Friday, 3 February 2012

No Fear Of Going Back To Give My Blood Next Time Around !

Another runabout day, or so it seemed to me, it was.  The "pack" and I were all up before 7:00 am, with our routines all in place before 8:00 am.  By 8:30 am, it was out the door and on my way North of the Checkerboard to see the dear Doctor.

Today I was to have blood work completed for my upcoming Annual Medical Physical in two weeks time, as well as my weekly allergy shot.  I was to fast for this blood work, so let me tell you I was in dire need of some Java, and really feeling the effects of NOT having any first thing in the morning .... Oh Man !!!  I need my JAVA!

When Dr. Loney arrived, he had me drink two very large glasses of water, with hopes of it "pumping" up my veins to make them much easier to get the required vials of blood.  Six vials in total, I believe.  I drank a third very large glass of water for good measure.  He then tied off my arm, had me make a fist, telling me to hold my arm out very very straight, but not without first putting a pillow under my arm to make me comfortable.

Then it was the time to take the "blood" !  I hate needles, I am a poor candidate to withdraw blood from, I have had numerous bad experiences with attempts being made on extracting blood from my veins, and to sum it all up I just don't like having it done !  Period.

Dr. Loney was a total "Ace"; he did a perfect job of sticking that needle into the vein on my left arm with ease, with me barely realizing he had done it.  Fantastic job he did, and trust me I was so very much grateful, as I most certainly was not looking forward to this morning, as I never do when it comes to extracting blood from any vein in my body.  Needles and  IVs are a really bad scene for me, with all the past experiences I have had with both !  Many thanks to my Doctor, who I am now certain I can trust to perform the task of taking blood from me from now on in the future.  Thank you, Dr. Loney.

Oh yes, I had taken my thermos cup along with me, and Dr. Loney's right-hand girl, Patti, was most gracious to fill my cup with coffee before I took leave of his office.  Oh man, that cup of Java tasted so so good, just like I had a little piece of "Heaven" all to myself.  LOL.

Directly from the Doctor's office, I headed right over to the Golden Dawn Retirement home to see my Mother.  I had not seen her since the Friday before Christmas when she was here at our house.  Between me having pneumonia for a month and then back to back Doctor's appointments last week, this was pretty much the first opportunity I had to get over there.

Mother was happy to see me when I came in, spotting me right off the bat.  We had a nice visit together.  I had bought her three new pair of slacks, so we were kept busy with her in and out trying each pair on to make sure they all fit before I took them to be hemmed.  I was very pleased with my choices, as they all fit and will look lovely when all hemmed and hanging nicely at the leg.  Mom also had a couple of new tops which were a little bit on the lengthy side for a shorter person, so those will be hemmed up as well.

I am pretty sure we had just over a nice hour visit.  Mom had nothing very much to say, as she seemed pretty tired today, telling me she had been up since 5:00 am, not sleeping too well the night before.  I am sure sleeping problems are genetic and I have inherited this trait from my Mother.  I am definitely sure this is what has happened to me !!!

Just after arriving home around the lunch hour, I actually settled myself in to first have one more cup of Java before I started making our Dinner.  I had Cabbage I wanted to use up, so I had decided on making a Cabbage Casserole.  By the time it was prepared and put in the oven, it wasn't until at least after 1:30 pm until it was ready.  While waiting for it to cook, I made our bed, folded and put away two loads of laundry I had done the night before, and tidied up the kitchen.

Dinner over with and cleaned up from took us right up to almost 2:30 pm, when Rob and I sat down for a coffee together before he put on his "Crabby Cabbie" hat to take leave.  The "pack" started making a clamour, as someone had pulled into our driveway, and "low & behold" there was my brother, Alan, dropping in for a visit with us.

After at least an hour or so visit with my brother, I headed out, once again, to take my Mother's clothing items downtown to the lady who does sewing.  Off I went to her place, and then right after over to my friend's place and off with her and Mercedes for our daily walk.

Here it is now going on to 8:00 pm.  I never arrived back home until almost 6:00 pm, after stopping into the local Foodland store for some grapes.  *Sigh*  I look around and think, "Oh my gosh, so much to do and the clock hasn't stopped one or two minutes for me to even catch my breath".  LOL, I am really not expecting it ever will either !

Just to show we are in the "Spirit of Valentine's Day" arriving in our household, I do have one picture well suited for the upcoming occasion.

"My Kitchen Kats, IKE (I Know Everything) and ICE (I C Everything),  absolutely love "special" occasions.  Wonder what "special" desert I will have to make for Valentine's Day this year?"

I am tired, can't imagine why, but I just am.  I am looking forward to tomorrow, as I am going to be attending a "High Tea" put on by the ladies of the Salvation Army Church.  I really hope I am there early enough to get a seat, along with a couple of other persons I am going with, as I would hate to miss out on such an experience.

Right now I think I am going to "stoke up" the woodstove, as it is beginning to feel a little damp in here at the moment, plug the old kettle in to make myself a cup of Java, and put my feet up for the rest of the evening, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I'm worn out just reading your post!!!


  2. Good post Cindy - glad the 'blood-letting' went OK. Hope you enjoy your Sally-Ann High Tea. Is it a ladie only do? Is it catered or 'B-A-P'? Put up some piccies, please?

    I might chat with our local Sally-Ann officers and see if they would like to do something similar.

  3. Running around days wear me out too!! I know your Mother must have been so happy to get to visit with you after so long, what a swwet suprise for her. Glad you are starting to feel better.

  4. Sounds like it was a crazy, bay day!! Hope you were able to relax last night!!! :)


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