Sunday, 23 October 2011

An Awareness Reminder For All Woman

It is definitely a little frosty out there this morning, especially when almost having my feet go from under me when stepping out onto the front stoop first thing.  The first order of the day, after having Mercedes out, was to fire up the wood stove; brrrrrr .....

"My yesterday began in dawn's early light with the sun appearing way over in the Eastern skies."

Trust me I was very happy we had sunshine yesterday, as there had been a couple pretty tense looking moments going on with the cloud cover at times.  I took a chance by hanging out a couple of loads of laundry on the line, most happy with the sun coming out in full force later in the day.  Between a crisp breeze and the sunshine, by 4:00 p.m. I was removing the clothes from the line, appreciating the fresh aroma of them.  There is nothing quite like the fresh smell of dried clothes taken from an outside line .....

I had planned on making a Ham & Cheese Quiche for our dinner, so I made a trip into Wiarton to pickup some mushrooms from our local Foodland Store.  I did get the mushrooms, as well as purchasing Chicken Breasts at $2.00/lb, Vanilla Pudding mix .99 cents a box, and a box of Dream Whip marked down to $2.99 from $3.49 a box, but there was no ham .... dang, dang, and triple dang, I had forgot to purchase the main "ingredient" !

"I improvised by doubling the amount of mushrooms & turned out a very nice Mushroom & Cheese Quiche, so I thought.  It tasted just as good with or without the ham."

Just before the time the quiche is cooked thoroughly, the crust can tend  to get too dark, and even burnt, if not careful.  Instead of going to all the trouble of tearing aluminum foil pieces to go around the edge of the crust to prevent burning, closer to the end of the cooking time this day I took the advice of my friend, Diane ....

"Having an old tin pan from way back when, I just inverted it over top of the Quiche plate.  This worked quite nicely to prevent not only the crust from burning, but saved time from going through all the motions of tearing foil wrap to serve the same purpose."

Thanks Diane, I am always learning, thank goodness.  Your "Wit & Wisdom" has been very much appreciated and remembered.

"My "Crabby Cabbie" was very content with the Mushroom & Cheese Quiche, served alongside 'taters leftover and fried up and a bowl of stewed "our garden fresh" tomatoes."

LOL, I was just looking at the smile of contentment in this picture of my Kitchen Cat, IKE (aka, I Know Everything), and his true blue, or should I say "pink," companion, Missy "ICE" (aka, I C Everything).  They really do appear to be a "match made in Heaven", do they not?  I "love" my Kitchen Cats.

When Dinner was over and cleaned up, it wasn't too much longer afterwards when my "Crabby Cabbie" took his leave to head out for work.

Not much time had lapsed after Rob had left it was time to get the laundry off the line before the coolness of the day set in causing the laundry to become damp again.  Mercedes and I set out to get the job done.

"I needed a babysitter for Mercedes while I was taking the laundry off the line, however someone was not having any of it, by totally ignoring my request."

"Bandit finally relented by putting on his "babysitting hat", looking not too pleased about it at all."

"Once my chore was done, he was all happy & most attentive at the prospect of playing some ball in payment for babysitting services rendered."

Whatever would I do without my "Bandit"?  He is such a wonderful companion, protector, father, and one of the best "babysitters" I have ever had for both our grandchildren, as well as new puppies.  He most certainly still keeps Lexus still in "tune" when need be, and I am sure Mercedes will not be getting off any easier, lol.

My Cousin, Suzanne, forwarded an email to me yesterday with some very interesting content I would like to share with everyone out there, men included so don't be shy.  With the month of October soon coming to an end, it also is the end of "Breast Cancer" Awareness month for 2011.  Just a little visual "reminder" gals & guys ....

I am almost certain, Anthony will be occasionally returning to my thoughts, from time to time, reminding me to be "aware" !  Thanks Anthony, you are more then welcome to visit my thoughts any time !  LOL.

Onto to the next guy, who would be the Wiarton Airport's Weatherman guy, telling me .....

..... "Yay" !!!!  Sunshine, lolly pops, and rainbows, everything that is wonderful ..... I think I will keep this forecast today.  "Clicking" on  the highlighted "Sunshine" should set the "mood" for the day ahead, so enjoy the "sunshine", as I for one will be !

With my mood set, how could I not be ready for another adventure in my day ahead, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I think I will wear out Anthony. lmao. Love the video. Thanks Cindy. xoxo HW

  2. Anthony needs to take a turn at my house!!!


  3. Wow, I think if I were to hang clean laundry on a line to dry down here, they'd just get dirty in the process! I love to hear the differences in LIFE between up there and down here!

    I want that quiche recipe!!! Its it posted anywhere?? I have yet to make quiche. No one in my fam will eat it but me, so I've been weary. But that sounds deeeelish!

    Love the pic of your dog ignoring you. :)

    So what do you like more? Dogs or kitt-ehs???

    Stay warm!


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