Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Back To Business As Usual

Negative Energy was recently directed my way.  Unfortunately I let it absorb me for way too long.  With support from my husband, who happens to be my best friend, family members and friends, who just happen to love me for "just the way I am", I was able to shed this negativity that had "so hurt my feelings".

Negativity creates Negative Energy, so stay clear of those who might drain you of your positive energy.  LIFE IS WAY TO SHORT !!!! to be lost on being negative.

I read a very interesting online article I came across on my internet exploration, someone else might find it interesting or helpful as well, so here I share it as follows:

Now "back to business" as usual" ....

"Early this morning, I was sad to see our friends, Doug and Vicki head on down the highway.  Still I was happy to know they will be back yet for another visit or two before Winter even thinks about arriving.  We had such a good weekend with our time spent together."

"The Lilies are all out in full force now.  It is Lily time !"

"I had noticed when we were touring through Owen Sound the other day many Yucca plants were in full bloom.  Mine seem to be a little behind, but I am sure that is because we have fresh Country air, and they are just taking their time."

"Are these not way too pretty?"

"Vicki happened to leave me a couple of the tarts she had purchased from Cathy's Confections, I can see on my waistline already, so this gave me some energy before getting down to the "dreaded" business of ..... "

"YES .... the "Crabby Cabbie" month/quarter end paperwork !  Yech, yech, triple yech."

"Then I decided I would clean out the track on the sliding patio doors, which had been bugging me for some time.  You know one of those things you just "have to drop everything else and do?".  I am certain everyone knows exactly what I mean ...   Oh yes, the Bissel hand vac in the photo?  I got it Saturday at a Garage Sale for $2.00 .... she "scores" again !!!  Sure beats dragging out the big vac out every time around."

"Back to Dinner time for the Noon hour, before my Rob adorns his "Crabby Cabbie" hat for the day.  All set up and ready to "rock" the breaded pork schnitzel here."

"Served along steamed cauliflower this day, one of Rob's most favourite meals.  Oh yes, our boy, Paul, does so love schnitzel as well."

"The mail had brought along with it a little letter from Colleen, coordinator for the Wiarton Baptist Church's Vacation Bible School, addressing our grandsons, both Aiden and Connor.  She wanted to let them know they had already been registered and are looking forward to seeing them both.  What a nice gesture, so kind and thoughtful on Colleen's part.  I am so excited, I can't wait until I have them here all to myself !!!  Isn't being a Grandparent great?"

For anyone interested in having their child or grandchild registered in the Wiarton Baptist Church's Vacation Bible School upcoming on the 3rd week of July, please contact Colleen for information on registration at 519-534-5298, as I am sure the "more the merrier" !  Aiden absolutely loved VBS last year ....

"One other thing that had been "bugging" me was the edging not being done around the pond, so this got done this day as well."

With Bandit and the girls in, out and about a few times here and there today, along with Buddy and I out on our usual walk around our property, we were all content with the fact the predicted Thunderstorms never did arrive, but for a few rain showers here and there.

I had a little scare with Mercedes the day before yesterday, as she had somehow ingested some carpet string, which Lexus had torn apart instead of laying on in her crate.  I had given her some canned natural pumpkin (fibre), and was so delighted she had passed it, being back to her "regular" self, and regular once again today ... lol.  What a relief this was, as these things have been know to be quite dangerous if not passed, causing much pain to the animal, and much expense to the pet owner.  She is only not a year old yet.  Puppies for some reason seem to eat anything and everything, as she was eating the tops off the Hens and Chicks when I was dong a bit of grass weeding in the garden earlier today !  Humph, silly girl she is.

Psst ... by the way, Lena over at Frugal and Thankful is having a 3 prize give away in celebration of her 6 months of blogging.  Drop on over there and get entered HERE.  I am sure I read somewhere that Carla of My 1/2 Dozen Daily is of the opinion she is getting the Handmade by Lena Scarf, but I have news for her .... lol, as I am sure my name was on it.

I am really not certain exactly what time today this sore throat I have flared up, however I do know it is feeling pretty scratchy.  I sure hope it doesn't turn out to be anything too serious, cause it's Summer you know?

Who doesn't remember growing up with Andy Griffith, I am certain nobody in my age group?  A little biography for those memories from days so long ago .... 

On the overall, other then the scratchy throat, it has been a pretty good all around day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Hi Cindy,

    I agree, negativity attracts negative energy. I hope things are better for you now. Sending positive vibes your way.

    Hmmm, that pork schnitzel looks really good.

    Have a great day,

  2. Gawd, woman, you make me tired just reading this!!! I do think you must be one of the busiest people on the planet. And boysohboys that schnitzel looks GOOD!

  3. Good luck to you working on the negativity it can eat away at you I know!! Busy, busy day for you as always. I have a friend from Mt Airy NC, the hometown of Andy. It is such a sweet place to visit, just like his Mayberry on TV, he was a great man

  4. Cindy, whoever shoved that negative energy your way obviously has NO IDEA of the wonderful & great woman you are!!! Brush it aside, and it's not meant for you! That's for sure!!! (((Hugs)))

    Now... as for that scarf... we both KNOW that it's meant to come my way. Obviously you've been working FAR too hard and have been taken over by the heat & humidity in the air. You'll back 'to' soon enough my dear!!! ;)

  5. I agree with Cindy and glad you could push away that negative energy and anyone I need you on here to remind me that sitting around ain't an option! lol. As for the scarf ... probably gonna have to fight you and Carla for it xx

  6. Um your both wrong as that scarf so has my name on it. Im always making them for everyone else and never for myself....so its going to be mine ladies :)

  7. I have awarded you the Liebster blog award - see my blog for details xx


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