Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Parcel Via Mail Hooray !

What a glorious weather day with the humidity gone it was full of sunshine with an awesome breeze.  

I am sure I could have almost worn a sweater this morning if it had not been for one of life's woman occurrences.  Perimenopause how many months Years more shall I suffer?  The only consolation is knowing I have not been, and I am still not alone .... thank you Sisters of the World for being out there and along on this same journey I am experiencing.

My Cousin Brad, and his wife, Paula, invited us to meet up with them for some breakfast this morning up at Lion's Head.  Or I should say, Paula actually had invited us, with Brad finding out after the fact ... lol.  

Usually Wednesday evenings aren't too much of a busy night for my "Crabby Cabbie".  Go figure, since we were invited out this morning, he didn't get home until 3:00 am.  Poor guy. I had to wake him just after 8:00 am to get a coffee into him before we headed North of the Checkerboard, bound for Lion's Head.

"Here we are at Marydale's Restaurant.  I have yet to have a bad meal here.  I find the prices to be reasonable and the food to be good."

We didn't have to wait long before Brad and Paula came in shortly afterwards.

We were quick to order our breakfasts, having ourselves a bit of a visit while waiting for them be served up to us.

"Everyone else had the Sunrise Breakfast, Eggs, Choice of Meat, Homefries and Toast, while I ordered the 3 Egg Omelette with Mushrooms & Cheddar (block) Cheese, with a side of Homefries and 7 Grain Toast."

"Of course while us girls went and paid the Bill, the guys were still conversing.  Something wrong with this picture?  I am thinking it is a little backwards.  LOL."

We all headed across the road to the Home Hardware store as we needed a couple of items, as did Paula and Brad.  Brad was out chasing a Raccoon from their Hummingbird feeder last night, but it kept coming back until it had the feeder knocked off to the ground for he/she to have some of that "sweet nectar".

Apparently the waves up at Dyer's Bay were also very high, according to what Brad was telling us there wouldn't be any boating going on today out on the Bay.  This was the news of Dyer's Bay so far for this day.

Rob and I arrived back home just before the Noon hour.  The flag was up on our mailbox, with me thinking, "oh yeah it is that time of the month there will be another bill in there".   Oh man was I surprised when Rob pulled out a package with my name written across the front of it.  A parcel via Mail !  Hooray !!!

Remember not too long ago when I had entered over a Lena's Frugal and Thankful blog for some of her "Blog Candy" she was offering to everyone?  and I just happened to have won?  Well.....

".... it had arrived this day !  Is this scarf Handmade by Lena herself not absolutely beautiful?  and one of my most favourite colours it is too.  Thank you ever so much, Lena, I am honoured to have something handmade by you."

"This is the best I could do in modeling my new scarf, as Rob was busy catching up on his much needed sleep to take a picture of me.  Five feet long, enough to keep my chest and front warm enough."

I have never had one regret about beginning my online journal, as I have met so many fantastic wonderful persons in doing so, either in person or as online friends and penpals.  Thank you all for being here with me on my daily journey through life.

This afternoon I was feeling still pretty "blah".  You know those kind of days when you really don't want to even spend time with yourself, never mind looking into a mirror .... bahhhhhh !  Since Rob was having a siesta, I also laid myself down to rest for about half an hour.

Never mind resting as my mind couldn't shut off, as I still had to follow up with the "Crabby Cabbie" insurance broker.  Good thing I had, since the stuff I had thought I had faxed off to them in the wee hours of the morning was faxed instead to our personal insurance broker ... OH MAN !!!  I hate when I screw up and have days like this !!!  Oh well, not the first time and probably not the last, but got r' all hopefully straightened around.

"Today I used one of the Handmade Cards my Secret Sister had made and sent to me.  There are so many nice ones it was very difficult for me to choose."

I couldn't help but notice that fuel prices have been on the rise again.  It was barely over a week ago they were at $1.20 per litre with today at ....

"...$1.27 per litre !  Jeez, vehicles certainly don't run on "air" nowadays.  I am going to try making sure when I go somewhere I cover everything I need to get when I am out, trying not to be frivolous with my driving around at these prices !"

How do they expect people making the minimum wage, on fixed incomes, or just starting out, to put fuel in their vehicle, pay insurance premiums, along with vehicle maintenance and get themselves to work and back at these prices???  Crazy it is, and crazier it seems to be getting !

All this talk about fuel?  Something I am running out of very quickly myself at this very moment, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I was just at Marydale;s last week... I love that place. Good food, good prices and services. We are always shocked at the in a Toronto suburb we pay much more for a breakfast. Our cottage was the 4th from the end right by the marina on McNeil street...with the big porch and stone patio.

  2. Fuel over here dropped from 139.9/litre to 135.9/ litre this week. Fortunately I had a further 4c discount card and got the truck filled (60 litres) for 131.9/litre! Good thing as i only had about 10 litres left in the tank!

  3. What a beautiful scarf!!!! Lena does such wonderful work. It's always nice to know I am not the only "HOT" mama in the world!!! How many more years of this stuff before we are all running around in our winter coat all summer! Ha

  4. Lovely scarf...I've been having the tropical flushes since I was 46, so on and off for two years. My doctor said it can go on for 10! Not good when it happens in the middle of a meeting with strangers. At least here in Britain there hasn't been much hot weather so far this 'summer'.

    Congratulations on your award too. I've had no computer for nearly a week so I haven't been catching up with people's blogs, or my own. Didn't know there were awards for blogging. Really enjoy reading yours - thank you!


  5. The scarf really is beautiful! It looks lovely on you too, Cindy! :) Perhaps more well suited to the fall though... ;) lol!

  6. sorry to hear you still suffering, know how you feel though.

    Is Paula and Brad on vacation? I thought she couldn't have vacation in July? I must email her to catch up with her.

    Love the scarf.


  7. :) I'm glad you love the scarf! Hope, you enjoy in winter!!


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