Thursday, 27 October 2011

A Little "Under The Weather" 15th Anniversary It Was

I am not sure what kind of day today is going to be, however I can imagine a very long one when one has been lying awake since 3:00 am, thinking about sleeping ..... honest, I was only thinking about sleep, as I figure it is best to lay there rather then get up and start stimulating the "brain" more, hoping maybe the body will rest.

Unfortunately at the moment I am NOT feeling my body has rested even a teeny weenie little bit.  So much for that "theory" !

My yesterday was busy.  In the morning I attended the VON SMART program course held at the Tara Legion, located in Tara of course, where we completed Module 5.  The material was lighter and more fun then the preceding two weeks with all the "heavy" bone & muscle learning which I found to be very brain saturating.  Then again my brain can get saturated quite easily most times with no sleep .... lol, then I am sure I can still question myself on that point.

I managed to slip home for a hour, before attending a VON Caregiver Support Circle meeting in Wiarton, to find a very sick husband.  I am hoping it is just a reaction to the "flu" shot he had the day before, and not what I had the week before.

After the afternoon meeting, I picked up some turnip, baby carrots & multi-grain bread at our local Foodland store before heading back home.  Once home, I took over the looking after the "pack", Bandit, Lexus and Mercedes, sending Rob straight away to bed, as I had found him in a "lull" on the couch when I had arrived back home.

After I made sure everyone in the "pack" was looked after, I got right on to gathering together and chopping up veggies for a Homemade pot of Turkey Soup.

"I began by heating the Turkey Stock, previously made and frozen, over a medium heat." 

"While the stock was thawing and heating, I gathered together & prepared all the veggies I was going to put in the soup, from turnip, celery, carrot, onion, mushrooms, peas & parsley."

"Once the "hard" veggies, turnip & carrot had been cooked, the onion, mushrooms, peas and parsley were then added."

"The "main ingredient", other then the turkey stock, was next.  I had a good portion of leftover turkey from Sunday's dinner, so it was all chopped and put in the pot along with the then cooked veggies, to simmer a bit longer to allow the flavors to further blend."

"Here we go, all ready in a bowl with some wholesome Multi-grain bread alongside which I served up to my "under the weather" hubby, with hopes it would make him better."

After almost a whole day of rest and sleep, some soup under his belt, some more rest, my dear husband surprised me by slipping out just before 9 pm last night to as he put it, "get us a treat".  My dear Rob returned home within the half hour bringing with him a little "Happy 15th Anniversary" treat for the two of us.

"The "treat" was most certainly enjoyed by both of us, as there surely isn't too much leftover, as the fruit & dip were so good."

The past few anniversaries, Rob & I have usually spent by taking a trip up to Barrie, to go to one of our most favorite restaurants, The Mandarin, for dinner.  It is an approximate 2 1/2 hour drive one way there, however it is "quality" time we both enjoy, especially knowing there is a feast awaiting at the end of the drive.  It is the drive home we find a little laborious with our bellies so full .... lol.

Maybe we can fit in a "quality time" dinner at The Mandarin for the two of us yet, before the snow flies !

"Speaking of "snow flying" this is what Gander, Nlfd. received yesterday !  "

I called my brother-in-law, Cecil, who said they got it all around the areas where he and my sister, Jeanne, live in Stoneville, however they were "spared", this time around !  Brrrr ..... I am not looking forward to Winter or snow one iota.

I had best be checking there is none of this in the Wiarton Airport's weather forecast.

More rain ????  I will take the "rain" over the "snow" any day !!!!

Should there be any of my usual grammar or spelling mistakes, oh well I am too tired to really care, so I suppose I will have to "suck them up" if I didn't catch them ......

Today is the Healthy Living Fair, being held at the Sauble Beach Community Centre, in Sauble Beach, from 2 - 7 pm, so I am hoping I will be able to slip over there sometime today to see what is happening.

So begins another day, with I am sure new adventures to go along with it, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Dh was saying that the people in the coffee shop were talking about snow down here???? I flipping well hope not.

    That soup looks yummy and you sound so busy at the moment. Have a slower day and rest up.


  2. Happy Anniversary to you & Rob. Hope he feels better soon. The soup looks yummy. Hope sissy gets to home tomorrow or Sat. Supposed to be nasty weather here tomorrow with Rain changing to snow in the afternoon in St. John's and here in Carbonear. Hope they rest up and go home Saturday. Take care xoxo love from your best HW friend.


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