Friday, 1 June 2012

Reflecting Back On My Morning

"Good-bye May 2012"

"Good Morning June 1st, 2012."

"Beginning with Lexus."

"Never able to get anything by these puppies, that is forsure.  First they notice me, then begins the howling, "let us out, let us out" .... "

"Buddy and I take a stroll around the property together."

"Bandit patiently waits for the "come" command, but Missy Mercedes thinking she is off on a head start."

"I did take time out to admire my flower beds, which I do so love."

"Little noses wondering what is going on at the other side of the fence."

"The sparrows were having an early breakfast this morning."

"God help those who pass by our place to this sight in the early morning hours.  Ha, the only part missing is my rubber boots !"

"Into the freezer to get a container of chili for Rob's lunch/dinner for him to take along with him to work this day."

All of this before the clock's hand stuck 6:30 am ..... so begins my days in such a fashionable, or me thinks more of an unfashionable manner !  Depends on which side of the coin I suppose you look at things, lol.

Rob got himself up and out the door with his "Crabby Cabbie" hat on by 8:00 am, or so while I headed ...

".... on up "North of the Checkerboard" for my weekly shot in the arm by the Doc.  So began the rain this day on my way, not that it isn't needed."

Once I did what had to be done in Lion's Head, I had to head into Wiarton to get myself to another appointment.  Once finished with that I realized today was the Wiarton Market, thinking with the high cold winds and the constant downpour of rain, it would surely be cancelled?  Unbelievable the dedication these Market Vendors have for being consistent and there for the customer.

"Maple Syrup and Honey Products"

"An assortment of fresh veggies and baked goodies."

"Jams, jellies, along with an assortment of other preserves."

However cold and damp, these gals were there to give service to those who came along to purchase their wares.

Another day when the Sun is high in the sky with a warm breeze coming off Colpoy's Bay, I will venture down to Bluewater Park again to see what is happening at another Wiarton Farmer's Market day.  For those others who would also like to "check out" the Market, it is every Friday from 10 am until 2 pm, "Rain or Shine", as we know from today.

For those of us who have a Facebook Account, you can follow the "Wiarton Farmer's Market" on their Facebook page at the following link:

I returned home to rotate our "pack" in and out, along with the puppies.  I could not leave anyone out in this damp miserable day ....

"I heated up the remainder of my homemade Chili for my own dinner."

"I then had to start a fire in the woodstove to take the chill from the house and my bones."

"A very cold wet blustery day.  One to stay inside and warm, if at all possible."

Oops, I almost forgot ... the gal, Virna, whose name I had for the "Secret Sister Swap" last month, left me a message the other day to let me know, herself and three other of her "crafty" friends had started their own blog.  Please do take the time out to check out Aimee the crafty bedazzler, Virna the sassy sewer, Bebsy the cake designer and Irma the paper addict of Craftmates at the following link:

I, myself, will be dropping in from time to time to see what these 4 talented gals have been up to with their "crafts".

Unfortunately I have been in and out in this unsettled weather all day with the "pack".  I will shortly being doing it all again, before finally calling it a night, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. You gotta stop with the puppy pics, or at least save them for last cause I can't seem to concentrate after all that puppy sweetness & utter adorableness!!! lol! I soo want one!

  2. Lord the puppies would do me in, how could I get a thing done with those sweet little nose's peeking out at me!!! I would love a COLD rainey day to set by the fire, here when it rains it just feels hotter!!

  3. I'm off to visit family today and on my return, will be picking my little Sparkle up to bring her home! It's so exciting - perhaps I should start a blog about our lives together!!! Absolutely love your dogs, Cindy and would love to sit by that fire with you a gab.
    I'll follow your meanderings while I am away, take care.

  4. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks so much for mentioning our blog in your post - you are so sweet!

    That photo of the puppies with their little noses showing underneath the fence is just adorable.

    Enjoy your weekend and thanks again.



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