Sunday, 13 May 2012

What A Day That Was !!!

"Rob and I were off on a "road trip" today."

"Wow glad to know our fields aren't the only ones taken over by dandelions !"

"People out and about on Mother's Day doing a bit of antiquing I suppose in the quaint Village of Neustat."

"You can also stop around to the Neustat Springs Brewery for a nice cold one should the desire arise."

"Lot of valleys and dales."

"Right by the guy who has the old tractor collection."

"This is Brubacher's, where they make buggies and carriages."

"Oh man, that is a lot of piled wood."

"Oops, barely can see one of the calves in this photo."

"Entering the Village of Conestogo, five minutes from where we used to live."

"The Law of Traffics Regulations must be obeyed by all, whether you have rubber or hoof beneath you."

"Mercedes got to go along on today's road trip."

"On the way back home we had to stop for a combination of what I would call breakfast/lunch & supper?  Rob takes advantage of these times by eating the "unhealthy" choices such as deep-fried battered mushrooms, however did also choose a healthier choice, being a grilled chicken on a bun."

"I opted for the BLT grilled chicken on a bun."

"With a side of salad and Balsamic vinaigrette."

"We finally returned home with our newest addition to the "Checkerboard Aussies".  Pleased to introduce, "Brewsky", aka "Bruno".  Details of the adjustment will be following as the "Checkerboard Aussie" adventures unfold into further chapters."

"The top dog in the "Checkerboard Aussies" will always be our one and only, "Bandit"."

"What a day that was !"

First of all we left home at 10:00 am. with our first stop being Tim Horton's, Wiarton, of course, then to drop off the "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle to our mechanics for a much needed oil change.  Next stop was Harriston, where we met up with someone from Angel Arms Rescue to pass on a donation from the Port Pets in Port Elgin for one of their rescue dogs.  Let's see, it was another Tim Hortons stop in Elmira, then the back way into Waterloo to the Conestoga Mall.  

About face to stop at the Redwood Restaurant in Clifford for some much needed food, stopping in Hepworth for another infusion of Tim Hortons coffee before we picked up the "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle in Wiarton.  

We made it back home around 3:30, took care of everyone here, hung out a load of laundry, then took the "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle to the Ford Dealership over in Owen Sound to have a recall or two done on it tomorrow.  We made it all the way back home, then realized we still had to drop off the "Crabby Cabbie" phone to the daytime driver all the way back over in Southampton !!!  

We finally got back home at 8:30 pm, with at least 8 hours being spent on the "road".  "What a day that was !!!"

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day !!!  with some pampering and relaxing in it for yourselves?

I am exhausted, Rob is exhausted with another busy day ahead of us tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Did I see correct, are you the owners of another Checkerboard Aussie? Cindy, you're not busy enough in 24 hours? LOL..Bess

  2. Oh, hello Brewsky. You are darling! We spent about hours on the road too in the last couple of days :) I can imagine how exhausted you might be right now. Go get some rest!

  3. I am so with Rob on the fried mushrooms!!!! Yummy Another member to the family? Girl you are nuts

  4. Is Bruno going to be Mercedes "close" friend then?



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