Monday, 10 October 2011

Hard At It Again, With Company, More Company & Gifts !!!

Should have there been one person in and around Bruce County that DID NOT enjoy the beautiful weather day it was here, or for that matter anywhere in and around Ontario, they would have had to been NUTS !!!  I can't remember there being too many nasty weather Thanksgivings, as I believe most them have been good, or ended up being good before the weekend was over.

There is certainly one benefit to visiting or living in Bruce County that comes to my mind on what there was to do on a perfect Fall Day after eating a huge Turkey Dinner, and that would be taking a Hike on one of the many hiking trails Bruce County has to offer.

However then there are people like myself and Rob, who are surrounded by these same hiking trails, not having a huge Turkey Dinner yesterday, and resorting to bringing in the sheaves in preparation of  the approaching Winter months.  Our sheaves being defined as "wood" for our "woodstove" so we might stay "warm" this upcoming Winter ..... lol.

"Unfortunately it appears that some of "us" are having more "breaks" then the "rest" of us?"

Oh no !!!  Now I have mentioned the word "sheaves", my mind is stuck on the old Hymn sung in Church so many years ago that goes like this "bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves, we shall come rejoicing bringing in the sheaves".  Oh man, oh man, I surely hope I am not stuck on "replay" all day with that going through my head !!!  Not that it isn't a catchy tune or anything, I just wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything else with the amount of sleep I didn't get last night ..... lol.

Back to the "wood", maybe that will take my mind off the "sheaves".

Rob and Lexus managed to get one ash, one maple and one very large wild cherry tree cut up into chunks to then be loaded into the trailer of the ATV and taken up to the woodshed by the house to be split and piled.

With that all being said, the last trip to the house where Rob was just starting to split the chunks we were happy to get another break in .....

"Yeah !!!  Ralphy and Bob were out touring around on their Motorcycles, whilst, so I heard, Herman was home eating a HUGE TURKEY DINNER, and poor Rob and I were "bringing in those sheaves" ..... lol.  Where was all the "justice" in that for us on such a beautiful Fall Day?"

We did welcome the company and the break that went along with it, so it made for a very good visit with refreshments of Peach juice being served up, and Bandit taking a real fancy to Ralph.  Bandit was thinking Ralph was going to throw his toy for him the whole time, however we clued in Ralph about  the "time out" command .....

"...... so here is Bandit patiently having a "time out", much to his dismay, almost looking like he was saying, "please mister, please throw me the ball once more" ..... poor Bandit."

Ralph and Bob mounted their machines and headed further South of the Checkerboard back to their own respective homes in Southampton and Port Elgin .

Rob and I returned to our task at hand managing to have it all said and done, for what needed to be done yesterday, with it being just after the 4 o'clock hour I am sure.  I had just gone into the house, when my friend, Diane, stopped in on her way home from an 80th Birthday Party, to return a book I had lent her.

What a delightful visit we had, however short as her husband had a Turkey at home all ready to come out of the oven.  I didn't let Diane leave until she got herself a few beets and a bit of Dill from our garden to take along home with her.

"It was rather pleasant seeing someone else pulling veggies from the garden other then ourselves, and seeing the pleasure and appreciation on Diane's face well knowing of all the work and  time that goes along with having a garden.  Thanks for sharing our bounty Diane, as she thought she was making off with quite a nice little "booty".  That would be a Pirate's booty, not the "behind" booty people !  as Diane so eloquently explained to me .... lol."

I also had just learned from Diane's visit that she "knits" !  Both my sisters knit, but I don't know how to knit ! Not only does Diane knit, she knitted something for me !!!!

"Diane made me fingerless gloves for when I walk Bandit and Lexus this Winter, which a pair of mittens can be put over top of  when need be.  She also brought me some Nasturtiums seeds for me to plant next Spring !"

"Do they not look absolutely "wonderful"?  Thanks Diane, they certainly are what your "tag" reads, "To Di for Creations".  You will definitely be in my thoughts each walk I am wearing them this Winter with thoughts of many many more thanks !!!!"

"Oh man, never leave a camera in Rob's hands for too long, as he takes pictures of people who are still wearing their dirty work clothes and probably haven't even ran a comb through their hair yet !  "Jeez Rob" .....  then he says, "how do you like it Cin?" ..... lol, how could I possibly get mad at that kind of reasoning ?"

That was not only a productive day, it was also a day made enjoyable by the company we were able to spend time with.  A perfect day at its best !

Let see if the Wiarton Airport's weatherman has another beautiful Fall Day planned for us.

Yesiree Bob I am going to take that sunshiny day and run with it !

I think first I will further contemplate my day ahead over just one more cup of Java, before I am off and running, once again, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. love the fingerless gloves very useful,



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