Monday, 5 September 2011

A "Tub" Biking Day It Was !

Yesterday morning it was an bleak overcast sky, however the rain had finally let up.  We had made plans to get together with some friends and head up to Tobermory, locally called, "The Tub", making a pit stop along the way for some famous "french fries" at the DNA Fish & Chip Wagon.

"The guys were having a little discussion here while us girls were looking after some last minute details before we took our leave.  Looks like Paul is doing some "heavy duty" explaining to the "more experienced" guys here...."

"Here we all are, gathered at Wiarton's Tim Hortons, obviously not only famous for their coffee, but a great place to also "hookup with friends."

"There is happy you finally got here to join us, Neil." 

LOL, Neil really wasn't late, he just happened to be the last person to pull in, so I had to pick on someone before they pick on me !

We all got on our way heading up the Scenic Drive, through Colpoy's Bay on the Bruce Road 9.

"Our first pit stop was Rachel's Bakery & Cafe in Lion's Head."

I have personally known Rachel for about the past 5 or 6 years, as she was the Dental assistant of my Dentist in Lion's Head, Pat Durino, one "awesome" guy I might  Rachel ventured out this year by taking a "leap of faith" towards her dream....

"Let's take a walk together into her dream shaping into her reality..."

"All Rachel's baked goods showcased right up front and mm."

"A pretty bright and welcoming decor to my eyes...."

"Who else, but Rachel herself, behind the scenes and hard at it."

Out and about day tripping?... then Rachel's Bakery & Cafe might be the place in Lion's Head to have a cup of tea or coffee, along with one of those showcased goodies of Rachel's.  I didn't have much time to chat with Rachel, as we can tell she was busy, so I will be dropping in again another time to get up to speed on how her dream has been unfolding......

On our group continued to the designated site we really all were waiting for.....the real purpose behind our get together....

"What a disappointment when we finally arrived to find they were NOT open !"

"We did wait around just in case...  Yeah, the owner's did show up with promises of being up and running in no time once the fryers got heated up."

We, once again, mounted our trusty bikes (lol), and headed up to "The Tub" to put in an hour before we headed back to the DNA Fish & Chip Wagon.

"In and around Tobermory we weaved until we came upon some sights I was very interested in."

"There were some sights Rob was also interested in as well....."

".....Mama Duck and one, two, three all in tow."

"I am guessing the cost to enroll all Mama's Duck's babies in these diving lessons was too high, so she was taking them elsewhere."

"Oh maybe they were going over to check out what this other guy was charging for his water sport?" 

"There weren't only water sports in Tobermory to take in, but there was this car, with nobody in it, that came backwards down the hill, thankfully landing up against this embankment with nobody in it's path."

"Other then this street sign being a little worse for the wear, and the vehicle owner being "shook up", here we are telling the story behind the scenes...."

After all the excitement we had in Tobermory, we headed back for our long anticipated lunch at the DNA Fish & Chip Wagon.  I couldn't believe while we were there waiting for our orders to be cooked that my Cousin Brad, and his wife, Paula, seen us and dropped in.....

"Ralphy Shular just emailed me this picture, and of course, I am doing what I do best, "yakking".  Thanks Ralph, I am happy everyone can now see me as I truly am !  LOL ...but the "helmut" hair????? Oh man !"

"There go Paula & Brad...heading up to the "Tub" for some shopping before they head back to their cottage at Dyer's Bay."

"....and finally the long awaited for famous DNA Chip Wagon's Fish & Chips lunch....and let me tell you everyone there could tell you it was definitely worth the wait !"

"Just for those of us that enjoy our "Fall" day trips, please note DNA Fish & Chips new Fall hours."

"Just wondering if I am too yakky for Harold to hang out, or is he just patiently waiting to take up his rear position in our group when we start to make our way back home... I must ask him someday when I email him this picture, as he does need a profile picture for his Facebook page."

Our last stop on our way home was at the Handicraft House, located on Hwy. 6 just between Wiarton and Mar, where every Sunday they have a Flea Market.

Vicki has been searching for a guitar for her son, for the past month or so, so you can imagine her delight with Rob at finding one at a most reasonable price.

"It was most certainly discussed and the end result being a purchase for a grand total of $30.00.  Way to go Vicki !"

"We can always count on our very own "Ralphy Shular" to entertain us with his outgoing personality and talent."

"....and entertain some of us, he most certainly did."

That was our Day Trip, yesterday, out and about with our friends.  Day Trips and Friends do go well together, and I for one, most certainly look forward to our next adventure together around and about our very own Bruce County.

Needless to say, I was beat when we got back to our own home, and I welcomed fact that we had reservations made at the King's Buffet in Owen Sound for supper, as I sure wasn't feeling like cooking and cleaning up after that most wonderful day trip.

As I look out of our windows, I am also glad we went on our day trip yesterday, as it looks very cold and bleak outside, not a good day for the Labor Day Parade in Port Elgin today.  It is feeling that cold and damp in here at the moment, it almost makes me want to get the Woodstove fired up....brrrr.

What is the Wiarton Weatherman saying about that?  Well just have a look see at the following link:

I think the day is going to be a little chillier then we have be used to lately with only a high of 15 C..

Today, what to do with myself today?  Think I will have my Tim Horton's coffee that my most favorite "Crabby Cabbie", Rob, just brought me home and ponder over that very thought "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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