Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Watch Out For "The Man" Or Was He Only My Imagination ?

Just incase anyone in and around Bruce County can't hear outside their windows or has not been outside yet this early in the morning, guess what?  IT IS "STILL" RAINING OUT THERE !!!  One of the joys of being a new puppy owner again is I get to see the great outdoors much earlier in the day then I otherwise would have ....and as far as the "being up early" part goes, I surprise myself when I am NOT up early.

My yesterday was mostly about my "Crabby Cabbie's" business, as we had to learn how to keep a set of books.  It is very important to keep a set of books when one has their own business, otherwise at the end of the year you might not be so happy when the Income Tax Man comes along and shuts down your business since you never had a set of books to share with him ..... lol.

We waddled through the learning process as best we could manage.  Like anything else, it will all come to light after a couple months or so, when we look back and say, "um nothing to that, why did I feel so intimidated in the first place?"

It will all be easy peasy as one, two, three in no time at all. ....

By lunchtime it was all said and done.  We then had to make a trip into Wiarton to attend to some other "Crabby Cabbie" business, which was to settle up with the HST Man, so he won't come along and freeze our bank accounts.

There is quite the number of "men" out there who can make life very unpleasant for the "little guy" just starting out.  It is very important to have your back covered at all times so they don't sneak up and grab you when you least expect it, so remember have all your "ducks lined up in a row" then they will have no ammunition to take you out ..... lol.

On a more serious note, here is a website provided by the Ontario Ministry of Economic and Innovation with some very excellent guidelines for anyone in the "thinking" process of starting their own adventure in the business world:

This website begins with the following statement:

"It's a bit of a misconception that there is so much to go through to start a business as far as government regulations go. We live in an incredible place in Ontario, in Canada, where it's actually very easy to start a small business. The challenging part is the amount of market research and planning needed to be viable. Many people think success will come quickly without much effort or without the finances to carry them through." 
Jane Phillips,

Do not be too intimidated by the thought of starting your own business, as we should all remember there is a "beginning" to "ALL THINGS" we do in our lives.

Blah, blah, blah .... so I go, on and on and on !  Enough about the "Crabby Cabbie" on to more interesting stuff ....

" In the late afternoon hours, Bandit, Mercedes & I were out on the path leading out to the fields for a walk when these mushrooms just happened to catch my eye.  They are just amazing from top to bottom.  These ones are too old, even if they were the "edible" kind or not."

"Oh my, this plane kept passing over top of us at a very low level at the same time; was he trying to "bust us" for growing "Magic Mushrooms" or something ?  or maybe it was one of those "tax" guys casing out our place?  LOL, I have such a "wonderful" imagination at times, actually most times."

I have NOT forgotten I was to have gotten back on the "Band Wagon" at the start of this week, however with still not feeling 100% back to normal, whatever my "normal" might be or not be, I have not yet began.  It has not slipped my mind, I just need to find a time it will "fit" between making meals at Dinner time, instead of Supper time, rotating time between my "pack", and all those other humdrum chores life throws at us, or more correctly said, maybe that we throw at ourselves most times .....

I did however come across and read another interesting article through Chatelaine ~ The walking cure: Five ways regular exercise can prevent disease and improve health

My passion has always been walking, so I hope the read is enjoyed by others as much as I enjoyed it.

*Sigh* I best be seeing what the Wiarton Weatherman guy has to say about the rest of my weatherwise day ahead.

No surprises whatsoever, now is there?

"Here is Mercedes first thing this morning having a little attitude ... "you want me to do what?" .... lol, it wasn't really attitude, but the "look" was priceless."

By the way, my dearest husband, Rob, I did NOT forget this year, so "Happy Anniversary", I LOVE YOU & will "catch up" with you later????  XXX OOO.

I have a full day ahead of me, so I am off and running, once again, to take in a whole new adventure, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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