Friday, 2 December 2011

Excellent Customer Service Is Still Alive & Well !!!

Hydration is tremendously important for overall health. Soda has absolutely ZERO nutritional content; it’s like pouring a punch of sugar and syrup into your cup. Instead, fill it with life-replenishing water. It may taste plain at first if you’re coming off of a heavy soda-drinking streak, but you’ll soon find yourself addicted to it. 10 glasses per day is optimal, how many have you been getting lately?
Phhh, something I often think about doing, but seldom ever do is drink lots of water.  I am really not too fond of water, but I must admit I have been giving it my "best" shot by trying to drink more then I used to.  I don't think I have ever drank 10 glasses in a day ever, with the exception of "having to" in preparation for an ultrasound on my bladder?  Another point well taken which I should take example from by trying to drink more water on a daily basis.Water can begin in my Present day ahead, but for the moment I will go back into my yesterday ......Yesterday I spent a wonderful morning with the Wiarton VON SMART exercise group.  The ladies there, who come week after week, are all wonderful and a delight to mentor.  I can't recall ever hearing any grumbles or complaints the past few weeks I have been there; always seeing lots of fun and smiles going on, as they go through the 1 hour program. We had a little Christmas celebration after class with a few goodies, Punch and coffee and a little bit of ladyship going on, opposed to fellowship ..... as there had been no fellows present. The group has now dispersed, not to return until the Winter Session begins on the 19th of January, 2012.  The VON SMART (Seniors Maintaining Active Roles Together) program is available to both men and woman ages 55+ at a very minimal cost.  Lots of time for anyone to get themselves registered for the Winter and Spring sessions, by contacting a VON Canada office in your area through their website: arriving back home until after the lunch time, and Rob having already having left for work this day to go in early, my three darling "Aussies" were all happy to see me.  Once they had been given runs and kisses, I got right to cleaning up the dishes and the kitchen, then went on to getting some "dust bunnies" rounded up from our bedroom.  A never ending circle, as around and around we go .....My "Crabby Cabbie" did end up working the morning, coming back home for some lunch and bit of a rest for a couple hours, before he went back to work on his regular shift.  I was glad there was a piece of Leek & Ham Shepherd's Pie leftover for him to have for his lunch, it would have otherwise made for some very meager pickings.It just comes to mind now, the past couple of days I have been dealing with the Bell Store in Owen Sound, a Blackberry Call Centre in California, and the RIM (Research In Motion) trying to get a Blackberry Curve phone added to my Bell Mobility plan.  What an adventure this has been, let me tell the World !  It all began when my son, Paul, had given me this phone he had bought privately to replace my very old Samsung cell phone.I took it myself to the Bell Store where the staff had it all programmed and ready to go, however then were unable to connect it to the Bell Network.  They ended up telling me I would have to call Blackberry, as there seemed to be a problem with the phone itself.Well I am sure the day before yesterday I had been on the phone with a Carlos at the Blackberry Call Centre, in California, for at least over an hour.  After giving him the phone's PIN, he was eventually able to determine the phone had originally been sold as a pre-paid Cricket (Cricket is another network provider, as Bell is) through a Best Buy Store.  Great detective work I might add !  Carlos told me the only thing I could do is contact Cricket to purchase one of their plans or go online to somehow try to buy an "unlock" code for the phone, so I could hook into a Bell network.  Oh man !!!  I wasn't having any of that !My next plan of action was to place a call to RIM themselves, who are located in Waterloo, Ontario, not far from where we used to live.  I just received a phone call back from them yesterday.The short and the long of the story, I stated to Nicole of RIM, I was of the opinion that any Cellular telephone that is purchased at a cost of hundreds of dollars, should not be "bound" to just one provider's plan, ie Cricket.  If I buy a telephone for $369.00 +, and am not happy with that particular cellular phone provider after any length of time, I want to be able to have the choice of taking my phone to whatever cellular phone provider I so then choose.  Beware people, it obviously doesn't always work out to be that way, so be careful when purchasing a Cellular phone from a "particular" plan provider, as you just might be "stuck" with them, until death of the phone, or death do you part, whichever comes first.The Samsung I have had now for years,I have never being happy with it from day one, but I am sure I could have changed cellular phone providers at any given time. Patience and perseverance I am obviously blessed with in situations as these, as Nicole said she would get back to me on this matter by next Tuesday.I must say from George at the Owen Sound Bell store, to Carlos at the Blackberry Call Centre, and lastly Nicole at RIM, I can not say how pleased I was with the understanding, knowledge and resources of these said persons.  It is wonderful to finally see there is still some "exceptional" Customer Service out there, and  to believe I had three great Customer Service Representatives in a row?  Almost unheard of in this day and age, is it not?I will not NOT give up hope we will be returned to days of old, when Customer Service really was a "Virtue".Once that was all out of the way for the day, I thought I best be getting a few things in place in the "Spirit of Christmas".  "Christmas Greetings by way of cards, signed, sealed, stamped and delivered out to the Mailbox."

"The front foyer ready to greet any Holiday visitors.  Um, I am sure it was only a couple of weeks ago I put away the Spring arrangement, putting the Fall arrangement in its place?"

This was pretty much my Yesterday ......

I am feeling pretty sleepy at the present, as another sleep deprived night has made claim to my being, but onward I go as I am wanting to see what my Wiarton Airport Weather guy has in store for my day ahead.

There is certainly no yellow happening in this day's forecast unless the weather guy is wrong, as he has known to be in days gone by  There is always that "hope" of a little sunshine making an appearance.

No plans for tonight being the start to a beginning of a weekend?  Drop in here, as I am sure there is a Bruce County event that might catch your eye:

Need a little heart melting and a smile to get the day started?  I did, so I just popped into this site to get my "fix" ..... drop on in to get your own "fix', as it is only a "click" away .....

Other then a trip North of the Checkerboard to my Doctor's for my weekly shot in the arm, I am pretty sure I will be having a chase the "dust bunnies" around adventure in my day ahead, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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