Tuesday, 16 August 2011

In & Out, Around & About "My Home Away From Home"

Yesterday certainly was a very busy day, however an exciting one too as Tim was released from the Hospital so how "exciting" was that !  In order to celebrate his coming home I got together a Roast Beef and all the trimmings going in the Crock Pot.  

Then I tried to sort out some pictures Bob and I took around the house in order to get them posted sometime today, as my day today has been equally as busy, both physically and mentally.  Here goes nothing, as I tour through Tim and Bob's sitting room and front entrance foyer......

"The Curio Cabinet with some pretty nice stuff displayed in it, set inbetween two burgundy antique wingback chairs."

"Then on the opposite wall, two of my favorite wingback chairs that are not antique, however equally as nice."

"Here is Bob proudly displaying one of his newly aquired antique oil lamps."

"A corner display cabinet with more treasures inside."

"Just inside the sitting room an oil painting painted on "wood" in the early 1800's by "William Wells."

"A closeup shot of the oil painting."

"Into the foyer to where a very large and impressive armourer stands constructed of oak."

"Right as you walk in from the front entrance way....so nice."

Last night's supper was appreciated by Tim and Paul, as Paul came over to welcome Tim's homecoming.

Unfortunately it was not ready in time for Bob to have any before he had to leave for work, but he was able to enjoy a piece of fresh apple pie before he had to leave.

"I certainly don't know what I was thinking by setting the table for five, so we won't go there, lol."

"Slow cooked Roast beef, new potatoes, carrots and roasted onion....so good."

".....and then onto fresh apple pie for desert !  Paul's favorite."

"Paul made me happy by going for a walk about town with me."

"Also entertaining me with some of his "monkey" business."

"....and just having "fun" in general.  I was one of the proudest Mom's in the Park....lol."

"Down by the town damn."

"Then on to read about the "Founding of New Dundee."

"....and how nice its surroundings are."

"We took in some interesting "residences" as we made our way back to my "Home Away From Home."

"We also took note of where the Public School and Library were located."

That was our tour inside and outside, out, about and around town......a nice night it was.

It has been a very busy couple of days thus far, so Tim and I called it a night around 10:00, to start the whirlwind of making things comfortable for him today, while he recuperates.  That is another story that can keep until tomorrow.....with supper all over with and cleaned up it is time for some much needed relaxation.

*Sigh* I have been able to speak to my dear Rob here and there and inbetween the days.  Bandit, Lexus and he are all doing fine.  He just reported to me tonight that he thinks he has lost some weight since I have been gone....um how could that be?  LOL.

I appreciate all and any prayers that could be sent up on behalf of my sister, Jeanne, and her husband, Cecil, for the struggles they are experiencing at this time in their lives.

I need to sign-off for now and in a couple of days look forward to my return home, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".
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