Thursday, 8 September 2011

Another Road Trip Under Our Belts

I am tired with not having too much sleep to have a cobweb head free morning thus far, but I am going to give it my best shot.  I surely hope that beginning my day just before 7:30 in the morning is not how the pace will be set for the remainder of my day.....too much to get done again, but then that is my usual "state of mind".

Rob, Lexus & I headed out early yesterday morning on a Road Trip to Kitchener.  Bandit had to remain home to be in charge in our absence.  We got off to an exciting start....wonder which of us was the most excited !

"When we pulled into our 1st Pit Stop, I am certain it was Rob that was the most excited!"

We arrived at our place of business destination in Kitchener in good time, with time to drop in on my sister, Donna, for a "quick" coffee, and to drop off Aiden's Birthday gift there, to make it easier for Paul to go around to pick it up to Aiden's 7th Birthday on the 12th of September.  Then a really "quick" drop in on Rob's sister, Delores, to drop off a picture frame I had picked up for her.....rush, rush, rush, as we wanted to make some other stops in Elmira and on our way out before we headed back home.

We come in through Elmira, passing our favorite restaurant we used to take Rob's Mother out to.

"A definite worth the dining out experience should you be in the Kitchener/Waterloo/Elmira area, as we used to enjoy not only the fantastic buffet and full homecooked menu of food they serve up, but the Gift Shop as well at "The Crossroads Restaurant"."

Memories came back when we passed by the Elmira High School, Paul used to attend to when we lived in Woolwich Twp., before Rob moved me back up to Bruce County.

"Darn it all this car just had to pass by when I snapped the picture....oh well it didn't take the memories from my mind, lol."

"Rob humored me and stopped at the Elmira Thrift Store, where I bought a "brand new" puzzle for Aiden, and a couple other "treasures".

"Just on the outskirts of Elmira, we had noticed a sign saying "Bushel of Tomatoes $5.00", so down the side road we headed to make our purchase from this Mennonite Farm there."

"Back on the main road, and a bit further along, we stopped to get some Glads for my Mother, as well as a bouquet of flowers for myself."

The bouquet of fresh cut flowers brought memories of me at one time going every Saturday to the Waterloo Farmer's Market to buy myself a bouquet of flowers for the diningroom table...then I started dating Rob and the story unfolds from

The next Pit Stop where we took Lexus out for a little romp brought more memories, as when we lived in Woolwich Twp., just outside the village of Conestogo on the Grand River, we had wild grapes growing there.

"I remember the very first time my girlfriend and I made Grape Jelly from wild grapes, and it was the very best !"

Our final Pit Stop before we arrived back home was at my most favorite "Liver & Onion in the World Restaurant" just outside of Clifford, the "Redwood Restaurant".

"The Redwood Restaurant is located on Hwy. 9, just outside of Clifford, Ontario at the turn off to go towards Neustat."

"Rob did share a couple of these deep fried mushrooms with me, without a complaint I might add.  Thank you, Rob."

"Rob always orders "big" when we go out, probably because I try to go for "healthy" when we are at"

"I took the smaller portion, as I found in days past it was all I could do to eat the larger portion which includes 2 pcs of liver, coleslaw and a dinner roll.  The best liver & onions in the World, in my opinion anyway....!"

Going by the Redwood Restaurant at regular breakfast, lunch or dinner hours, the parking lot will be found to be full at any of given day of the week. 

We finally found ourselves back at our own home late in the afternoon.  Bandit was certainly most happy to see us, as he usually is when he is left behind. 

We got our purchases unloaded from the van and put away, before we sat down to a coffee and some business at hand that needed attending to.  Once we had a "breather", Rob went out to finish cutting the lawn, I went out and picked some beets and onions from the garden, and fed some beet tops and lettuce to the chickens.

After we got what needed doing, done, we took off downtown for the last Wiarton Cruise Night, at Wiarton's Bluewater Park, we are going to attend this year.

"A pretty good turnout of both bikes and vehicles considering the time of year."

"This '69 Mustang was my favorite pick."

"Rob & I were reminiscing about the days when you were able to work under the "hood" of a vehicle."

"This model "T" gets towed around by the above Camper/Trailer to various places, and even down to Nova Scotia, so I was told."

"I think this Honda Shadow was one of Rob's favorites, although there were a few muscle cars he had been oohing & awing over."

Before it got dark, Rob and I called it a night and headed back home, as we had a big day behind us, and we both tired.

Wiarton Airport's weather guy has to say...


A mix of sun and cloud. Wind northeast 20 km/h becoming light this afternoon. High 24. UV index 7 or high.


Partly cloudy. Low 13.

"Looking like a nice cool enough day to be occasionally peaking into my diningroom to admire this beautiful bouquet......"

"....while I am in my kitchen trying to make a dent on getting these canned."

Hope I may, hope I might, but the reality at the moment is that it is already 8:44 a.m., I am trying to work on getting a coffee into me, the cobwebs have not cleared themselves from my head, my bed is not made, I am not yet here I am, wishing myself "luck" as I, once again, go running into my day ahead, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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