Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A "Crabby Cabbie" Widow I Am, I Am !!!

I awoke this morning to becoming a "Crabby Cabbie" widow for the next two weeks.  I have been a Farmer's Combine Widow, a Framer's Widow, and a Truck Driver's Widow, so why not add another Widow description to my list of experiences?

My "Crabby Cabbie", I am sure thinks he is going to be invincible for the next two weeks, while The Southampton's Taxis' main guy, Dave, is off enjoying himself getting a suntan somewhere in the Southern parts of the World on an Island sipping an Exotic drink.

I was telling my niece, Joanne, Rob will be thinking he can work 24/7, with her coming back with the response, "more money and more crabbiness" !!!  Oh my Lord, I almost split myself laughing when she came back with that .... LOL !

On a more serious note, knowing my husband the way I do, I am sure he will try doing the 24/7 as much as he can until Dave returns from his Vacation back to the day shift, when Rob can then return to his normal evening shift.  This is very much a worry for me, as he really will stretch himself to the "limit" as far as he can, with me hoping it isn't too far.

And not to mention, but what about me???  Not only will I become a "Crabby Cabbie" Widow, but how on God's Earth am I going to make plans and meals around those kind of hours?  At least we have a Cellular Phone plan which allows for us unlimited calling back and forth between the two of us.  I am sure we have spoke to each other at least six times already today .... does he not realize I am busy in the daytime hours???  LOL .... I am certain somehow the two of us will survive this as we have survived this long together without doing the other in !

Wednesdays is the day I clean our bedroom by dusting, vacuuming and changing the bedding.  I even vacuumed up and along the edges and in the corners of the walls today, as well as under the bed.  I figured with only the two night stand drawers needing yet to be decluttered, I would give it a real going over today.  It really is a nice feeling opening drawers and the closet to see "neatness and organization", well worth all the effort put into getting  it that way.

"I can now walk into our bedroom with a sense of accomplishment  ..... and onto the next Challenge!"

Week 2 - Family Space Challenge.  I have lots of spaces I could do for this challenge, however I have chosen the clutter in a couple very visual areas, and not so visual areas in our living/dining room areas.

"The shelves beneath the TV stand.  Magazines and books, where else to put them, as I did go through what I didn't want last year, but will do it again."

 "This little stand in front of our patio window.  There is some stuff here from when my Mother lived with us, but shouldn't yet be thrown out, I am sure can be stored up and filed up in one of the spare bedroom closets."

"My little antique telephone desk and chair that is the constant "catch all", of all catch all places in the house I am sure.  Oh my, I am sure it wasn't that long ago I had this all neat and tidy.  What ever happened????"

Now for behind the scenes that nobody else usually gets to see but us .....

"The "clutter" within and behind the "drawers and doors" of the Sideboard Buffet."

This is the "Decluttering Challenge" I have before me in Week Two of the Month of February Challenge.

This one shouldn't be as bad as Week One, with the bedroom closet and dresser drawers.  The week I am  really dreading is Week Four - The Dreaded Challenge, which is "scaring the pants right off me", more then likely to be the "death of me physically",  and still another two weeks away after Week Three - The Productivity Challenge.

I think all of us participating in this Challenge most certainly have our work cut out for ourselves.  However I just need to walk into our bedroom to see the "seeds that have been sown" and the "accomplishment" I now feel with it all done.  I can do this by going into our one spare bedroom as well, since I decluttered it just before Christmas.  A very good feeling it all is, well worth the time and effort.

Stop cluttering your space. – Start clearing clutter.  Get rid of stuff you don’t use and then organize what’s left.  If you have a cluttered living or working space, it can be distracting and stressful.  A clear space is like a blank canvas, available to be used to create something great.  Getting truly organized and clutter-free can vastly improve anyone’s life.  ~ Marc & Angel ~

I really think Marc & Angel have it all "spelled" out pretty direct and factual, don't you?  It is true to me, as not being organized, as how I was not to many years ago before when I was more physically capable and so totally organized, does cause me stress and can get very overwhelming at times.

Need help getting decluttered and reorganized?  Even calling a friend to help you get motivated, started and lending a helpful hand is not a bad idea, and really nothing to feel bad about as sometimes all some of us need is a "little push" or "helping hands" to get us off into the right direction.  Trust me being decluttered and organized does feel so "good" (for me anyway) !!!

"This is MaGoo, as his owner Melissa so fondly calls him, "Schmoo"!"

"Do NOT be alarmed at the leg cast !  Schmoo and his owner were playing, one day when he had a "freak" landing causing a fracture to his back leg.  It is healing wonderfully with the cast to be coming off in two weeks time.  Schmoo goes to the same Veterinarian his Mother and Father go to, so we are very confident he is in good hands."

"Here is Schmoo pictured with one of his "kids".  I am pretty sure there are four kids in this household, so he must be one pretty happy and busy Aussie !"

Melissa assured me Schmoo has made a great addition within their family, and is loved by all very very much.

I look forward to receiving photos and updates of "The Magnificent Seven" anytime, as it is nice to see their progress, is it not?  for myself and those who have following from the day they were born March 2011.  What a reward, as a Breeder, to have contact and such fantastic feedback from the homes our "Checkerboard Aussies", Lexus and Bandit's offspring have been placed in.

It is now going onto the hour of 6:00 pm here.  My "Crabby Cabbie" just called to tell me he will be heading home at 6:00 pm..  Hooray !!!

I best be finishing up here get off and running into the Kitchen to get the Leek and Cauliflower Soup I had planned on making started before my "Crabby Cabbie" arrives home, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. you have a lovely bedroom. Good luck with this week's challenges.

    You will do fine while dh is working extra as you are always such a busy bee,


  2. FYI, you have been TAGGED!! Check out my post tonight
    Your bedroom is lovely!!! I am loving the feeling of a better organized home but man is it ever work. This week has been much easier than last, the next 2 will be killers for me!!! Enjoy your time alone, some girl time would be such fun!! Ha

  3. Your sideboard/dresser drawer looks like my study!

    Where is Magoo/Schmoo?

  4. It is good that you are able to keep yourself so productively busy. The time will fly by and he'll be back on schedule before you know it. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  5. Your bedroom is lovely! :) It looks so 'warm & homey'. I'm really not into the "new age" stuff... looks so cold, kwim?

    Good luck this week, Cindy! You certainly have your work cut out for you!! But i'm excited to see the "after" photos!!


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