Friday, 7 October 2011

Kicking Off To a Beautiful 2011 Bruce County Thanksgiving Weekend

I have had a peek at the weather forecast for this upcoming Thanksgiving Weekend, and I really think my "bad" marriage feeling towards the local Wiarton Airport's weatherman can be put aside for this weekend anyway .... lol.  I am sure everyone else would think the same after seeing a forecast like this:

It most certainly doesn't get much better then this for a Holiday weekend.  If I reflect back on all the 2011 Holiday weekends, I am sure this one is the only forecast that is "perfect" from start to finish !  Thanks Mr. Weather Guy,  I am happy now until Wednesday. .....

Now that I have the most important weekend business at hand in order, I can get on with my yesterday ..... yesterday most certainly was not as productive as I was hoping it to be, however it was most enjoyable, so that outranks being productive, more times then not, in my books.

What a perfect weekend to take in some of the Fall Colours, which have just begun to make their appearance, by taking an Ontario Fall Back Road Tour?  Here's what I had a little "peak" at yesterday, video compliments of Gem Webb at ExploretheBruce, just thinking it was something I could share with everyone else today .....

Bruce County has many interesting back roads, so pack up a lunch and take advantage !  I am thinking I might take my own advice by doing that myself this weekend.

After a wonderful hour spent at the local VON SMART exercise program, where I found myself being a little bit "off" yesterday, finding it difficult to keep up or myself in sync.  These days happen to me when I am tired, as I never seem to find a "second" wind that early in the day, however I persevered and got myself through the hour, which ended up surprisingly going quite quickly.

When I got back home I got myself a coffee and proceeded to check my emails while I was enjoying my coffee.  Our good friend, Ralphy, had sent me a video of a workout I am sure would have given me that "much needed second wind" !

I am thinking there are not too many people out there who would NOT get a second wind from all the fun this "workout" provides?  LOL  Thanks Ralphy, this was my first "belly laugh" of the day and I found it totally amazing as well !!!

Once I had my "belly laugh" for the day and a much needed coffee in to me, I got going on making Dinner for Rob and myself, as well as getting preparations started for the double batch of chili I was making.  By the time Dinner was over with and the chili was in the pot it was almost 4:00 !  Between chopping, opening cans and all the cleanup that goes along with it, it doesn't take long for time to pass by .....

" ......  it was also a very very "large" pot of chili. "

As being the only taste tester around at the time, I must admit it was very very good !!!  Yummy !!!

Since I have been so out of sync the past while (it has actually been a long while), I haven't been keeping up with my daily walks for sometime, so I decided Lexus and I would head downtown last night to have us one.

"Once we got parked and out of our vehicle, we were honoured to meet a couple other local pooches also out for their daily walk."

"Wiarton certainly has some pretty "unique" woodcarvings in and around town, as you can tell for yourself from this picture, which we find ourselves walking by from time to time.  Just click on the link to decide for yourself:"

"Here is Lexus giving her full attention to another dog up the street rather then ..... "

"..... looking into the mirrored window to get her picture taken with Mom !"

That was my day all wrapped up in a "nutshell" with a few humdrum usual chores sprinkled here and there inbetween it all.

Before I am off and running ....

....... once again, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. Great Blog as usual. Thanks for the laugh. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. We have to be more to be Thankful for this year and I pray Jeanne will soon be home to chat with us on here.
    hugs xoxo from HW & Family


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