Friday, 12 August 2011

Safe & Sound At My "Home Away From Home"

I am absolutely "tickled pink" as I sit here typing away in the Family Room of my "Home Away From Home", only because I was able to figure out how to add my wireless laptop to a "wireless network connection".

Since I had only done this, once before, at home through my own network and walked through it by my Cousin Brad over the telephone, I am totally thrilled that I figured it out all by myself (I don't have Cousin Brad's phone number with me anyhow, but it did cross my mind last night, to try and somehow get it, lol) !  It only took me from last night until this morning to be more determined to get it figured out, but I did it, as here I am....whoooohoooo !!!

Yesterday my morning went pretty good as I started on my trip towards the City of Kitchener.  Considering I stopped to get out and stretch a couple of times I still made it in just over 2 1/2 hours, however by the time I did arrive at my sister, Donna's home, I was ready for some more inflammatory medication so I was able to carry on forward with the day at hand....

....and what a day at hand it turned out to be!

First off, Donna and I each had a cup of coffee, then I got my laptop turned on and up and running so she was able to see my "blog" and some pictures first hand, as poor Donna is far from computer literate, unlike myself and our sister, Jeanne,however extremely talented in many other areas.  After we finished up with that, along with quite a few laughs, Donna made us a nice lunch of egg salad sandwiches, homemade dill pickles and sliced Havarti cheese.  Very very good, and even better when someone else makes it for you.

After lunch we headed out shopping at Costco, something that is very rare for me.

"As you can see by the "stuff" in our cart, we didn't go too overboard with purchases !"

After we returned back to Donna's, I took advantage of her backyard and got my camera "clicking".

"The Garden Shed."

"The Pond, which you can not really see at this angle, as it is surrounded by so many lovely plants."

"The Vegetable Garden, where the bounty is plentiful."

"Donna's famous "everbearing" raspberry canes, that I can't believe she doesn't get lost in some days!"

"Donna's famous little "weiner", Jasper, who absolutely adores his Auntie Cindy."

After my pictures were taken and a coffee consumed, I took my leave to head out to my "home away from" home at Bob and Tim's.  Once there we had a nice dinner out and an early night to bed.

"I got up this morning to make my coffee in my spanking new "Home Away from Home" kitchen."

I am feeling rather out of my "own skin" with so much to think about and take in all at once, so I found it all to be rather overwhelming and busy then my usual "humdrum" routine at my usual home, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".
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