Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Birds Of A Feather ? Or Not ? Something Like That ?

Awwwww ..... sweet yesterday, Mercedes first day here in her new home with us, Bandit's first time playing with her, Lexus and her first meeting ..... lots of firsts going on here with the "Checkerboard Aussies", with many more to come .....

Mercedes and I were out for our second time, no maybe it was our third time, yesterday morning, when we had to race back in to the house, after she had first done her business of course, to get my trusty little camera as something or should I say "lots" caught my eye ....

"A sure sign Winter is approaching as the Canadian Geese begin to gather together in flocks to make ready for their journey South."

"Mercedes and I got a little too close for their comfort so they took flight, going not too far from our field, but just across into the neighbours."

Rob and I had to make a trip into Owen Sound to pick up an item on sale at one of the stores there, so we had stopped a the McDonalds to get ourselves a coffee.  It was where I ran into something with a little bit of an attitude, or maybe just a little camera shy?

"Hey lady, what do you really think you are doing with the camera?"

"Just go away lady, I don't want any part of whatever you are trying to do here !"

"Okay, okay, lady, if you really must this is the best I can give ya ...... "

Then our day went on as we made our way back home to where I, of course, was thinking ahead by meal planning for a day or two ahead of myself .....

"Where now I am thinking about it, maybe the "birds of a feather" saying isn't too appropriate in this case?"

Why did Rob and I make a trip into Owen Sound, well let me tell you ...... the TSC Store had a sale on Chicken Fencing ...... we most certainly had to take advantage by preparing ourselves for when we have another "Pete" here next Spring, did we not ?

LOL ..... I just have way too much fun some days !!!

Mercedes' first day here with us "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard, was a very very busy one, especially when right off the bat this little girl made her very first "International Debut" by being showcased by none other then, who else but our very own,  "We Are Pet Nation" !!!

"We Are Pet Nation" has a fantastic page I follow everyday on Facebook where they always showcase a "Pet of the Day".  They are not only a place where the Nation can celebrate their pets, but where the World can come and join together as one to show their love of animals.  Once again, thank you WAPN !!!!

Anyone can follow "We Are Pet Nation" by "liking" their page on Facebook.  For those who do not have a Facebook account, you can easily follow WAPN by going directly right to their website by "clicking" on the following link:

Drop on in to see not only "Mercedes" there, but many many other delightful pets showcased and shared by pet owners around the World.

"Speaking of Mercedes, she did have a very busy schedule yesterday ..... "


"..... matter of fact it had been so busy, her and the mouse had to have a couple "siestas" here and there throughout the day."

While Mercedes was "pupped" out, and Rob was out with Bandit and Lexus, I took advantage by getting supper on the go.  I was certainly pleased with Rob for going into a very wet muddy garden to pick us some fresh beets to go along with our dinner .....

"Yummy, one of our favorite meals, a recipe of my Auntie Gladys', "Chicken & Rice"."

My day certainly was a day gone to the "birds" with and without feathers, as anyone can tell .... it just came to me now, Lexus loves chasing birds, so I guess that would make her a "Bird" dog, would it not ????   LOL !!!

I am getting way too funny for myself, but this is a good sign as I am feeling better and had more then two hours sleep last night .... I am "ready" for the day ahead, bring on the weather Mr. Wiarton Airport Weather guy !!!

Yeppers, just as I suspected rain, rain again, then rain continuing.  This can work for me as there is always "stuff" to be done inside, heavy on the "always".

Oh before I forget, Barbetta Orchards will only have their stand set-up in Hepworth for another two weeks, so if apples are needed by the bushel or a peck, stop on over to see them in the parking lot of the old Duffy's Tavern on Hwy. 6 going North towards the direction of Wiarton.

Wow, only 6:14 a.m at the moment? I am really on my "game" this morning.  Sure hope I can keep my game on throughout my day ahead, but why worry about that now ?  The only thing I have on my mind at the moment is that second cup of Java I am going to be making myself any moment now, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Mercedes is a real beauty, but I don't think I could handle another puppy, I prefer them a bit older and less energetic!!!!

    Now that you have changed your settings I have no problem commenting, so other people shouldn't have a problem either?


  2. Glad you are back on your Game Cindy. I had a chat with Jeanne tonight. I have no problem leaving comments now that I switched to Google Chrome. Goodnight God Bless xoxo HW


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