Friday, 10 August 2012

Rain Rain Come Our Way !

"My sandals have been set aside for now on the back burner, as I had to break down and bring the rubber boots back out today."

It has been raining since yesterday.  We have been screaming for "rain rain come our way" for the whole of July !  Now it is here I only ask it stays one more day then ceases to a dead halt for this Sunday .... really now is that asking for too much???

It all began this morning with a packed lunch.

"Half of Apple Butter Sandwich on brown, granola bar, butterscotch pudding, 2 homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and a 100% All Juice drinking box.  The lunch fare for the week of Vacation Bible School with today being the very last day."

I left the house this morning at 8:15 to drop Aiden at the Wiarton Salvation Army's VBS, hit up the Tim Hortons for a much needed Large dbl. cream Java, then headed on up North of the Checkerboard for my weekly shot in the arm by the Good Doctor.

Once I had my shot of dust mites and mold into me, I headed on over to the Golden Dawn Senior's Home to see my Mother.  Mom had called my brother the other day to say she wasn't going to go to the Masterson Family Reunion this Year, so I had to check to see if everything was "okay".  

Well no reason, Mother said, she just didn't want to go.  After two inquiries of "are you sure", I did not push the issue any further.  Maybe it is just as well should the weather not be too nice ... should it turn hot and/or humid, Mother has never cared for that type of weather ever before.

After I left from visiting Mother I arrived home to look after the "Checkerboard Aussies", made the bed, made a couple of phone calls and did some general tidying up a bit.  My initial plan was to do some baking today, however that plan got shot all to heck as I had to do some bidding for someone else which exhausted most of my afternoon.

``I also got to try out the crocheted bed spread Rob had picked up for me off the Saugeen Swap.  Bed Spread, Dust Ruffle, 4 Pillow Shams and 2 Decor Pillows for a grand total of $30.00.  Not too bad to give me a little change up once in awhile I would say...``

Before I knew it it was time to pick Aiden up at 4:30 ....

"There was lots of gathering up since there had been so many crafts made this week to take along home.``

All gathered up we headed on over to the Foodland Store, as Grandma was `cheaping` out on supper tonight by picking up us a Sub each.  I was and still am exhausted.  My girlfriend suggested last night since the toothpicks were no longer doing the job of holding my eyelids open, that I might try clothes pins.

Heading on up the North Hill we came to the conclusion someone`s weekend was not getting off to a good start ....

``I am pretty certain I would not wish this on to anyone on any day of the week.  Hard to tell by this photo but he was down in the ditch at the side of the hill pretty good.``

I really do not know where the time from when we got home to now went, as it is 8:25 pm already.  Supper, a few phone calls from my ``Crabby Cabbie``, a call from Aiden`s Mommy and Daddy, the Aussies in and out twice, with once more to go .... oh man oh man time flies when you feel you haven`t accomplished anything much in a whole day`s time !

Now for a `Sneak` preview into the upcoming weekend:

Sunday is looking good so far ... just what the Good Doctor ordered.  To bad for the rest of the Weekend for all the events going on in and around Bruce County. 

Hopefully parts of the Sauble Beach festivities for their Sandfest will be salvaged:

Regardless this gal is beyond exhausted at this point, hopefully calling it an early night here, ``Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard``.

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