as when I went out with the "pack" this morning it was only 40*F out there, converted to 5*C.

"Isn't this the truth .... ha !"

"Courtesy of Facebook"

I was tempted to "fire" up the woodstove, but I held myself back from doing so, mainly cause I didn't have any kindling???  Rob !!!!

It was around 10 am this morning when my brother, Al, came by to pick me up, as we were heading into Owen Sound this day, as it was a very special day for our Mother, Stella.  Today was our Mother's 85th Birthday..  We were off to take her shopping and out for lunch.

First stop was the Hertitage Mall to find Mom a new pair of shoes.  The only shoe store in the mall was a Payless Shoe store.  Nothing there suitable for Mother, so into Sears we ventured.  Man did we luck in ... Mom takes a Size 5, a pretty small foot she has, with the smallest displayed being a Size 6.  The sales gal went to the back finding 1 pair of Size 5 in a loafer with no heel ... perfect !  The best part was they were marked down from $59.99 to $10.00 !!!  We "scored" big time.  YAY !

Sears didn't have anything in the way of blouses Mom cared for, so that was the end of our shopping there. 

Off to Penningtons we went.  It was nuts there.  Not one thing for a woman Mom's age; they were all filmy material or pull over tops.  The sales girl was kind enough to suggest we go across the way to their sister store, Reitmans, where they might have a better variety in the way of blouses.

"Here we are in front of the Reitman Store.  By this time Mom had been in and out of  Al's truck... this being the third time."

Four blouses and two camisoles later, completed our shopping adventure.  Thank goodness as I was getting tired with all the trying on and off of blouses at this point.  I really don't care for dressing rooms, as I find myself getting a bit on the claustrophobic side, however the sales gal was kind enough to give us the largest one they had for me to maneuver in while helping Mom out.  It was all good.

"When I first took Mom into Reitmans, Al slipped over to pick her up a Happy Birthday Balloon."

The restaurant we had chosen for lunch was in the same Plaza, so we didn't have to go too far before we were there ...

"We thought Montanas would have a good selection so this was our choice."

"Our waitress was so kind to take a photo of us ... Happy 85th Birthday Mom !"

I will get a copy of this photo printed off for Mom, as well as a copy for myself and Al to have.

"Yes, I almost ate the whole thing .... pretty close, but I just couldn't do it and had to take some along home with me.  It was some yummy wrap.  I can't remember the exact name of it, but it was like a pulled chicken with all kinds of goodies mixed in with it and it was warm, served with my choice of salad and Balsamic dressing."

Mother had a Toasted Turkey Club with fries, and Al some pretty huge Buffalo Wings with a side of fries.  It was all really good..  Mom finished up with a small dish of vanilla ice cream topped with Carmel.

On our way homeward bound, we stopped at the Seamstress in Hepworth to stop of the blouses we had purchased to be hemmed, as they were all too long on Mom.  

"Mom all settled back in with her Happy Birthday Balloon.  Al and I both got a kiss and a hug before we ourselves headed back home."

It had been just after 3:30 pm when Al deposited me back home.  Man oh man, we were both tired by this time and glad to be home.  Al only lives about 5 minutes from us, so he didn't have far to go to get back home himself.  

It was so nice to have my brother with me today helping with Mom as we made her purchases she required. Just those extra set of hands with the helping of in and out of the vehicle was nice .... I am pretty certain our Mother enjoyed how she had spent her 85th Birthday and this is what it was all about this day.

After I had myself a coffee, a bit of a rest, taken all our Aussies in, out and about, I got to preparing some of the Leeks for the Dehydrator to be turned on at 7 pm when the Hydro prices are at their lowest.

"By this time tomorrow morning I should have another Quart jar all filled with dried Leeks."

There was a photo I had yesterday I had forgotten to post on Rob's behalf.

"This is how I wear my seat belt Auntie Gladys so hopefully I won't get one of those $240.00 fines and have to hit you up for the money to pay it!"

Yessiree my rotten to the bone good Rob has no worries, as he knows he has a wonderful Auntie who will look after any fine he might recieve and make him "Sex in a Pan" should he "forget" to attach his seat belt to himself.

I am beat, tired to the bone, done like dinner, you name it I am feeling it ... going to be calling it an early night here as I didn't accomplish one dang, dang, triple dang thing around here today other then the Leeks, oops and of course I made our bed, as that is a given, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. are you not sick to death of seeing all those tomatoes?

    Wish your mam a happy birthday from me as well,


  2. Happy Birthday to your Mom! She does have tiny feet :)

  3. Happy birthday to your Mom, what a fun day she must have had with you both. Will the tomatoes never end? Ha So glad mine came and went early this year

  4. Looks like your mom had a wonderful birthday! :)

  5. Aww, bless her heart, your Mom looks so happy. THAT in itself is a blessing.


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